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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healthy and Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes

Do you guys know that United States is one of the world's major potato-producing countries?

Favourable soil, ideal growing conditions, plentiful water and an industry committed to advance research and technology allowed U.S. Potatoes to produce more than 20 million metric tons annually.  Thus, making U.S. potato growers so world-renowned. 
Aside from the typical whole fresh potatoes we usually see in wet market, U.S. potatoes has 3 categories:
1. U.S. Fresh Potatoes
2. U.S. Frozen Potatoes
Many options such as wedges, shreds, hash browns, tots to curly, crinkle and lattice cut fries could be easily found if you take a trip down the frozen food section of any grocery store.
3. U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes

Types of U.S. Potatoes and their recommended uses:

1. Russet Potatoes has floury, dry, light and fluffy texture with mild, earthy flavor and medium sugar content. 
Recommended uses: Baking, frying and mashed, oven toasted

2. Yellow Potatoes has slightly waxy, velvety, moist texture, subtly sweet, rich and buttery flavor and a medium sugar content.
Recommended uses: Grilling and simmer.

3. Red Potatoes has waxy, moist, smooth and creamy texture.  Subtly sweet in flavor and boast a medium sugar content.
Recommended uses: Roast, stew, mashed and added into soups.

4. White Potatoes are medium-starched potatoes with a slightly creamy, dense texture, thin and delicate skin.  Subtly sweet  and mild flavour wtih low sugar content.
Recommended uses: Grilling, frying, salads, toss cooked.

5. Purple Blue Potatoes' flesh is moist and firm with earthy and nutty flavors.  Low in sugar content as well.  
Recommended uses: Salads, microwave, steam and baking.

6. Fingerling Potatoes have a firm, waxy texture and have buttery, nutty and earthy flavour with medium sugar content. 
Recommended uses: Pan-frying, roasting and oven roast. 

7. Petite Potatoes 
Recommended uses: Roast

During the event day, we were lucky to have International Award Winning Chef, Audee Cheah to stir up some amazing dishes featuring the use of U.S. Potatoes.

U.S. Potato and Prawn Kerabu

Chilli Flavoured US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups
Made using U.S. Waffle Fries 

Curry Chicken Stuffed U.S. Potatoes
Made using U.S.Russet Potatoes 

Kimchi Seaweed U.S Lattice Cut Fries
                                                   Made using US Waffle Fries

Sauteed Cubed U.S. Russet Potatoes with Caramalised Onions topped 
with Sunny Side Up
Comment below if you want me to share my homecooked #breakfast #brunch recipe.  

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