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Friday, June 26, 2015

Xiao Fei Yang (Penang) Steamboat Restaurant 小肥羊 (槟城)火锅城

Opened since year 2013 at the busy road of Tanjung Tokong, I am sure it is very noticeable to many of you especially if you stay around that area.      Plus it is just situated at the same stretch as Starbucks Drive Thru.
Thanks to Xiao Fei Yang (Penang) Steamboat Restaurant  for hosting us throughout the evening.
Specializing in hotpot, Xiao Fei Yang (XFY) offers two types of soup, one non-spicy and one spicy soup base which aroma will entice you once you step into their restaurant.
Herbal Soup and Hot & Spicy Soup
Their Herbal Soup (RM26++)  are  packed  with  assorted  herbs and thus giving out natural herby flavours which  makes  it tasty to be drank  on  its  own  even  before  dumping  in any ingredients as flavours booster.  Personally find their Hot and Spicy Soup (RM28++) do not really live up to its name due to its initial  subtle flavour till we continue  savouring  it towards the end.    Lucky  thing  we  were  served   with   Chinese tea  to  water down  the   numbing sensation    caused    by   the  bursting  flavours  upon  swallowing.     Most of us were more impressed with their Herbal Soup if you must know.    Combination soup   is  also available at RM27++.

1. HK Mushroom Pork Ball (RM10++) 2. HK Crab Ball (RM10++) 3. Gluten (RM4++) 
 4. Fresh Scallops (RM28++) 5. Golden Mushrooms (RM4++) 6. Sliced Fish (RM12++)
Assorted Vegetables
Chinese Dumplings (RM6++)
Dumplings is one of  the must-try order since they goes well with both soup bases.

1. Fried Fish Head (RM22++) 2. Deep Fried Patin Fish Skin (RM10++) 3. Fried Golden Dumpling (RM8++)
Aside from ingredients to dump into the flavourful soup, XFY also have various snacks for customers to opt from just in case hotpot is not enough to fill up your tummy's room.  Do give their crispy  Deep Fried Patin Fish Skin a try since it is rarely seen at other restaurants.  If you are a fan of the deep fried chicken skin which is one of our local famous streetfood, I can guarantee your love for this particular side order.  Do take note that those who dislike fishy taste may not favour this.
Cold Beancurd (RM4.50++)
Unlike fishballs, meatballs and packet tofu that are the usual ingredients seen whenever there is hotpot, XFY's cold beancurd is something that you could give a try since it is not a very common ingredient at other steamboat outlets or at least those I have visited before.  I like to soak them a little longer after cooking it to allow all the soup to seep into the  absorbent beancurd. 

Last but not least, sliced meats are the ultimate must have ingredients whenever it comes to hotpot and of course it is something that I will never miss having.
1. Sliced Pork Neck (RM17++) 2. Sliced Beef Ribeye (RM18++)  3. Sliced Pork (RM10++) 4. Sliced Mutton (RM19++)
Picked your meat with your chopsticks and simply rinse it in the soup for a few times and then dipped it into your sauce is the best way to enjoy your meat at its optimum.
We were suggested by the restaurant operator to mix this three signature sauce according to your desired ratio.

Besides serving hotpots, XFY is coming out with their customizable noodles series to cater for busy people from 12pm to 5pm.  Prices of the noodles is without the range of RM8.90++ - RM14.90++ and may vary depends on your main ingredient selection.

Pork Ribs Handmade Noodles
Although the ingredients used in the soup based are the same as the ones being used for the hotpot.  The taste in their noodles bowl seem to be milder but then definitely palatable and perfect to provide comfort for the tummy instantaneously.  
Before ending this review, here is some extra information that you guys should be aware of.  RM 1 will be charged for every set of sterilized tableware.  XFY is taking their cleanliness to a whole new level by outsourcing such service to Meijier company.
Address: 3-X, Jalan Pantai Molek, Tanjung Tokong, 10470, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-8900 053
Operating hours: 12pm - 12am daily
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