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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best of 2015 & Forecasting Results of 2016

Holidays season are over and here we are in a brand new year.  Pat shoulders and give a loud applause for being able to endure all the happenings in year 2015 which is now a history.

It's 2016 now so brace yourself - a lot more challenges are awaiting.

Before moving into the main emphasis of this posting, it's time for a little appreciation sharing session.

1. Birds eye view of our beautiful Penang City
2. Afternoon tea bonding session with the girls
3. Sunset viewing at Teluk Bahang
4. Cut my hair short
5. Langkawi trip with my favourite diploma mates
6. Private birthday celebration
7. Chilling, stargazing and sipping duty free cocktail on a gunny sack beanbag by the beach
8. Reconciled trios during summer break
9. First trip with degree mates and hehe...Mr. Not Left :P

Pursuing in Diploma is definitely a turning point in life for me who opted out from form 6 and I am glad I did not chicken out from getting out from somewhere I dislike.  One of the most special moments deserves a main focus.  In June I have graduated from Diploma and I am thankful for those who walked with me throughout my journey and painting colors and joy in my life.   My first loves, thanks for always being supportive and allow me to path my own way on how I want to live my life.  To my bffs who came for my graduation, thanks for accompanying me under the hot weather the other day.  I won't forget how you guys helped me to carry all my stuffs, fixed my robe... LOL.  
Dearest mates especially Yong Shin, Wen Shie, Yee Shuen and Fish (stll missing the times we sticked together), 

First Aid Unit members (preparing for Blood Donation Campaigns etc. despite this is a society that requires more commitment since we have to work together for two years instead of just one semester, I'M VERY GLAD TO BE PART OF IT)  
Last but not least Business Administration Society (for the lecturers who brought me to be part of it, thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet people from different DBU classes and planning events for our course alongside with other committe members. Though we may be lacking in manpower, guess we also managed to work pretty well together.  :)

 9 YUM LIST OF 2015 
1. What The Duck
2. KOTA - When Francis Meets Rempah
3. Basil Le Bistrot
4. Tree Monkey
5. 1885 Eastern & Oriental Hotel
6. Chocolate Passion
7. Bangkok - 
8. Macallum Connoiseurs 
9. Sushi Kitchen (Vegetarian)

(my personal favourite efforts)
1. Venessa Diamonds
2. Eastin Hotel Penang - Swez Brasserie
3. TAO Penang Times Square
4. Kainda
5. Japin
6. Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat
7. Elmural Cafe

9. Anaria Future

To sum up, 2015 was the best year and also the worst year in my life but I will choose to just amplify on the good since the main focus now is the presence and future.  
1. Four flat in GPA is still in my pending accomplishment
2. Four figure income monthly
3. Make CNY cookies to eat not to sell heh
(ticked off Bangkok, Thailand in year 2015 like finally)
5. Glamping or visit outskirts or do anything to get close to nature
6. Infururiate others less and be more sensitive towards people's feelings
7. Be more action oriented
8. Cook more often
(for myself & my love ones)
9. Mask my hair & face weekly 
(it makes a humongous difference)
10. Learn Yoga
11. Inculcate myself in more beneficial hobbies
12. Be an optimist with positive vibes
13. Giving back to the society 
14. Do more, expect less
15. Never stop myself doing what I like
 (exp: blogging & taking nice pictures)
16. Be slightly more religious

The list shall expand as time goes....

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