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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shop at Lazada Malaysia and Pay Cash with MOLPay at 7-Eleven Outlets - Lazada X MOLPay


I believed that many especially active netizens would have at least one time of online shopping experiences at any e-commerce website due to the convenience online banking offers.   As for myself, by now I have totally lost count of how many times I have conveniently with the tips of my fingers, in the comfort of my couch shopped online for apparels and beauty products.

It is usual that some of you might question how safe shopping online is?  Frankly speaking, that sense of insecurity stroked me when I was a first timer shopping online.  Due to the involvement of money upon check outs, I always have this concern what if my debit card will be doubled charged etc.

What's more worrying is the WannaCry ransomware which has surfaced in our country just a few days ago affecting many IT systems.  There are also rumors about its potentiality to affect banking systems have been spreading like wildfire.   If you are one of those who prefers taking precautionary actions yet still could not resist shopping online, continue to read on as there is a solution for you!

Being the leading payment system in Southeast Asia, fellow online shoppers of Lazada could now make payment at any 7-Eleven counters with MOLPay Cash.  This means that you could still browse for your desired items online, as usual, check out your cart items and then head over to any 7-Eleven outlets in your neighborhood within two days to make your payment in cash terms.  

For a better picture of how this latest service works, scroll down to the below illustrations:
Step 1:  Download Lazada App on your Andriod or iPhone
 Step 2: Customise your search
Step 3: Tap on the products you wish to have a close look and know about the details 
 Step 4: Click ADD TO CART once you have decided on your purchase

Step 5: Choose your Login method if you have not sign in

Step 6: Choose your payment method

Step 7: Double confirm your order

Step 8: Screenshot the barcode

This is the form of bar code you will receive upon confirming your order.  Kindly screenshot them and flash it at your nearest 7-Eleven store to make payment within 48 hours.

I hope this latest collaboration of Lazada Malaysia and MOLPay allows you to shop in the peace of mind.  Happy shopping lovelies! 

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