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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Golden Dream" French Manicure by LOVE NAIL

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Welcome come beautiful readers!

Here is a surprise parcel I got from Hishop the other day without being informed by email like they usually notified before sending.

Claims to have invisible pores of the sticker surface, Love Nail allows the nails to breath while being prettily prep.  In addition, it contains jojoba which will protect nails from yellowing and is certified by SGS to be safe for the nails.

Salon-quality nai art STICKERS!

Fast and easy!
3 in 1 Nail Polish! (Base coat + Color coat + Top coat)

Here's the compact packaging.
✦ 10 designs (in 10 sizes), 2 sets. Total of 20 nail strips/pack.
Comes with tools (nail file, double-headed wood stick, zipper bag)
Made by 100% nail polish, certified by SGS

✦ Perfect shiny nails, and easily removed in short time using nail polish remover
Without further ado, here are the baby steps to apply this stick on manicure:

Step 1
Select the sticker that is closest to your finger shape.

Step 2
Use the given toothpick to ease the removal process of the sticker film.

Step 3
Carefully press the sticker to allow it to stick-on the nails precisely and then use the slanted side of the given toothpick to smooth the surface out for that final touch.  By doing so is to smoothen out air bubbles if there's any and to make sure that the sticker will stick perfectly.

My verdict:

- Very clean application
- Save time (no need to wait for it to dry)
- Moderately lasting (approximately 2 weeks)

- It requires a little patience to get the hang of how to apply it properly at first

If you are wondering how to remove them once they started chipping, just do so like usual using nail polish remover.

. No more time wasting in nail salon shop and it's cost saving too! 
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