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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My New Favourite Sheet Mask ANARIA FUTURE - V9D Collagen Silk Mask

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Frankly speaking before getting introduced to this collagen silk mask I was not a fan of sheets mask due to its thickness and most of them will have watery essence dripping allover is just way too messy.  Therefore most of the times I tend to use gel masks or either wash-away treatment mask.  

However, after getting the opportunity to try out the V9D Collagen Silk Mask from Anaria Future it totally changed my perception towards sheets mask.  This pack comes in six individual boxes which each contains individual cylinder tube with a silk sheet mask in it and a box which contains twizzer.  
What do I like about the V9D Collagen Silk Mask?
Hygienic packaging
The silk mask sheet is very thin
(Can stick well to the skin)
Concentrated/Slightly jelly-liked essence
(Won't drip off so easily)
For those who have sensitive skin issues and are more particular when it comes to the ingredients in the product can use this product at ease.  Anaria Future claims that this particular mask is preservative free, sterilized, no fragrance, natural emulsifier and most importantly it is formulated to be used by all skin types.
For those who could read Mandarin, you may refer to this diagram for more detail information regarding this product.
Baby steps to use it:

#1 If your wear make up, make sure you remove all of it with remover and then double cleansed your face to prepare for face pampering session.

#2 Remove the bottled mask from the individual box and carefully unseal the cap of the mask.
#3 Use the twizzer to remove the essence packed mask out from the tube.
#4 Slab it on to your face and make sure it covers your face perfectly.
#5 Leave it on for 20 minutes while you chillax 
#6 Remove the mask and pat the excess essence into your face
(please do not wash the precious potion away!)
Here's a before and after close up shot under the same lighting and without any picture editing.  
My verdict after using it
1. Skin brightening effect could be clearly seen
2. Pores appear to be less visible, tightening effect was experienced
3. Firming
4. Hydrating and 
5. It also helps to prevent excessive oil secretion 
(I personally have a oily combination skin which is also acne prone)
*TIPS* Do not skip products with moisturizing properties just because you have oily skin.  Look for a suitable moisturizer and mask instead which usually comes in essence formulation instead of cream ones.  
It is advisable to mask your face every once a week and for better results once on every three days.

For you guys who are too lazy to read every single word from my post, here's a brief video for you guys.  It's also my first time filming a vlog, so please be kind with the outcome I produced.  :D
Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

I hope you guys find this post interesting and helpful to aid your choices of selecting products to adapt in your skincare regimen.  Always remember that the returns of investing in good skincare products are abundant which is why one should not splurge too much on makeup and neglect skincare. 

 See you guys next year!

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