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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Maths Enrichment Program @ Just Math (Offering 2 Free Trial Lessons!)

It is important to get children to be interested in learning a subject rather than to feel pressured having to learn it.   Just by looking at the collage below, which learning environment would you want your children to have? 
Source: Internet
Therefore, the utmost importance is to allow them to learn at their own pace during the beginning of the learning stage to master the fundamentals or in other words is to start with baby steps like the kitten below.   

However, it is understandable that saying is easier than to be done, especially for modern parents who are working day-in-day-out.  To personally sit down and patiently tutor their own children after a hectic day from work is not an easy task.   Even if one is patient enough, sometimes knowing how to do something does not mean you will be good at delivering or teaching it, at least that is how I felt personally.  

Just a sharing of my personal experience, throughout my study years, there are times when friends approached and ask me to guide them when they are lost in a subject where I did better than them.  Although I may get myself a pretty fair score at times for certain subjects but to be frank, sometimes I am also not sure how to explain them in layman understandable terms to others.  (That does not mean I am 'kiasu' 😆 kay!  It's just I don't wish to confuse people)  

At this point, I hope I somewhat manage to get you attention to look for the right person to teach the right subject to your child, sibling, friend, acquaintance etc.

Looking for a good Maths program? 
Just-Math is your best solution!

This center caters to children as young as 4 years old and above.  Unlike conventional tuition centers that are more exam oriented in their teachings, Just-Math specializes in tailored programs in line with students’ strength and weaknesses individually.  In spite that, guidance will still be provided in according to their current school syllabus.  Thus allowing a child to learn in their present school level as well as following programs that are designed to strengthen their overall math ability.    The fact is under the “normal classroom” environment of a normal school class or tuition class, some students will always be left out.  Just-Math program, on the other hand, guarantees that no students will be left out as the program is delivered on an individualized basis.  Click  here ⇐ to read about: Why Individualized Learning is the most effective way to learn?  

To add on their specially designed worksheets are prepared with small incremental difficulties so that your child can learn with comfort and confidence.   According to their fouder Mr. Kong, their worksheets and program structure is equivalent to international brands like K*mon and Eyelevel Math.  With these worksheets, they will gain self-confidence in dealing with mathematics on their own. Eventually, leading them to be able to self-learn in the later stage which will definitely give them a plus when the further pursue their studies to a higher level.  

In accordance to Just-Maths belief that children are able to learn more effectively if we use the correct medium to stimulate their minds, below are some additional learning tools to help students visualize and learn effectively:
Flash Cards
Function: Form a mental picture of the association of patterns and numbers
 Patterns forms a mental map of numbers
Function: For brain development.
                                                              Number Board

Function: Powerful tool to build number positions of the various number in relation to each other.

Currently, Just-Maths is offering 2 FREE trial lessons for new students so that they and their parents can get to know how this program can help them in achieving good math mastery, especially on calculation ability.  Kindly refer to the simple infographic below for a better picture of the progress if a child were to enrol into this program. 
That is all I would like to share my dear readers, for further information relating to the course do contact the person in charge as provided in the details below.   


Address: 32B Medan Angsana 2, Farlim, 11500 Air Itam, Penang
Contact: 019-4728768 (Mr. Kong Seong Fatt)

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