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Monday, May 4, 2015

Livyoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask

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Excuse the unglamorous packaging, guess this parcel has been going through some obstacles before reaching my doorstep.

Claims to nourishe skin with intense essential nutrients as well as deeply hydrates your skin and leaving your skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear.
This facial mask is a focused facial treatment that:
  • Offers superb moisture to skin to give a lustre you have never known before.
  • Brightens your skin and reduce pigmentation.
  • Maintain the power of skin regeneration
  • Protect longevity of skin stem cells.
  • Decrease in wrinkles and promote anti-aging of skin.
It comes in a box of 10 sheet masks.
As usual, remove all makeup, cleanse and tone your face before slabbing on the mask to ensure better absorption of the nutrients.

Leave it on for around 5-10 minutes before removing the sheet mask.  As my skin tends to be oilier, I just left the mask on for 10 minutes.  If you guys have dry skin and in need of moisture surge, then you should just leave it on as suggested which is 15 minutes.
Post skin pampering session
Do not wash off the excess gel-liked essence after removing the sheet mask but then slowly pat them into your skin for better penetration.  Optionally but you can also incorporate some simple facial massages by applyying pressure or press your face for muscle relaxation which could help to prevent premature wrinkling while improving skin elasticity.

Extra tip: Instead of just tossing it into the trash after being used on the face, I folded the mask into half and use it to treat parts of my body which has drier skin.  Never forget to also give some love to your neck area which most people tned to neglect.  The skin around it is as delicate as your face, so remember to take good care of it as a whole.

Overall review
Love the gel consistency essence (essence will not drip off so easily like how sheet mask with watery essence usually is too slippery). 
Does what it says by brightening the skin.
Unlike clay mask that makes your skin feels tight and sometimes tingly, this makes the skin *doink doink*, guess that is how skin feels after being boost with moisture.

Would suggest this product for people who have dry combination skin.

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