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Friday, May 29, 2015

Diurnals Catch Up @ Ferringhi Coffee Garden | BBQ Plaza

What's up everybody?  Hope life is great for everyone!

Just by looking at the clear blue sky and beautiful flowers could uplift my entire day. Just being able to spend every single morning like this, taking time to live in the moment and allow my eyes to focus on some greeneries and appreciate nature, peace and tranquility is probably the best way to describe the blissfulness in life.  Best is with people whom I love and at the comfort of home.  

Used to be an owl or vampire or whatever you call a  person  who  could  only  be  alert and can   focus   doing   things  at     night  (actually  the  word  should  be  nocturnal, pardon my mental block)  but  guess    it  has  been  a   quarter   of    the  year  or more   ever   since   I   switched    back   to   being   a   morning   person   again   due   to   some   circumstances.    Back   to   feeling   more    alive   and   productive    with    this    change    and   I  guess  I  should   try   my   best   to  stick   to   such   routine   for   as   long   as  possible since it is a healthier lifestyle. 

Fyi, awhile ago I have been posting about me officially graduating and plus bragging about convocation and stuffs on some of my social networking accounts.  Once again I shall announce that I have officially graduated from Diploma.  Oh so that means I am relaxing now?  Ps that is not the true story because I am currently a full time Degree student and I am still in search of ways to make myself a better and wiser person. :P  Empowering myself with knowledge is probably the only thing that make me feel useful living for at the moment after all it is also a pre-requirement to stand up in the current ultra challenging job market. *sad sia*  Making the choice to remain in Penang Island was not easy but then now at my current institute though there are things that annoyed me but things actually went pretty well on the overall and being comfortably enrolled is an assurance to the choice I have made which I know I when I look back in future, I will be glad of making such selection. ;)

Done with my personal updates so now back to how I have spent my beautiful morning with my girl the other day.  Have been wanting to visit this place for the longest time on earth and  by looking at Kharnyee's Instagram feed on her constant update of tempting breakfast sets I cannot stand but to ask her for her personal preference and of course as a frequent customer she highly recommended me to visit this place.  So I told myself that I will definitely go there for breakfast someday by hook or by crook. Weee I actually did it, finally drove all the way up to Batu Ferringhi for breakfast/brunch before heading for retail therapy. 
Finally I can say I have checked in at Ferringhi Coffee Garden.
The barista working on the coffees at the open area bar counter.

Pattern for a moment because I have not really make the effort to do any make up for quite some time already.  
Just a piece of art that captures my attention.  
Believe or not I actually wish to dwell in one of such house after retiring or at least stay in those for a vacation?  I bet you didn't but nevermind.  After all that's not important.
My bff, food hunt partner, personal photographer etc.
Ours kickstarted with a pot of Sweet Berries tea alongside with a piece of dainty cookie.
FCG serves their tea pot alongside with a hourglass sand timer which we find it handy for us to estimate the optimum timing for the concentration of our tea.
I remember having the same type of tea but from a different brand at a different cafe but then I personally prefer this brand's more than the other since I find it to be more fragranted, fruitier and smoother.  However, Eileen preferred the one we had last time, perhaps one man's meat is the other's man poison. :P
So happy that she could finally have something to dig in.

As usual we just have to steal each other's food so that we can get to taste as much things as possible.  Both of us agreed that this serving was yummy.  I specially like the fluffy and buttery scrambled eggs.
Yours truly with my order. ;)

To me this is a dish of surprises which could not be often scouted at any breakfast or brunch places.  In fact I have never seen such serving in other places yet.  The poached pear filled with toasted hazelnuts and walnuts in the core went pretty well with the bread especially if you spread on a little of the Passionfruit Creme Fraiche (idk how to reach this word :P, teach me if you know) which I think it could be called as an exquisite version of sourcream lol.

This candid shot reminded me of a good friend who used to tease me about my gestures and reaction of overexcitement.   Since its Flyday, this picture is just up for laugh.
Though I am not that kind of girly girls who love bouquet flowers, orchids are one of my favourite flower on earth.  Purple ones are my absolute obsession.
My darling!  Thanks for always being with me whenever I need you.
Yay!  Finally got myself a new bag (intended to buy a black structured bag which can fit my camera but ended up buying a color that is totally unintended >_<) which I have been in search since before CNY but then cannot find something I like till a month ago.  
There's no need to enlarge the picture to see the brand of it, it is just an unbranded one but still I'm liking it a lot as I got it with my own hard earned money. :P

A ss (syiok sendiri) #ootd  & chao!

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