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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

72 hours in Kuala Lumpur - Food Hunting Trip with Uni Buddies

Winding back to time, almost a month or almost two to be exact we were all anticipating finals to be over so that we could enjoy our alternative semester break plan to KL  (supposed to go to Hatyai but then all of us kiasi after the Thailand bombing case).  Excuse this backdated posting,  I just want to put my memory to a test and that is the best excuse I could come out with. heh >_< 

Summary of my entire semester break for my own reference to clear my conscience for not being as accountable as I wanted it to be.

Week 1: KL + dealing with some work stuffs from home to generate some income (so that I don't have to eat sand when I need to buy some wants, you know?  Girls need clothes, makeup, good vibes which comes in the package with feeding the tummy with nice food etc. :P) to spend  being at the age of 21 (the last time I remember my age I was at the age of 12 then weeee sweet 16 was one of the best years in life then till I accept the fact that I was 18 years old I still have no idea why am I already in my twenties) now I shall change the reason for earning from spending to SAVING instead.   I could dedicate an entire day or week or month or even my entire life doing something I really like.  For instance, editing pictures & of course blogging!  Anything that allows beautifying stuff, making life better will just uplift my day always!  
Mid of Week 1 - Week 2: Self-enrichment meetings, Sick + Hospitalized,  (oh yeah the last hospitalized experience was 16 years ago) suspected dengue, tested twice not dengue but then treated as dengue due to the low platelets count.  For a normal person platelets count should be 200+ but at that time mine was relatively low, 96 only so need to be admitted fml.  Went on two bottles of drip, chest X-ray, around five times of blood test and also had shitty bed hours at the ward since those nurses are in charge of constantly awakening you from dreamland.  Basically I spent 3 days 2 nights wasting parents' money (never did I knew upon admitting to hospital would need RM 1XXX for the deposit itself, yes they said it is refundable but then my bill just summed up to more than the deposit lol.) in my so called 'holiday inn' and it was not a pleasant experience especially when you meet some dummy nurses who makes your blood spilled all over the floor and mattress when she is in her not so good mood while removing your drip yet DOESN'T SHOW ANY SENSE OF REMORSE NOR APOLOGISE!  Nah!  Who says private hospitals give good services?  Boo!  Anyway still thankfully Week 2 has begun to be a recovery week but except replenishing nutrients nothing much was done.  
Week 3: Finally had the chance to visit BANGKOK!  Will blog about it asap. ;)

Went on a semester break road trip with the uni buddies.
Day 1
A&W Tapah
Stopped by Tapah stop to have some brunch before continuing our journey.  Had their signature Root Beer Float, Nachos and Twister Fries! :D                                                             
Reached KL in approximately four hours travelling time. ;)  Straight to check in at our hotel before heading for lunch.

                                                           V Garden Hotel
No 21, Jalan Pudu Ulu,

Off Jalan Cheras, 
56100 Kuala Lumpur,

The garden is <3
Okay anywhere that plants orchids will earn extra points from me!
"V Garden is located in front of Menara PGRM with a walking distance to the nearest LRT 
station and bus station" is written on their website and it's like a 1KM walk kind of distance to
the LRT station and need to cross a few big roads also.  So imagine if it rains or is supper 
sunny, such walking distance is quite a hassle but lucky thing we were pretty lucky during our
trip.  Everyday was sunny till the day we went back.

If not just look at the room below, this place is just PERFECT!  We booked a Superior Room 
for around RM 200 including tax for 3D2N.  What is there to complain for such a clean and 
homey place?
Don't mind sitting here whole day actually.  The garden with carpet grass, beautiful orchids, fountains and bright sunlight penetrating through their glass panels, life will be simply blissful if this is my home.
Partner in crime and roomate!

Korean Gogi set is served with three banchan (side dishes) of the day, Dubuyo rice and soup.  Unlike most of the Korean restaurants which serves plain rice, Dubuyo served theirs with beans and grains which are definitely a healthier option with more nutrients. We made the call for their Honey Garlic Bulgogi - Chicken which is a Seoul favourite filled with delicious grilled meats infused with the DubuYo honey garlic sauce.  This might not be the ultimate choice for those who does not enjoy the pungent smell of garlic but then for people whom love their dishes sweet yet not overly sweetened and are able to accept the garlicky flavours this dish is made for you.  Surprisingly the honey mellowed the garlicky flavours and the combination of these flavours complimented the deep-fried chicken and crunchy cabbages beautifully.  

Pa-Jeon or Korean Pancake came with their special dipping sauce which are generously sprinkled with sesame seeds and this appetizingly sourish dip goes absolutely well with the savoury pancake.  However, we thought the pancake wasn't crispy enough and were a little soggy :( else it would have been perfect.
Soondubu Jiggae – seafood came with bountiful amount of ingredients and the main emphasis is on the prawns, they were fresh and succulent and bigger in size that we expected for such reasonable pricing.  However some of us find the taste are too blunt to suit their taste due to the lacking of spiciness while most of us think it is a comfort food to fill the tummy since it was served smoky hot.  
To complete the entire Korean dining experience we watered down our meal with a traditional sweet ending by ordering their Shikye which is also known as Traditional Korean Rice Punch.  Said to aid digestion and best serve chilled, Shikye is a beverage with subtle sweetness and unique aroma made up of barley malt powder, rice and often times topped with pine nuts. 

Jipangi Ice Cream
RM 9 for 2in1 flavours
Nothing out of the normal ice cream that we could easily get and MCD at less than RM2.  Neither the look nor cone nor ice cream worth such a high price tag.

Lot 10 Hutong
Soong Kee Bee Noodles
Tucked within an air-conditioned food court with many famous food stalls.  All I can say for this brand is, just EAT IT if you love beef! ;)

Girls selfie time while waiting for LRT
From left Melody, Me, YY

Another of my most wanted to try dessert!  This Taiwan dessert just deserve the calories. :P

Day 2

Foong Goong Yong Tau Foo
(Ampang Yong Tauhu)
Priced at RM1.10 per piece, their handmade Yong Tauhu are yummy!  Specially loving their sauces till we have to get an extra bowl from the seller.
While waiting for the guys who were checking out the Lego store.

Antipodean Cafe
Instead of having the conventional handout menu, Antipodean goes paperless and have their menu scribbled on a chalkboard that covers a part of the wall inside the café.  Some may think it is practical while most of us find it pretty inconvenient to view its wordy menu especially if customers are not sited at the perfect angle.  
Flat White
Big Breakfast 
Came with toast, choice of bacon, chicken, beef or pork sausages, mushrooms, hash brown & scrambled eggs.  Apparently it is their most ordered dish and it is not surprising since the plate was filled with aplenty of hearty and wholesome breakfast servings.  The pork bacon/sausage stood out among the other for its smoky flavour and perfect texture.  No wonder it could be seen that almost every diners in this café will have their sausages on their table regardless in sets or as sides.  Their buttery, fluffy and moist scrambled eggs will make every egg lovers drools.  As for their hash brown, it is more like a pan-fried mashed potatoes with hint of herbs, would prefer it to be crispier.  Sauteed mushrooms were flavourful and juicy.

Places in The Gardens Mall / Mid Valley

Nana's Green Tea
Thanks to my friends (you people know who are you & I miss hunting for nice food with you people!!) who are studying in KL for always tempting me with nice KL food, Nana's Green Tea quickly became my MUST GO places after listening to their positive feedback.  

Met up with my bae +Eileen Pang & her muscle man.  Upon our visit we just dived in to try their famous parfaits since we already had our meals elsewhere.  Thus, our main aim during our visit was to try as much of their specialties that features green tea. 

Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait 

An artisan dessert with a generous layer of ‘Kanten’ Jelly and Matcha syrup as its base.  Kanten is a Japanese healthy traditional jelly made using seaweeds which is high in fiber and have almost 0 percent of calories.  A layer of velvety smooth soft serve vanilla ice cream and matcha syrup, generous amount of crunchy corn flakes crowning with Azuki or better known as red beans, matcha ice cream, whipped cream with drizzle of matcha syrup and also a rich spongy Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Cake.

Hoji “Gateaux Chocolat” Parfait
For those who do not really like green tea could go with their other series of desserts like their Hoji “Gateaux Chocolat” Parfait.   It is actually pretty similar to the aforementioned Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait except for everything green tea will be replaced with Hoji “Gateaux Chocolat”. Such combination offers toasty and nutty flavours which some said can be a good alternative for coffee.

                                                 Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait

Almost similar artisan dessert as the Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait but then the highlight of this beautifully crafted dessert is the Nama Chocolate.  Topped at the peak of the dessert, the three cubes of rich yet not so sweet truffle-liked green tea chocolate can simply melt in your mouth.  Besides, these chocolates do have some unique bitter taste which somehow compliments the entire glass of dessert when eaten together with a little bit of every ingredients.

IMY bae!
That someone who owns the same tee as me :P <3 ;)

Yoshinoya & Hanamaru Udon
Located at the top floor of the mall, this Japanese outlet serves all sorts of noodles, tempura etc. for decent price yet delicious servings!  Was too hungry during that evening so prices and close-ups of food was not available. :P

Day 3

Our last meal was vegetarian at One Utama shopping mall before getting back home.

Hope my jottings could help you guys to plan your KL trip better. ;)

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