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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beauty Review: Battle of the Face Powders - featuring ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder

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For Korean makeup fanatic like me, I am sure that you guys have already heard of ALTHEA Korea.  Being known for offering authentic Korean products at affordable price, do you know that this amazing brand has recently debuted their very own line of translucent powder?
 To be precise their ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder has been released early this August.

Beautiful readers, I am sure that all of us living in humid weather needs a trusty powder to set our makeup.  Here comes a new contender!
Three main ingredients of this product are Althea, Green Tea and Mandarin Orange.
Main functions of the respective natural ingredients are:
Althea Petals
☝ Revitalizes the skin as its extract is full of antioxidants.
Polyphenols help to protect skin from adverse effects caused by sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation.
πŸ‘ŒSaponarin helps skin to repair damaged skin and restore skin elasticity.  In short, it's anti-aging.
Green Tea
Prevents hyperpigmentation.Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Catechin are in charge of sebum control
Mandarin Orange
Enriched with Vitamin C, mandarin orange peel oil helps to brighten dullness and prevents dehydration.

I have summarised the best feature of each and every powder product that I personally owned.  Hopefully, this table allows you to make your choice easier.
ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder - RM16 only
I would say this is the closest alternative to Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder.  In fact, certain aspects (blurring effect, smoothness of powder, girly packaging, puff & scent) of it stood out more than that. 
Soothing scent
Fluffy puff
Convenient to bring around
Classy packaging
Super affordable pricing
Finely milled powder
(very velvety when applied)
Recommended to normal to combination skin users.
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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder - RM20 
Although they did not put much effort into decorating its outlook, the powder actually has longer lasting power than ALTHEA's, especially if you have oily skin.  Personally, I do not have to touch up throughout the day when I use this together with my BB cushion.
(available on ALTHEA too!)
Easy to carry around
Finely milled powder
Affordable pricing
Recommended to oily skin users
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1028 Visual Therapy Ultimate Oil-Control Powder - RM29.90
(available in Drugstores)
The best thing about this is that it comes in a pressed-powder form which is handier when needed to touch ups on the go.  Why?  Thanks to the thoughtful built-in mirror and product particles are unlikely to fly everywhere when it's windy.  I don't think any of you girls fancy the look below right?
Source from

Comes with a build in mirror
Pressed powder
(Particles will not fly everywhere)
Sturdy packaging
Recommended for all types of skin
πŸ‘‰Click here for my in depth review HEREπŸ‘ˆ
As for the puffs, ALTHEA's puff is definitely my favorite among all!
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