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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sunset in Paradise @ Tree Monkey | Starbucks Batu Feringghi

Welcome back lovelies!
Doing away with all commercial breaks atm and let's enjoy the sunset.
Yes this is on our lovely Penang Island which busy bees like us might or might not notice such a scenic view despite it is there for practically every single day. 
 As I have always wanted to just stop and stare at such gifted scenery, decided to bring along my partner in crime to dine at Tree Monkey (just right beside Tropical Spice Garden) at Teluk Bahang.  As a token of appreciation for her being so kind to follow her bff for the entire day throughout my convocation with the annoyingly hot weather, driving her all the way to the place for one of hers as well as my own favourite cuisine and view is not too much right?    
#ootd #ootn
Come let's go in for a feast!
Specially reserved corner with my partner (not we are not lesbians) since I have made a reservation one day before.

Sabai Tomyum
(Lemongrass, lime juice, chili & kaffir lime leaves)
Absolutely loving this concoction since lemongrass is one of my all time favourite whether it is in the form of scent or taste.  The lime juice made this entire juice a prefect refreshing drink to sip through while enjoying the view awaiting sunset.

Monkey Juice
(Mango, banana, pineapple, orange & basil leaves)
Eileen's order.  Not too bad since it has tropical flavours but I still prefer my choice for this time.

Fyi, tree monkey is not just a name but as its name implies, there are actually monkeys swinging here and there.  Dining here is like watching a monkeys' live performance.  No worries they are all tame ones and occasionally squirrels chasing around could be seen as well.
As we were too lazy to decide what to eat, we straightaway went with the couple set after deciding our drinks. 
Kickstarted of meals with Tapas
Spring roll was the only favourite tapas for me, pandan chicken was a total disappointment for me as I have had super flavourful ones at Khun Thai previously and their's was rather blunt without any 'pandan' fragrance, thai fish cake nothing to complain but nothing to rave about as well & lemongrass skewer was okay but nothing out of the ordinary that I was expecting for.  I'm sorry but not sorry. :P
Kang Kung
Rated as one of the best dish in the couple set, certified by both equally picky diners.  Adequate spiciness, aromatic and flavourful shrimp paste yet remaining the crunchiness of the Kang Kung.  Good to go with warm plain rice.

Lime & Chili Seabass
Absolutely loving the lime and chilli sauce, great blend of sourishness and hint of spiciness garnished with some mint leaves.  However, we find the fish to be overcooked and was not really fresh to be used for steaming since it tasted a little fishy which was a spoiler to such an amazing appetising sauce. 

Tomyum Seafood Claypot
One of the main dish to determine whether a Thai restaurant is fit to be called as one fo me is determine by their Tomyum.  Although this was not the best I have had still love how theirs have a milkier consistency and generous amount of seafood in it.  For ours we had three to four prawns and a gigantic mussel in it.  For those who prefer milder Tomyum instead of those who will made you sweat and tear up after gulping, just not worry and you will enjoy this pot.

Moved inside to continue with our dessert as it started raining awhile later.  Lucky thing we have finished our main dishes.
Thubthim Krob (Red Ruby)
One of my favourite Thai dessert!  The coconut milk made the entire bowl sinfully yummy.

Food: 7/10
Pricing: 7/10
Parking availability: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10


Not to forget some silly selfies routine.  Never hate the sun for emitting harmful rays as it always gives an illuminating glow to pictures.  Totally saves time to edit.
Some said I talked a lot.  Yes I am, sometimes I just happened to go overboard, both entertaining while annoying more than I should when I am at cloud nine or simply just feel like doing it to keep boredom at bay.  However when I am quiet or in the middle of isolation that does not mean I am emotional or breaking down.  It may be I am at a not so stable state (not the mentally ill kind kay!) into reflecting and rethinking life, getting some rest like how an introvert would since I am one (you can doubt that because everybody does), looking back at the past a little while anticipating and sketching my future which require to be left alone.   Appreciate those advices, wise words and positive vibes people could give but then sometimes those will only lead you to another leap of confusion which adds on to the trouble.
Nonchalance is bliss.

Didn't want to end the wonderful evening so fast, headed to Starbucks Batu Feringghi again to continue our endless bonding session since its just on the way.  Not really a fan of Starbucks but then apparently this newly opened outlet is my favourite chillax spot.  Also love their Affogato which is something I do not really favour at other places.
Stay awesome till I'm back here!

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