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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shizens Ultimate Potion New Launch

Event Invitation / Sponsored Post
Once again under the exclusive invitation from The Butterfly Project Malaysia I was invited to attend the Ultimate Potent New Launch Blogger Event.  The event was held at Shizens Booth at Beauty Fair, Level 1, Atrium, Gurney Paragon.

Basically, we were introduced to this special set that is said to provide elasticity, perfect lifting while keeping the skin hydrated.
At first most of us were in doubt with the product's function stated but we were proven wrong when the skin specialist did demo on a few of us.  Continuing scrolling to view how these amazing products work on the skin.

Shizens is manufactured in Korea but it is actually a Malaysian brand.   We were told that their products are mostly formulated with botanical extracts which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Hydra Quench 10ml for RM168
It comes in a pump out bottle and this hydrating essence is mend to boost up moisture level for our skin.   For those of you who wish to have lasting hydrated skin up to 24 hours do give this product a try!  It is a soothing and lightweight liquid-gel kind of consistency (more towards liquid).   Absolutely loving how fast this product penetrates into the skin.  Most importantly while doing its job (to moisturize) it does not leave any uneasy stickiness.   
Ultimate Potent 30ml RM468
An essence which comes in a premium gold bottled spray, this magic potion was formulated to provide an instant skin lifting effect (within few seconds).  Due to that, they also called it the UP essence.  Ultimate Potent could also evens skin tone and gives a youthful elasticity to the skin.  It can be used before makeup, before and after makeup as well as after make up.  

Credits to +Nicole Yie for taking this two shots of me. :)
Personally, alongside with other bloggers who attended the event, we got the privilege to spritz it onto our makeup look.  Although the results were not as prominent initially but after a few magic touches (targeted face massages) from the makeup artist, we somehow experienced a bouncier cheeks and a gleam on the areas this product was sprayed on.  
 Featuring +Cheryl Loo 

For those who wish to have longer lasting makeup while having that natural Korean dewy skin finish , trust me this product is made to impress you!   

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