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Monday, May 18, 2015

"Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" featuring KAINDA

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 The patterns, colours and design of Kainda embody that of nature, femininity, empowerment & culture.. 
Vanessa Janssen - Creative Director
                                                                                        picture sourced from Kainda

Approximately a month ago I was proposed to partner with this brand named Kainda and after looking through their website I have decided to collaborate with them as requested in their approach.  At first, I was just unfamiliar with what does this brand does or manufactured and the main reason I have decided to partner with them is because of their quote above. Of course the reason is not solely on that but then I was really impressed with their products by just browsing through their websites.  Knowing that they claimed to made a conscience choice to use natural organic ingredients whenever they possibly can and only uses ingredients which don’t deplete or harm our earth's natural resources. 

How many brands nowadays does this?

Below are products from their fabric care range

Brought to you by Kainda, I will be reviewing this two laundry solutions for today.

MYR 44
 A gentle water-based formula that is specially formulated to clean your delicate fabrics.  The interesting fact is that while other detergents may caused skin irritation due to its harshness, Kainda's delicate garment soak actually nourishes your skin while you wash.  Which means there is no need for you to worry about rashes and wrinkly palms after hand washing your clothes.  

To use it just add 2-3 pumps to soaking container and gently swirl garments around. Soak for no longer than 30-45 minutes, rinse and hang to dry.  Remember to only soak it maximum for the suggested time only especially when it comes to inner garments, specifically your bras. :P  I was once told by an inner garment promoter that, soaking your bras for too long will actually shorten its lifespan no matter how expensive and exclusive the quality is because the particles in detergents will loosen the rubber stripes.  

The picture below describes how will you feel like after hang drying your laundry.  The sweet florally scent is just light and graceful like a body mist.  
picture sourced from Kainda
Upcoming next is the thing that I shall label as a must have travel item!

MYR 37
 Familiar with dry shampoo?  This works exactly like how dry shampoo does, dry cleaning!  Need to refresh your sweaty outfit immediately but the sky is pouring, so how?  Easy pitsy, just hold the mist sprayer farther away and spray on the garment evenly and leave it to dry for a few minutes.  That's all and you are ready to walk in your instantly refreshed outfit.  Suitable for all types of materials and definitely a perfect solution that must be brought along for your travel trips.

With KAINDA in your household, you do not have to worry about the need to go in your birthday suit no matter if it rains or shine.  Kindly check out their website here.
Thanks for dropping by, goodnight and sweet dreams earthlings!

                                                                                picture sourced from Kainda

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