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Friday, June 2, 2017

Beginners Guide to Color Lenses - Bausch & Lomb

Below is my natural eye color, yes it's light brown in color.
This post marks my virgin experience of wearing contact lenses.  Despite admiring  Caucasians who has blue eyes, they are simply very mesmerising and seductive in my opinion, I have never ever attempted to buy any colour lenses even tough I have been eyeing those mini bottles of lenses sold in night markets.   Never would I want to risk my eyes from going blind or get anything like the pictures below:

.I may be a little exaggerating here but then for something that has to be inserted into one of your most fragile organ, it has to be a recognisable brand!   Those images are the exact imaginations prior to me inserting those beautiful harmless lenses into my eyes.  

However, for lenses such as Bousch and Lomb I find its brand more trustable as I have seen quite a number of good reviews as well as often seeing I stroll along optical shops in the malls.

Before moving on to showing the colour effect on my eyes, if you are a beginner reading this post.  Do remember to get a contact lens solution prior to get excited to wear them as you will need it to clean up your lenses upon every wear for hygiene purpose.
This Renu Fresh (for color lens) is specially created for cosmetic lens user.  Majority of the cosmetic lens users have switched to such solution.  This gives a peace of mind when cosmetic lenses are being used.
Comparison of left side = not wearing lens and right side = wearing lens.
1. Uniqueness of color (if you focus closely, the outer part of the eyeball looks like it has a blue rim.)
2. Eyes look bigger & dolly at the same time
Mission accomplished, being a person who's super afraid to even put eye drop and blinks excessively, I took almost 30 attempts to insert the lenses into my eyes and the outcome is very fulfilling.  
My advice to beginners:
1. Make sure your hands are clean tourerly
2. Ensure the shape of lens is bowl-liked before insertion
3. If you tend to have limited control over blinking, just also open your mouth while inserting
4. You can opt to look slightly away when inserting so it will be less scary
5. Watch tutorials on YouTube haha...(that's what I did to learn)

Close ups
If you are not to sure how the colour will turn out in reality, you can always use their Color Matcher to help you determine.

Look inspiration of how you could use color lenses for your upcoming Halloween makeover. ;)
Lenses Colour: Sapphire Blue
For this series, they have seven difference colours available.
Also fret not if you are clueless of which colour to choose from the selections available, you can always take their Color Quiz to find out which color suits your personality best.

To find out more you may check out Bausch & Lomb's official website here or follow them on their Facebook here.

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