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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sunday Catch Up @ Gusto Cafe, Hillside

Finally get to catch up with my blogger friend Cloey, it's been exactly a year since we last had a cafe date.  The last time was ⇒ this ⇐ before she went to work in Singapore. 

Long story short for this posting, just treat this as a photolog instead of an actual blog posting. ;) 

Table situation
#handsinframe #coffee #smoothie #pancakes #hotcakes #bacon #toast

 Thanks to my volunteered hand model! 
 Coffee is a magnificient piece of art which totally deserves a great shot before enjoying.

My sassy partner in crime
 If I am a single guy, my heart would have skipped a beat with such look.

Her passion fruit smoothie
 This shot is mend to make pancake and bacon lovers drool.  Myself included.
Yours truly's meal
As much as I wish to have such posh breakfast every morning for the rest of my life, I could not help but thinking that:

 Malaysian ringgit is depreciating, 
Many people are worrying,
Children in Africa are starving,
I am still studying, 
Yet my breakfast is so fulfilling.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October Makeup Haul featuring SEPHORA | Benefit | tarte |Mirenesse

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Last month I was lucky enough to be part of Sephora Digital Campaign and was allowed to shop for my desired products in the makeup category at their Malaysia website.  So here they are, my very first makeup haul that I would like to review for you guys as a makeup lover. 

Whenever it comes to Sephora, the big names like Tarte, Benefit Cosmetics, Dior, Urban Decay, Too Faced immediately popped up in my mind.   

Heard of the natural properties (amazonian clay) in Tarte products and their high- performance makeup bases which comes in an array of shades.  Thus, without doubting, I trusted my instinct and entirely believe that their products will suit my normal to oily skin type.  
Decided to get their tinted moisturiser/primer since I realised I have tested all sorts of makeup bases (bb cream, foundation, primer, bb cushion, cc cream and powder foundation) except this one.    Got my precious tube in Light shade and I am glad I have made the correct guess for my shade lol.   

According to the instructions, we should shake the product well before using.   Initially, I thought this will be a rubbery or creamy consistency kind of product but then it turned out to have a mousse (think of Chocolate mousse!) consistency, impressive!
I must say, the performance of this amazing formulation is beyond expectation.  Instead of just smoothing out the uneven texture of my skin but filling in the pores, it also provides a no-makeup makeup kind of coverage (not too sheer but decent enough, since I can just apply this without topping it up with foundation for my daily look).   It also contains SPF 30 which functions as a sunscreen which makes it a must have for lazy girls like me (skipping a step in makeup is a bliss especially during rush hours) :P 
                Left = Tarte               Right = natural complexion

Although the comparison picture does not look like it has any difference, however, trust me, this really made a humongous difference!  Adore how it helps to retain the greasiness of my skin and made my makeup stay on longer even without applying powder on my face. 

Rating: 9/10
Rachael loves its:
smoothing properties
SPF 30+
natural coverage
not too matte/powdery


Benetint has a very strong rose scent which I personally felt is overpowering.   It is also the most watery tint among all but the red rose color shows up pretty well, especially on cheeks.    
 Looking pale after layers of base makeup?  Tints to the rescue!
Simply add a few dots or strokes on the apples of your cheeks and quickly dab it around for that 白里透红 (rosy cheeks) look.
Cha-Cha Tint
Next up is the orangey Cha Cha Tint which Benefit claimed it as a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain.  The consistency of this vary from Benetint, as this one is creamier but not sticky and best thing is, this is not as drying as Benetint. 

Posie Tint
Here's my favourite tint among all, poppy-pink tint reminds me of Barbie Doll and with it I can be one! <3  

Rating: 7/10
Rachael loves its:
vibrant color
able to use on lip and cheeks
slightly creamy but not sticky (Cha Cha Tint & Posie Tint)

slightly drying (Benetint)
does not last long

Was looking for Dior Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer but too bad Sephora online does not carry those.  :(  While in search,  I came across this famous Austrialian brand - Mirenesse which I never heard about.  
Here are some swatches for you guys and below are how those glosses look like on my lips.

No. 55 resembles Dior Lip Maximizer the most in case you guys are looking for a substitute
No. 56 is a nude color 
No. 57 is more towards a dusty / mothy pink kind of shade
No. 58 is a hot pink shade which is my personal favourite!

Rating: 7/10
Rachael loves its:
cocoa butter scent
plumping effect

too sticky for me

Signing off with my new HOLY GRAIL product!
Looking for beauty products but too busy to head out to physical stores?  Fret not as you can now shop your favourite make up here!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Backdated post: 2D1N in Hatyai, Thailand

*sweeping dust* 
When postponing almost get you to forget about penning down one of my happiest trip in Hatyai with my dearest parents months ago.  To be exact it was a family trip and also an advance birthday celebration for me.   Unlike my 21st birthday, this year no private birthday party was held and honestly speaking I prefer celebration like this year more.  Don't get me wrong, I still do really enjoyed the company of my close friends and appreciate the effort of every single one who spent their precious time with me.  

After years of talking about going to Hatyai for a 'jalan-jalan cari makan' trip, it was rather spontaneous for us to finally come to a decision that we will just do it this time!  On 29th May marks the day of our road trip to the North.   We went there by van dad booked 2-3days prior to our trip.  

As we started our journey before sunrise, we managed to reach there by brunch/lunch.  We parked our luggage in the hotel and when to Odean Fashion Mall to fuel our hungry tummies.
Had the Pork Leg Rice at the mall's food court, it costs us 60 baht which was reasonable.  The flavours did not really impressed me as I have had better ones in Penang.  
 After brunch, we went for a stroll around Lee Garden which is nearby to our hotel.  Ran into this auntie selling a MUST EAT dessert!
  Something that I will never miss when I am in the land of Thai is definitely coconut ice cream, especially if it is served in its husk!  For 50 baht, we got 7-8 scoops of coconut ice cream and generous amount of toppings.  I must say, this tasted much nicer than the one I have had at Bangkok's floating market back in last September!
Checked into Regency Hotel Hatyai and took a quick break before heading out for late lunch.
We stopped by a corner restaurant nearby our stay for lunch.  The pickled mangoes are really good & crunchy!!!  For a person who rarely enjoys 'jeruk', I will rate this starter a 10/10!
Followed by a pot of Jasmine tea.
I must say this is by far THE BEST TOMYUM I have had in my life as of now!  Fragrant of the lemongrass and other herbs really made this spicy soup worth gulping despite it has the tendency to choke.   Never knew that coconut milk could compliment this red tomyum so well and having fresh seafood in this bowl is definitely a plus! *salivating even while I'm typing*  
Stir fried Hor Fun
Stir Fried Bihun
Our lunch comes up to 570 baht which wasn't cheap at all according to dad who used to be a frequent to Hatyai.  As long as the food is good, I shall still give no complains lol.  As I did not really take note of the name of the restaurant, by referring to the picture it will help you to spot this place.
Yes they will have this roasting pig in action outside their restaurant and you could easily spot them from Regency Hotel's Coffeshop.  As much as we wanted to taste the piglet, we didn't (imposibble for us to finish a whole piglet).
Spotted this little girl, believed to be in just elimentary school to perform in front of Lee Garden to raise scholarship for herself.  Girl, may the bright future be yours! <3 

On the same day itself, we went to Greenway Night Market (金威市场) as I have browsed through places to visit on blogs prior to our trip. ;)   Glad that parents were affirmative to my suggestion hehe...and we went there by 'Tut Tut' (most famous touristy transportation in Thailand).  
Little girl is so happy to be on the 'Tut Tut' for the first time in my life. :D  Barely had the chance to do so since we had a private van during our Bangkok trip.  
A scene like this definitely grab a foodie's attention, hundreds of street food stalls are located at the second level of the night market.  Just the right place to spoil you with choice and dahh it's wallet friendly!   

Ordered their Soft Shell Crab Som Tam (Thai-style salad) which costed us only 40 baht. 
Instagramable, nutritious, tasty the list goes on and on for this amount of fresh ingredients especially the crab which tasted like I am eating it from the sea (not kidding).
Assorted sushi which I was not really a fan of.   Find it to be too sweet and mayo overpowered the taste of the ingredients.  Regardless of that they look really eye catching!
This is something dad and I enjoyed the most yet lol we have no idea what this is called.  Please tell me if you know.  Just because we saw 7/10 tables having this on their table, we just went to order by pointing on others who were passionately savouring theirs.  
For only 30 baht, all those condiments came alongside with our noodles.  We thought we will be charged for those and told the seller that we did not ordered any of those extras.  We then came to realise apparently they generously allowed everyone to have as much as you can.  As long as you order this noodles, they will automatically serve all these condiments.  

I would say this taste pretty similar to Thai/Lemak Laksa which has tumeric and coconut milk as its main ingredients.   The aromatic coconut milk was creamy in a diluted way yet not too cloying when you eat it together with the condiments. 
Personally, I enjoyed their Mini Petai the most as well as fresh basils and long beans.  
My food hunt did not end here yet.  Went to order this pretty little treats which costed 25 baht.  Again I have no memories of what these are called but the filling is sweet and the outer layer is like our local 'Chai Kuey'.  The Thai eat them with cili padis but too bad I could barely do so. 
Dinner was super satisfying that evening!
Note*  Apart from myriad choices of food, they are many apparels vendors downstairs as well.  Indoor night market really made it more carefree to shop.

Foot massage was definitely the most pleasurable thing to do after a long day of walking.
Someone got hungry again after massage, so we decided to stop by the streets in front of Lee Garden for supper.  Mum ordered Tau Fu Fah with Gingko and Ginger Syrup for 50 bahts.  
Hehehe...for 300 baht, had one deep fried whole spring chicken and two gigantic prawns, guess that was the most sinful supper I have ever had.  Spring chicken was very well marinated and prawns were succelent, springly and fresh with lots orangy gooey goodness on its head! <3  Thanks to dad for the treat!
The morning of our returning day, we visited Ah Ma Dimsum which is highly recommended by the locals and was absolutely gladful for our breakfast choice we made else we might just have the typical buffet breakfast in the hotel.  

Deep fried wantan 
Not a fan of sauces whenever it comes to dimsum, I gave their sour plum sauce a shot and it went well with the deep fried wantan. :)

Bacon and inoki steamed with napa cabbage
White lotus paste pao

Fish fillet porridge with egg
Beats all dimsum porridges and deserves to be crowned as the best!
Satisfied tummies result in smiley faces.
For those who always says Ipoh has the best dimsum, you guys should also give Hatyai's dimsum a try, not only fresh and tasty but its also price savvy!  Our scruptious breakfast with 10-12 dishes costed 280 baht.

It's a cycle for tourist to eat then walk then eat I supposed.  Went to the locals' morning market to buy some local stuffs back home.  
Upon observing, I believe Thai ladies are probably the breadwinner of their families as they are often seen working and appeared to be real tough.  Like this coconut seller below, in Penang I have never seen a lady opening coconut before but in Thailand it seems to be a norm for ladies to also bear the heavy workload that urbanized societies imply that's the men job. 
Pandan Coconut 25 baht
Boss-liked Doggy with Skewers
Managed to catch this guy red handed on camera!  
Definitely my most enjoyable scene throughout the morning market stroll.   

Wandered around the nearbouring streets of our hotel with dad while waiting for mum who when for foot massage again.
Check out the police shade!

330 baht

Before departing back home we managed to end out trip with a Halal Thai cuisine at a restaurant opened by a Malaysian.  
Instead of the more usual red tomyum, we ordered their white one.  However, we concluded that the one we had on the first day is nicer and be more unforgetable.  
Stir-fried vegetables
Thai style otak otak which spiciness level was again beyond my tolerable level. 
All good things must come to an end, although it was just a mere 2D1N in Hatyai, the quality time spent and memories created with my first lovers will be engraved in my heart forever.  Have to mention that Thailand will be in my revisiting place list and I will always be looking forward to travel to this interesting land like how I was the first time.

Kamkunkaa Thailand for the amazing experience & parents who showered me with unconditional love.

Signing off with MCD Pork Burger!
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