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Friday, September 11, 2015

Road Trip Fashion Essentials

Whether it is a spontaneous trip or a planned trip, being a university student is the period of time where we will somehow have trips like so to celebrate the often anticipated semester break.   Recently, with my university buddies we decided to visit our country's capital city aka Kuala Lumpur. 

It cannot be denied that usually we would want to carry our entire closet with us, usually applies to girls who always tend to end up bringing more stuffs than guys.   However, it is best to keep things simple when we are on trips but then still remain well equipped with our necessities.   

Today I will be sharing with you guys three of my fashion essentials which I brought with me throughout my trip.

As a girl I could not live without my skincare cum makeup bag.  Skincare is something that one should not missed despite being on trips.  I have all my toner, moisturiser, treatment cream, shampoo and conditioner from Kiehls in travel sizes.  Before moving in to applying skincare products do remember to double cleanse your face with your own trustworthy cleanser. I'm using the sample size from Clinique.  Finish off your skincare regime by applying a thick layer of lip balm (Burt's Bees) before you go to bed as the air conditioned usually causes chapped lips.
Here are the only trustworthy basic makeup items that I incorporated to my look during my three days two nights trip.  Eyebrows are the frames to our eyes, so if you are using a brow powder like the eyebrow kit I got from Collection make sure you topped it up with a few coats of clear eyebrow gel to retain its look.  Less is more, if you have imperfect skin tone like I do, concealer like the Maybelline's will do its magic to brighten up your look.  Instead of using powder blush I'll usually use lip tints to give me cheeks that subtle rosiness, here I am using the one from Holika Holika and then lightly feather my entire T-zone with my NARS soft velvet loose powder since I tend to have a oily combination skin.    Skipping eyeliner at most of the times and just brush through generous coats of my super long lasting and waterproof mascara from Kiss Me Heroine which could only be removed with only its own remover, this mascara is something that every person who tends to rub their eyes or have oily lids will thank this formulation.
All the above products were packed into my Victoria Secret Makeup Bag which was a birthday gift from my bestie!

My second must have item will be a big handbag, it could either be a tote bag or bucket bag but then one thing for sure is a bag with comfortable and durable strap.  This is because I will usually carry along my mirrorless camera and a bottle of water to keep myself hydrated  whenever I am on trips.  

Last but not least, a cardigan is that something one should not missed bringing along on a trip.  This extra slouchy piece that gives warmth during cold weathers but it also helps you to create a different look for your outfits especially if you are wearing something plain.  What is best about always having an extra cloth in your bag is that it will also be handy whenever there is wardrobe malfunctioned which are most of the times are unforeseeable.  
Aforementioned items are my personal fashion essentials, do let me know in the comment box below what are yours?

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