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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Random Thoughts Wednesday-Thursday: Are We Fully Utilizing Our Time?

Hi, readers!

Welcome to my random Wednesday!   Leaving up to my blog name I just felt like sharing some of my concerns or random thoughts with you guys.

For once I will be doing something super quick without really filtering what's on my mind and just let it all out (what I feel).  This post is inspired by which I came across while scrolling my Facebook newsfeed a few minutes ago.

Summary of my read up:  Basically the lifestyle of some of the famous business icons such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.  Not those extravaganza type but it is how much time the actually spend on their work which is now an impactful success story!

Upon reading the posting I actually get pumped up to do more with the excess time I have in hands!  At this point of life, neither I would want to pointlessly waste any more time spending my cash in karaokes or going crazy over chasing dramas.

Inspiration to fully utilise time to do things that are beneficial to either:
1. HEALTH (without this wealth is merely celebratory)
2. BRAIN (knowledge empowerment) (brainstorm of ways to earn more)
3. THE POCKET or in other words to BOOST VITAMIN M aka $ (reality is harsh, $ can't buy happiness but do $ drop from the sky for your necessities?) 

Tbh, as a soon to graduate person my most concerning matter is only how can I fully utilise my time for the betterment of lifestyle?  I rest assure that coming out to secure just a graduate job will never be able to get me to the destinations I am constantly dreaming about stepping my foot on.  

However as compared to some of my friends that I have conversed with, I think I am slightly relieved to have several interests but as compared to those who have already tasted their fair share of salt in life, I would love to be enlightened by you guys!

Back to the topic, firstly, sports (Dodgeball) I must say I really enjoy doing since it really makes you want to do your best and it's a great way to destress. The weekly training I will look forward too no matter how tired I am!  Initially, I wasn't a sports person at all but as of now I have already participated in four Dodgeball Tournaments, my aim is not to be a NDC player but I just want to prove that even if this is not my niche I can still do it.  There goes to the old saying when there is a will, there is a way.

Secondly, my humble blog for me to blabber and connect with people of all ages, work with brands and merchants occasionally is one of the thing that really keeps me motivated and keep holding on to what I really love doing.
Not forgetting my readers!  I am not a famous icon but I am very thankful that you guys are willing to spend your precious time reading my blog.  I must say seeing the increasing number of readers actually keeps me going too!  Therefore, just to answer my always being asked question, do you earn from blogging? how much do you earn from blogging? YES at times I do earn from blogging, so far yes, this small potato here is lucky to actually get up to four figure of cash payment as well as few thousands worth of products throughout this four years of blogging journey.  Some may think WOW, so infamous also got so much while others may think so little but let me tell you I AM SATISFIED since it actually commensurates with the efforts I put in and frequency of posting (I would say it's just moderate).

Last but not least, my latest comrades aka MDE Team which I'll usually have my Sunday breakfast with.  It is great to have such amazing mentors willing to spend time to make sure we know what we are doing in the network marketing market, take the extra effort to enlighten us about the economy, opportunities we have as an undergraduate, types of feasible businesses etc.
Realistically I am not expecting a five figure income upon graduation but haha...eventually that is, of course, the aim of a breadwinner to be (yes that's my fate & I will happily accept the challenge and payback the unconditional love from my parents)!  I am very hopeful of my newly joined platform (AXXA Global) to groom fellow friends and me into a more all rounded person while being able to garner some extra income in USD (since Ringgit is now into hardcore slimming sessions).  If you are someone who is into entrepreneurial, staying fit, health & beauty or earning extra income at your own pace (do more earn more, do less earn less), do PM me via My Facebook or you can even leave me your contact in the comment section below, I am more than willing to give my best to share whatever I can with you (be it the goodness of the product or low risk, low capital business opportunity available)!  

Last day before I turn another year older (wiser), since today marks the beginning of my month, I shall run through some of my ideal career/lifestyles/ everything as a whole:
1. Obtain a graduate job which I will have the chance to learn and grow in my career path.  
Fyi, I am a Bachelors Degree in Management candidate, anyone here doing the same thing?
2. Still being able to do the things I am enthusiastic in (eg: blogging).  
3. Generate extra income streams apart from just a permanent income.
4. Travel!  (Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan are at the top of my bucket list!)
5. Constantly have the courage to step out of my comfort zone 

That is all, for now, I could think of.  For all that are pathing your way towards success, all the best!


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