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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas & New Year Buffet @ Eastin Hotel Penang

      Thanks to Eastin for having me at their Christmas and New Year buffet preview session 
Looking at the magical decorations, we should have already knew that here we are back to December anticipating the Christmas.   To welcome this merry season, Eastin Hotel Penang once again introduce their wonderful array of Christmas and New Year dishes.  

Note that on Christmas Eve, starting at 6pm, those in attendance will be able to enjoy live performance by Eastin's Carolling singers, lucky draws, activities and also will be joined by Eastin's own live band performance.  Kindly scroll down to view their scrumptious cuisine.

Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup
To start off, this is their mushroom soup that tasted just as good as it looks. 

 Fresh Baked Bread and Rolls

The chefs meticulously prepared several appetizers which are small in portion but definitely not lacking in taste.
 Australia Potato Salad
For a person who enjoys potatoes in any form this is something that satisfy my taste buds despite its simplicity.  
Walnut Apple Salad
Crunchiness of the apples gave a refreshing start to our buffet dinner.

Chicago Turkey Mixed Salad
Personal favaurite appetizer of the evening.  Absolutely enjoy the zesty flavours of salsas and oranges that compliments the Turkey hams on toast.  

Authentic Roasted Turkey with Classic Ingredients and Condiments
The main highlight on Christmas is definitely their Roasted Turkey served with classic ingredients and best to go with their in-house sauces.  My personal favourite is to have it dipped in their cranberry sauce.  

Chicken Roulade with Pomegranate Sauce
This beautifully done dish is definitely one of the main course that impressed us the most.  The sweet pomegranate sauce goes well with chicken rolled with mushrooms.

 Spanish Butter Nut Rice with Nut

 Poached Seabass with Saffron Sauce

House Christmas Mousse
 Cherry Truffle 

 Christmas Fruit Cake with Icing, Christmas Log
Pricing for their Christmas themed buffet:

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
24-Dec-2015 6:30pm-10pm
RM168 nett (adult)
RM80 nett (child)
Christmas Day Dinner
25-Dec-2015 6:30pm-10pm
RM118 nett (adult)
RM55 nett (child)
> The Christmas and New Year Buffet dinner will be valid till 1 January 2016 <
 > Early birds are only entitled to first 80 persons with a discount of 25% off. <
 > Senior citizen is entiltled to 25% discount <

For inquiries or reservations, 
call Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang 

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