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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NARS Audacious Mascara & Kohl Liner Lauching

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Attended the launching of NARS latest products.
RM 110.00
Reformulated by merging two of their volumizing and lengthening mascaras into 2-in-1 formulations, NARS has finally introduced their unique combination of exclusive lash-catching brush and buildable formula which reapplication throughout the day to magnify lashes.

Exclusively designed with over 200 molded bristles and lengthening hooks, NARS’ lash catching brush could evenly grips and coats lashes from roots to tips, simultaneously separating, lengthening, and amplifying with every stroke.   

As aforementioned, this reformulated portion provides extraordinary balance of suppleness with staying power, this uniquely fluid first-to-market formula stays soft and flexible for unprecedented buildability. Enriched with humectants and conditioners that keep lashes plush to the touch and impart a silky finish without smudging, clumping, or flaking. Long-wearing. Lightweight. Removes swiftly and easily. - NARS

RM 96.00

Audacious Mascara’s partner in line is NARS Kohliner, a creamy and concentrated, this matte-black formula smokes out lash lines and defines waterlines with bold precision. The propel/repel design and soft, rich texture allow for an easy application that won’t skip  or drag, while its unique combination of polymers help extend wear and color payoff for a long-lasting look.. - NARS

As usual, all launching attendees had the privilege for a makeover session using the featured products.  So here I am with my in charged make up artist.
Knowing that I will be primped by the professional, I only wore subtle eye look to the event.  Below is the before and after look.
I have requested a daily wearable smokey eye look instead of a defined eye look.  

Without further ado, after personally trying out their products, I would like to share with you guys my verdict for their NARS Audacious Mascara as well as their Kohliner.
With just a light makeup on (without eye makeup except for brows), continue scrolling to see the wonders these products could do.
As I always tend to draw my eyeliner before moving on to mascara, here are a few swatches of their Kohliner.
It is obvious that my eyes appeared to be bigger, rounder and more awake once I drew them with their eyeliner.
Do feather out the edge with brush to elongate the eyes but still keeping it natural.
What I like:
Creamy and easy to glide on
Convenient (do not require sharpening)
Easy to remove

What I dislike:
It is not waterproof (kinda smudged once eyelids are greasy & not tear-proof)
The product is not retractable

If you ask me what is my favourite eye product, MASCARA is definitely the answer.  Whenever I know it is a picture taking day, mascara will often be the must apply product.  Skipping the more tricky eyeliner and putting coats of mascara is my way to satisfy my to-go lazy yet want to look pretty makeup days.
Just look at how this tiny bottle of magic portion could perk up your eyelashes in seconds!  I have only applied two coats for the look below as I wanted a natural all day look at that moment.  You can opt to continuously coat your lashes till you are satisfied with the intensity.  Worry not about overdoing since the enriched with humectants and conditioners formula is made to stay soft and flexible for unprecedented buildability.   No more yucky spider lashes!
An extra tip is to use zig-zag motions to get into the roots and you will notice the entire look enhancement effortlessly.  

What I like:
(no clumps despite with many times of coating and reapplication)
Flexible bristles
Easy to remove

What I dislike:
Not waterproof 
(Even tough it doesn't really smudge like the Kohliner, I still would not risk using this and end up like a panda especially if I were to be out all day.)

Groupfie with fellow girlfriends!

It has been an honour to collaborate with NARS and without me realising this is already my fourth time being part of their new product launching, thus the growing makeup collection from them.  

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Even tough all those products were given to me by NARS, reviews will still remain genuine and verdict based on what I have experienced after putting them to use.

From left NARS PR - Tsi Ying, BFF +Eileen Pang 
From left +Kharnyee Eu  & Chloe 

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