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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ramadhan “Kembara Desa” Buffet @ Eastin Hotel Penang

Invited Review
In accordance to the upcoming Ramadhan month, Eastin Hotel Penang is making a Ramadhan Buffet come back from 7.00pm to 10.00pm daily starting from 28th May 2017 - 24th June 2017.  "Kembara Desa" is the theme for their seasonal buffet this time and their culinary team aim to bring back the taste of home (masakan kampung).

Remember that I was told by Malay acquaintance that the best way to break their fast is to start off by drinking some dead juices (jus kurma) and have some fruits prior to feast into a heavy meal.  The assortment of fruits craftily sliced up the team of Eastin Hotel Penang.  Juicy watermelons and our local jackfruit (nangka) are the two to go choices of mine.  How about you?
Up to 10 different varieties of Malaysian version Appetiser - Salad (kerabu) are prepared to spoil you with choices.  My personal favourite is their Kerabu Ikan Masin and Kerabu Sambal Petai.

Ulam-ulaman to be dipped with sambal belacan
Salad and dressing
Moving on to one of the most attractive counters is their whole roasted lamb with herbs.  One could request for the type of meats (whether lean, with skin, some fats) according to own preferences and the person in charge will slice them up for you on the spot.  
Kambing Golek
Mint sauce is my favourite sauce among the five choices available.
Nasi Biryani

Poultry dishes available to eat with rice.
Their offerings include beef, chicken and fish.
Apart from that, they also offered several seafood dishes such as flower crabs, squids, prawns and shellfishes. 

This Sup Gearbox stall caught my attention the most as I am a person who loves soupy food. 
Condiments such as fried shallots, potatoes, coriander and carrots were prepared alongside.  Upon serving the piping hot bone marrow soup, we were also given a straw to slurp up all the goodness from the bone marrow.   Have you ever drank soup with a straw?  Tbh it was my first time!   
I believed the soup were simmered over good long hours to have such intense flavour of thickness and herby flavours.

For those with toddlers or elderly who prefers softer food, Bubur Lambuk will feed them well.  Love how the congee is so smooth and has chunks of chicken meat and vegetables all in one bowl of comfort food.

To add on, noodles such as Penang Laksa & Curry Mee were also available.  

Tandoori Chicken and Roti Naan
Lemang, Ketupat and Serunding 
 Forget about calories.  By far this is the best lemang and ketupat I have ever had in town!   

Satay Daging (Beef) and Satay Ayam (Chicken)
 Kuih Muih
Ubi Bakar to be eaten with coats of brown sugar or condensed milk.
Selection of breads with butter which you could slice them up yourself.
For sushi and sashimi lovers, they also sliced up some salmon and butterfish.
Appreciate the hospitality, we got to dine in a very chill ambience with the passionate live band playing back in time songs such as "Rasa Sayang" (requested to play by yours truly as they asked me what songs I would like to hear from them).
Nope it is not the end until you have desserts!

Most mouth-watering dessert goes to this Egyptian Bread Pudding - Um Ali
The fluffiness and creaminess of this bread pudding made me regret as I only took one piece.   No matter how bloated you are, do save some space in your tummy compartment for this sinful dessert!  (yes, its sweet)

For Reservation, call 04-612 1128
Price: RM 120 nett
* Senior Citizen 50% discount
* Children 50% discount (6 to 11 years old)

Also follow them on their Facebook Page: Eastin Hotel Penang for their latest promotions
They are currently having at RM20 off for their Ramadhan Buffet!

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