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Saturday, March 26, 2016

THE TEA FACTORY - Flower Tea for Health & Beauty

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Few weeks ago I was introduced to the brand The Tea Factory that features self-manufactured flower teas.   Their teas are made from all natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs and tea leaves.  Depending on the type of the tea, each and every range has their  own beneficial properties such as for beauty, slimming, detox etc. respectively.  

Women's Tea 女人茶 & Rose Tea 花茶玫瑰 
 According to the founder, their Women's Tea  aids in retaining the youth in women.    
 Love their packaging, simple outlook but very practical since they included an internal seal.  Tea lovers no longer have to worry about looking for a new storage once the packaging is opened since it could be easily sealed back.
One of the best feeling is when you could enjoy your premium blend tea in the comfort of home during this scorching hot weather.  

If you are looking for tea with specific properties, below could be a useful guide for your reference:
Premium Rose Flower Tea
REMIUM ROSE Flower Tea combines different roses from the world to offer you the unique blend of fragrance and at the same time offers you the required daily dose of Vit C and detox boast for the day! 来自世界各地的玫瑰,不仅为您带来无限花香,秘密花语,每日饮用又养颜美白功效哦!
Range: Premium Flower Tea Series

Genmaicha 玄米茶
Our GENMAICHA paired both roasted brown rice with the finest green tea to bring you the best anti-oxidant boost. The tea provide a light smooth vegetal green tea taste with highly aromatic brown rice. 大米和糙米经过浸泡,蒸熟,滚炒制成的玄米并配上绿茶的清香,散发出独特的清香,是你日常抗氧化最佳的选择。
Range: Premium Flower Tea Series

Apple Blossom Jasmine Flower Tea 苹果花茉莉花茶
APPLE BLOSSOM JASMINE TEA enrich you with high vitamin C that help to boost collagen production and improve skin texture. Prolong consumption will help to brighten skin tone and renew the skin! 苹果花茉莉花茶具有帮助美白养颜的高抗氧化物,是您为美白功课上尽一分力!
Range: Premium Flower Tea Series

Burdock Slimming Tea 黄金牛蒡茶瘦身茶
Burdock has been well known for its potent antioxidants, such as henolic acids, quercetin and luteolin which protects your body from free radicals and at the same time help the body to regulate blood by clearing off toxins! 黄金牛蒡茶瘦身茶具有解毒、排废物的功效,以达到滋补和调理作用,更是老幼四季皆宜的保健饮品。
Range: Health Care Series

Heat Reduction Detox Tea清心去火茶
Need some help to combat the heat wave and burning sunlight? Our HEAT REDUCTION DETOX Tea is here to save your day! 天气炎热难挡?燥热的气候让你心情烦躁,上火了?清心去火茶,原料茶包,让你轻松度过这个炎热的气候

Vision Protection Tea 清肝明目茶
Our VISION PROTECTION TEA contains a blend of wolfberry, chrysanthemum, chinese liquorice, red dates and more which serve as the best daily supplement for general health, especially for office workers and people with stressful lifestyle! 清肝明目茶有清热, 清肝,明目, 防辐射,降低血脂之作用。其中成分包括袧己,红枣,决明子,甘草和杭菊特适用于中老年人、电脑操作人员、办公室工作人员养生饮用。
Range: Health Care Series

Chinese Slimming Tea 汉方瘦身茶
A special formulation of dark prune, hawthorn, cassia seeds and other active ingredients that boost your digestive system, reduce water retention and increase your metabolism rate to help u purify and detox with no more need to reduce your calories! 汉方瘦身茶运用了天然成分如山楂,乌梅,决明子等来帮助您强化您的消化系统,温和排毒和祛除体内湿气,让你每天温和瘦身!
Range: Beauty & Detox Series

Ginger Green Tea
Our GINGER GREEN TEA is a harmonious blend of classic blend of ginger root and green tea, bringing you a sharp tangy ginger note complemented by the fragrance of the herbaceous aroma.

Green Tea Series
Green Tea Blend高山绿茶
Our signature GREEN TEA BLEND is made of carefully selected green teas to provide you rich flavor with blossoms of Jasmine scent. 我们独特的高山绿茶为您带来清澈甘爽的口感和阵阵的茉莉花香,香气怡人,适合日常饮用

Lemon Mint Green Tea 柠檬薄荷绿茶
A refreshing blend of green tea with peppermint leaves and green tea crafted to provide a balance of tangy lemon flavor and fresh mint flavor very useful to shed the tiredness of a busy day. 清香宜人的薄荷茶香气配上微酸的柠檬,鲜爽清凉是夏季和提神的最佳茶饮。

Roselle Green Tea洛神花绿茶
Roselle flowers blend with our signature green tea provides a reddish hue with a natural lemony sweet taste at the same time release a strong herbaceous aroma, which is high in Vit C and helps in weight loss! 微酸的洛神花配上绿茶的香气,是减肥圣品,也是一顿大餐后的解腻好帮手!

Hawthorn Green Tea山楂绿茶
Enjoy the double health benefits of both hawthorn berry and green tea in a single tea bag! When paired together, it is an excellent source of Vit C and minerals that help your body to detoxify and promote healthy digestive system! 山楂和绿茶既能利尿消毒也能健脾开胃,消食化滞,能减少脂肪细胞堆积达到减肥功效。

Lemon Rose Green Tea玫瑰柠檬绿茶
Lemony blend of green tea with rose buds and petals that brew into a golden-green liquor, promising you a delicately crisp, medium boiled herbaceous flavor and rose aroma, suitable for romantic afternoon. 柠檬和玫瑰的香气配上绿茶为您带来丝丝柠檬酸味,是惬意的午后的最佳选择

Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea 桂花绿茶
Our half fermented green tea partnered with osmanthus fragrance present you the unique rich fruity scent helps you to sedate appetite and aid in digestion. 浓郁的桂花香配上高山绿茶,有助于强胃,加强消化,是消暑消脂的良伴。
Range: Green Tea Series

 Impressed with the range of health benefiting teas?  It is now available in Occupy Beach Street which happens on every Sunday 7am till 1pm  at Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) Penang.
Prices of teas range from RM20.00 to RM48.00 for each packet. 

For ordering / more info, please find the contacts below:
Ben - +6016 - 480 4361

Also you can like their Facebook page at for more information.

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