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Friday, August 21, 2015

Afternoon Tea @ 1885 Eastern & Oriental Hotel

In the middle of study week and I am missing tai tai times like this. 
Time spent enjoying our traditional afternoon tea at such an elegant atmosphere was just magical.  Literally felt like a Duchess (okay I know I'm not Kate Middleton but just let me day dream :P).

Appreciate how they decorated their tables with a vase with an elegant stalk of Orchid aka my ultimate favourite flower especially when it is purple!  
Food for two, looking at them we immediately knew we should have just stick with one set.  Thanks to the waitress for telling us we can tabao if we could not finish.
Oh hello my dear partner in crime +Eileen Pang , I hope you are liking this artsy shot of yours. :P
You guys is probably getting bored of seeing her appearance on my blog already but then at this moment I am missing her.   

Unlike most of the afternoon places nowadays that serve their tea in the form of tea bag, in 1885 E&O you get to pour your tea in a refined manner like a ma'am.   If you think pouring your own tea is troublesome and not classy enough, get 'someone' to do it for you. ;)  
Morgentau  was  chosen  among  all  premium  teas to compliment  the entire afternoon tea session.     It  is  a tea creation with delicate fruity flavours and petals.    Thus,  it produces a mellow aroma and is good to go with the cubed sugar depends  on your  desired amount  of sweetness or just as good to sip upon on its own. 
Comes in the traditional method of serving afternoon tea, the two-tier stand were placed with various kinds of miniature sandwiches and breads.  All of them have their distinctive taste and were yummy in their own way.  Perhaps it is due to the freshness of their ingredients used.  Specially loving their Mini Croissants with Egg Mayonnaise and their Smoked Salmon Bun.   Others that I did not mention were mostly tabao back, one shall not waste food.
Okay those sweet treats are sweeter and more eye-catching than me.  
I shall raise a white flag instead of competing with them.
Moving on to some petite delectable desserts, it was actually pretty hard to decide which was the best since all were delicious on its own.  Personally liking their chocolate mousse cake, fruit tart and pudding but as aforementioned everything were yummy.
Presence of scones in an English Afternoon Tea is a must.  At 1885, they offer Plain Scones as well as Raisin Scones which were both moist and flurry.  Clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam will be served to compliment the scones.  Not a fan of strawberry jams especially those syrupy ones with artificial flavourings, 1885 managed to caramelise their jam impressively with the perfect amount of sweetness and bearable sourness.  Consistency of the chunky strawberry jam was also just nice to be spread on their freshly baked scones.
Colonial buildings are such a perfect background for pictures.
It's not like we are well-dressed and walk in heels every day.  Since we made the effort to dress up, went crazy taking lots and lots of narcissistic shots with my bae outside the garden after our afternoon tea.
Below is a wax figure :P
Stilettos kept on sinking into the grass which inspired me to come out with a brilliant idea - 'Eileen lets take out our shoes' I said and yes within the premise of a five stars hotel, she kinda tagged along being as crazy as someone.   You only live once and you should at least try once to walk bare footed on a carpet grass. :P
Okay I'm done here, getting back to studies!
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