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Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Bountiful 22nd Birthday

*stretches arm*
TGIF, Friday is the fly day I am always happy to welcome on weekly basis.  Basically, one presentation has been done, 2/3 mid-terms down & completed 2/7 assignments.   Teeny tiny happenings that is worth celebrating by taking some time to do the things I enjoy.
Prior to the main topic, glad to be able to spend some time at the cinema.  Went to watch Now You See Me 2 which is a sequel to Now You See Me with bie after our yummy Indian cuisine lunch and visiting a friend in the hospital.  
As always magicians never fails to amaze the little girl in me.  
However, I still prefer the previous female horseman than Lula, simply because I am fond of Henly's chic sassy look.

See?  That's how the Escapist wins my heart. 
 #1Surprise pre-birthday celebration by my best Diploma mates aka情爱的猪朋狗友们 @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant, Queensbay Mall
When you wanted to prank people and got pranked beautifully.  Anyways thanks for remembering my birthday and celebrating with me.  Last year my wish was to have you guys around during my birthday and my wish came true this year.  Once again, my Diploma besties never fail to surprise me.  
Although you could not make it on the day, you will always be in our heart Wen Shie.
From left Yen Zhe, Ah Fish, ME, bie, Yee Shuen & Yong

Was too sleepy to continue writing yesterday, continuing my jottings

#2 Pre-birthday Celebration @ Hatyai 2D1N Trip with Parents
A spontaneous trip with parents.  Will be blogging in details later on. ;)

#3 22nd Birthday - DAOREA for Lunch with my WOU Unimates
From left Zhi Hong, Kah Peng, Leong, Evelyn, Melody, ME, bie, YY, Yee Shuen, YS's friend

Savory & sweet cakes
Thanks bie for the hahaha...promise (the savory "Mee Suah Kuih/cake) and surprise.

Simple vegetarian dinner
Night out chill with bie at The LAWN cafe.  Yes staying so nearby we are actually pretty outdated to only visit the place now.
Shared their Orange Flavoured Mocha
I could totally sit at this place all night
Being able to sit on beanbags outdoor with love overlooking the city lights is bliss.
It is not CNY but yeah "ang paos"  are welcome anytime. :P
Gifts from Melody, YY & Wen.

continuation 30th June.......

#4 Post-birthday treat from my NS comrades 

Was not able to make time to celebrate with these people on time but then it is always to be late than never.  4th year of friendship and I hope we will still continue to count on.   Gala House was a contingency of a contingency spontaneous decision.  

My first choice cafe was fully booked (damn feeling bad for not pre-booking) and second one was closed, no choice it was Agong's birthday and no luck for non birthday person.   Food we ordered and I have to say I am satisfied with their portion, pricing, service and quality!
hehe...pattern before digging in to my Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti or Salmon Kimchi Spaghetti (means the same, so just excuse my confusion)
Apparently Marilyn's drink was named after her. JK
Girls squad
Fern, Loong, Jo, Bie
Ling, Marylyn & ME

Received a customized birthday card from a uni course mate like a week or two after my birthday.   As people say, the best things in life are often the unexpected.  

Check out my video for details.  

Too sleepy to type now.  
Let's call it a day! :D

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