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Friday, August 21, 2015

Afternoon Tea @ 1885 Eastern & Oriental Hotel

In the middle of study week and I am missing tai tai times like this. 
Time spent enjoying our traditional afternoon tea at such an elegant atmosphere was just magical.  Literally felt like a Duchess (okay I know I'm not Kate Middleton but just let me day dream :P).

Appreciate how they decorated their tables with a vase with an elegant stalk of Orchid aka my ultimate favourite flower especially when it is purple!  
Food for two, looking at them we immediately knew we should have just stick with one set.  Thanks to the waitress for telling us we can tabao if we could not finish.
Oh hello my dear partner in crime +Eileen Pang , I hope you are liking this artsy shot of yours. :P
You guys is probably getting bored of seeing her appearance on my blog already but then at this moment I am missing her.   

Unlike most of the afternoon places nowadays that serve their tea in the form of tea bag, in 1885 E&O you get to pour your tea in a refined manner like a ma'am.   If you think pouring your own tea is troublesome and not classy enough, get 'someone' to do it for you. ;)  
Morgentau  was  chosen  among  all  premium  teas to compliment  the entire afternoon tea session.     It  is  a tea creation with delicate fruity flavours and petals.    Thus,  it produces a mellow aroma and is good to go with the cubed sugar depends  on your  desired amount  of sweetness or just as good to sip upon on its own. 
Comes in the traditional method of serving afternoon tea, the two-tier stand were placed with various kinds of miniature sandwiches and breads.  All of them have their distinctive taste and were yummy in their own way.  Perhaps it is due to the freshness of their ingredients used.  Specially loving their Mini Croissants with Egg Mayonnaise and their Smoked Salmon Bun.   Others that I did not mention were mostly tabao back, one shall not waste food.
Okay those sweet treats are sweeter and more eye-catching than me.  
I shall raise a white flag instead of competing with them.
Moving on to some petite delectable desserts, it was actually pretty hard to decide which was the best since all were delicious on its own.  Personally liking their chocolate mousse cake, fruit tart and pudding but as aforementioned everything were yummy.
Presence of scones in an English Afternoon Tea is a must.  At 1885, they offer Plain Scones as well as Raisin Scones which were both moist and flurry.  Clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam will be served to compliment the scones.  Not a fan of strawberry jams especially those syrupy ones with artificial flavourings, 1885 managed to caramelise their jam impressively with the perfect amount of sweetness and bearable sourness.  Consistency of the chunky strawberry jam was also just nice to be spread on their freshly baked scones.
Colonial buildings are such a perfect background for pictures.
It's not like we are well-dressed and walk in heels every day.  Since we made the effort to dress up, went crazy taking lots and lots of narcissistic shots with my bae outside the garden after our afternoon tea.
Below is a wax figure :P
Stilettos kept on sinking into the grass which inspired me to come out with a brilliant idea - 'Eileen lets take out our shoes' I said and yes within the premise of a five stars hotel, she kinda tagged along being as crazy as someone.   You only live once and you should at least try once to walk bare footed on a carpet grass. :P
Okay I'm done here, getting back to studies!
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Skin Care and Anti-Aging Tips with AstaRed

Often times we are exposed to harmful rays, pre-mature wrinkles and uneven skin tone due to the extreme weather nowadays.  Thus, pre cautionary steps should be taken as soon as possible before it is too late.
While having a table session with a medical doctor, he shared with us what food should we consume to boost our skin beautification as well as some skin care tips.  Throughout the approximately one hour plus of sharing session, we were introduced to a few relatively new properties that could aid to provide a good skin, there are known as Glutathione,  Astaxanthin, Enzogenol Extract (Pine Bark Extract).  This may seem like an alien term to majority of you guys especially if you are not in the science field (because it is to me :P) but no worries I will be explaining what I have learned in below.

Gluthathione is small molecule that exists in almost every cell of the body. As an antioxidant, it helps protect cells from reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides.
·         Tripeptide of glycine/cysteine/glutamic acid
·         Exists and produces in the human body
·         Abundant antioxidant in the network
·         Detoxification role
·         Decrease of gluthathione leads to deficiencies
a.    Immune booster
·         Essential in supporting the immune system
·         Maintenance of T-lymphocytes
b.    Antioxidant
·         Major antioxidant protecting the cells
·         Helps regenerate Vitamins C and E increasing their effectiveness in scavenging free radicals.
·         Particularly important antioxidant in mitochondria
·         Anti-fatigue and anti-stress
c.    Detoxifier
·         Enormous ability in the conjugation & elimination of toxins
·         Scavenges heavy metals
d.    Skin Beauty
·         Melanin inhibition
Ø  Whitens the skin
Ø  Dark spot remover
Ø  Prevent / remove pimples and pimples markrs
Ø  Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
Ø  Makes  skin smooth, fresh and radiant
e.    Other function
·         Generate the energy required to keep living organisms alive and functioning.
·         Diabetes treatment
·         Liver, heart and lung function
·         Neuro degeneration treatment
·         Ear, nose, throat, eye, hair and dental function
·         Alcoholism/hangover treatment
·         Sport endurance
·         Involved in DNA synthesis and repair
·         Helps to recycle vitamin C&E
·         Facilitates transport of amino acid

Where could GLUTATHIONE be found?
This molecule is one of the precious ingredients in AstaRed Gluxathin product.

However, Glutathione is not the only ingredient in this bottle that claims to rejuvenate the skin from-inside-out and proven to make your skin complexion brighter, healthy, radiant and youthful looking with its whitening properties.  It also helps to promote and stimulate a vibrant and even skin tone, by enhancing and nourishing your skin’s layers.  

AstaRed™ Gluxanthin unique formulation allows it to reside in the cell membrane and to protect the inside and outside of cells from free radical attack. It prevents UV induced wrinkle formation, skin sagging, and age-spots; improves skin elasticity and skin dryness.  Astaxanthin and Enzogenol Extract (Pine Bark Extract) are also part of this helpful formulation.
What is Astaxanthin?
What is Enzogenol Extract (Pine Bark Extract)?

  • Enzogenol is a unique, highly active antioxidant extract containing a balances blend of flavonoids.
  • 100% natural flavonoid extract produced in the New Zealand from Pinus Radiata bark.
  • Manufactured under Enzo Nutraceutical Ltd, in New Zealand.
  • Enzo Nutraceutical Ltd, science based company founded in 1998 and certified GMP standard.
  • Pinus Radiata bark grows for 25-30 years before felling and the bark is harvested from the lower third of the mature tree trunk.
  • The uniform of age of the trees and choice of bark ensures consistency of material.
  • Extract from inner and outer layer through the patented process (pure water extraction process).
  • 4 patents from USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea.
  • Enzogenol compound :
a)    Proanthocyanidins
b)    Monomeric catechins and a broad spectrum of other flavonoid compounds
c)    Fruit acids and glycosylated fruit acid

First 10 days:
Take 2 capsules of Gluxanthin twice a day + 2 tablets of Vitamin C once per day

Next 70 days:
Take 2 capsules of Gluxanthin + 2 tablets of Vitamin C once per day

After that: Maintenance for prolonged effect
Take 2 capsules of Gluxanthin + 2 tablets of Vitamin C once per day
By the end of the program, you will notice softer lines, smoother skin tone and texture, fewer age spots, your dark spots will be lighter or gone.
Does it work on the face only or will it also work on the body?
 AstaRed™ Gluxanthin helps brighten skin all over the body. The effect will be even and consistent for the face and the entire body. The reason is because the ingredients in AstaRed™ Gluxanthin may work to inhibit melanin and decrease the concentration of pigmentation throughout the body. The lightening process starts from the inside out, that’s the reason why it takes time to be able to see initial change in your skin tone. The lightening process goes head to foot meaning that you will have an even skin tone throughout your body.

Is AstaRed™ Gluxanthin safe?
 Very Safe. AstaRed™ Gluxanthin is made with 100% natural ingredients. AstaRed™ Gluxanthin is focused on each ingredient’s benefit to good health. The 3 main ingredients in AstaRed™ Gluxanthin are glutathione, astaxanthin and pine bark extract. Those are natural amazing antioxidants which work synergistically to bring benefit to skin and whole body health. They are imported from Japan and New Zealand, packaged in Malaysia by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved factory.

Do I still need to apply sunscreen and skincare products while taking AstaRed™ Gluxanthin?
Yes. AstaRed™ Gluxanthin provides some protection against the skin tissue damage caused by UVA/UVB, but It is better to continue using the topical sunscreen preferably SPF more than 40.

Is AstaRed™ Gluxanthin suitable for vegetarians?
Yes. It is suitable for vegetarians as well as for Vegans.

Is AstaRed™ Gluxanthin safe for pregnant or lactating women?
 AstaRed™ Gluxanthin is developed with focus on safety and effectiveness. It contains 100% natural ingredients designed to be beneficial to good health. With regard to pregnancy and breastfeeding, only a doctor or medical professional can dispense specific advice. It is always suggested to seek the advice of a doctor before taking any supplement or making any changes to your diet when pregnant.

For enquiry and purchase, please contact Jouly 016-2122986 (preferable via Whatsapp or SMS) or Wechat: Astared 

You may check out their official website for more information.  With that I hope you guys are able to gain from this filled wth scientific names posting and all the best in pampering your complexion!

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