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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ling's 21st Birthday Celebration @ Korean Table All Ban | The Cream & Fudge Factory

Back in May we decided to catch up for lunch  to celebrate Ling's 21st birthday at a newly opened Korean restaurant suggested by *raises hand*.   Korean Table All Ban is housed within the second floor of The Northern All Suite Hotel with a pretty good ambience I would say especially for gatherings.  However, selections are quite limited during the time of our visit and without any ala carte dishes made available yet, we were only able to choose between two sets.
Mei Lin, Ling (limelight of the day), Jia Yi, CeYi, Jocelyn and Jonathan

Priced at either Seok Chan RM29.90 (9 dishes) or Man Chan RM39.90 (12 dishes), all of us went for the more economical set.
We were served with 1. Ho Bak Juk / Pumpkin Porridge which most of them dislike since they prefer to have chinese style porridge instead of this type but I find it pretty decent, 2. Salad with house dressing for a simple and refreshing start, 3. Jeon/ Korean Pancake was quite a disappointment because it was not pan fried till crisp, thus, not much flavours were brought out as it supposed to yet stickiness remained at certain parts, 4. Kimchi Jiggae finally we were served with something that makes an impression with avalanche of flavours.  All of us agreed that this pot of goodness was filled with optimum spiciness, sourness and salty flavours with a generous amount of tofu and vegetables.

5. Got Jeol Li / Fresh Kimchi
Unlike other restaurant, we were told that their kimchi is freshly prepared every day instead of the usual ones which are fermented. Thus, its crunchiness.  If you must know this is refillable.  

6. Spicy BBQ Chicken and Sweet Charcoal Pork BBQ
The barbequed chicken and pork were among our favourite dishes.  Taste is more towards the sweeter side despite being labelled as spicy.  

7. Jap Cheh /Glass Noodles
Here is another pleasurable dish with julienned vegetables, sweet and savory sauce to go wth the springy glass noodles.

8. Bibimbap (mix vegetable rice)
For those who are afraid of being not full enough no worries, here is a giant portion of tummy-filler to make sure that you will be satisfyingly full.  All of us could barely finish such a monstrous portion but I personally love their in house leafy rice since it is not something that is usually seen at other Korean restaurants.  Some among us find it too sticky though.

Abundant of Banchan to spoil our choice.
Everyone was eating away happily.  Nobody notices my camera at all.
Oh hey!  Finally you noticed me!
Some alcohol to *cheers* with the girl who turned 21 on the day.

Watermelon with some sweet treats 
Group picture
Happy 21st birthday my friend, I wish we can continue counting on our friendship throughout times and may all your wishes come true.
Ling's birthday cake
Signing off with a cup of creamy indulgence.
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