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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sparkly Eyes with Bousch & Lomb Diamond Daily

In my previous posting in collaboration with Bouch and Lomb, I have shared my very first experience of wearing their monthly colored contact lenses which they named that particular series Lacelle Jewel.

To read my humble Beginners Guide to Contact Lenses, kindly click HERE.
A selfie just to show you guys my natural eyes color.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, agree?   They make your eyes dazzle with charm and wonder.   Do not be mistaken, I am not here to promote diamonds but based on the similar concept its just a metaphor to decribe how these amazing Diamond Daily Lenses by Bousch and Lomb are crafted to give life to ones precious eyes and making them more expressive and alluring.

Today, I will be sharing my honest review on their lenses.  However, for this round, emphasis will be on their Diamond Daily series. 

Each box comes with 5 pairs of lenses and as the name of this series implies, these lenses are mended for daily use.  This means that one should not reuse the lenses and have to dispose them after wearing!

In terms of quality, I must highlight that I personally feel safer using this product as they are made in Korea instead of being made in C 😛.  

Lucky enough I was given two colors to try out for this series. One box is in Pink Rose while another box is in Aqua Glacier.

Although these are daily lenses, I would suggest beginners to not wear these lenses for more than 12 hours to avoid dry eyes and discomfort.  Ideally, I would suggest wearing it for just 4 - 7 hours for a specific occasion and dispose it right after that.  Newbies, please remember to never ever, sleep or even nap with your contact lenses on, to keep the risk to get infections at bay!

Due to my camera was sent for repair, pictures are taken with my smartphone only.  Hopefully, you guys can still see the color lenses effect on my light brown eyes.  If not, the lenses effects on my eyes actually have 90% similarity effects to  the pictures below:

Aqua Glacier
For Aqua Glacier, it's almost similar to Lacelle Jewel Sapphire Blue color which I have featured it in my previous review HERE but I love it more than that as it looks very refreshing and natural.  Somehow reminds me of my favorite character, Bloom in Winx Club.

Expectations and reality differ a little, I was expecting to turn out more vibrant than this but I guess the outcome varies according to one's eyes' color.  On me, the color turned out to be on the icier and cooler tone.
Excuse the reddish eyes, as I am not so pro with my makeup skills, I accidentally pricked my eyes with the mascara wand (not the first time pun lol) when creating this look.  As usual, I tried rubbing it off to salvage but actually made matters worse, shadow particles got into my eyes which explain this outcome

Next up is Pink Rose.
Pink Rose
At first I thought I was about to look vampy with this color but it turns out very subtle and wearable for a daily look instead.  

My Verdict:
1. Love the color (if you focus closely, the patterns mimics the light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond)
2. Very comfortable (for beginners, I would recommend trying this series over the previous one)
However, do take note that this series is slightly more fragile and thinner than the Lacelle Jewel series.  Please handle them with extra care.

Extra tip for dear beginners
Carefully place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger so the edge of it is pointing up.  Next hold the finger directly in front of your eyes so that you can have a side view of it.  If your lens is a perfect bowl-shape, it is ready to be worn.  

Otherwise, your lens is inside out which will cause discomfort when you blink.  Just stay calm and slowly remove the lens, rinse it with lens solution and put it back to your eye.

3. Makes eyes appear bigger, dollier and innocent.

To find out more you may check out Bausch & Lomb's official website here or follow them on their Facebook here.

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