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Friday, May 29, 2015

Diurnals Catch Up @ Ferringhi Coffee Garden | BBQ Plaza

What's up everybody?  Hope life is great for everyone!

Just by looking at the clear blue sky and beautiful flowers could uplift my entire day. Just being able to spend every single morning like this, taking time to live in the moment and allow my eyes to focus on some greeneries and appreciate nature, peace and tranquility is probably the best way to describe the blissfulness in life.  Best is with people whom I love and at the comfort of home.  

Used to be an owl or vampire or whatever you call a  person  who  could  only  be  alert and can   focus   doing   things  at     night  (actually  the  word  should  be  nocturnal, pardon my mental block)  but  guess    it  has  been  a   quarter   of    the  year  or more   ever   since   I   switched    back   to   being   a   morning   person   again   due   to   some   circumstances.    Back   to   feeling   more    alive   and   productive    with    this    change    and   I  guess  I  should   try   my   best   to  stick   to   such   routine   for   as   long   as  possible since it is a healthier lifestyle. 

Fyi, awhile ago I have been posting about me officially graduating and plus bragging about convocation and stuffs on some of my social networking accounts.  Once again I shall announce that I have officially graduated from Diploma.  Oh so that means I am relaxing now?  Ps that is not the true story because I am currently a full time Degree student and I am still in search of ways to make myself a better and wiser person. :P  Empowering myself with knowledge is probably the only thing that make me feel useful living for at the moment after all it is also a pre-requirement to stand up in the current ultra challenging job market. *sad sia*  Making the choice to remain in Penang Island was not easy but then now at my current institute though there are things that annoyed me but things actually went pretty well on the overall and being comfortably enrolled is an assurance to the choice I have made which I know I when I look back in future, I will be glad of making such selection. ;)

Done with my personal updates so now back to how I have spent my beautiful morning with my girl the other day.  Have been wanting to visit this place for the longest time on earth and  by looking at Kharnyee's Instagram feed on her constant update of tempting breakfast sets I cannot stand but to ask her for her personal preference and of course as a frequent customer she highly recommended me to visit this place.  So I told myself that I will definitely go there for breakfast someday by hook or by crook. Weee I actually did it, finally drove all the way up to Batu Ferringhi for breakfast/brunch before heading for retail therapy. 
Finally I can say I have checked in at Ferringhi Coffee Garden.
The barista working on the coffees at the open area bar counter.

Pattern for a moment because I have not really make the effort to do any make up for quite some time already.  
Just a piece of art that captures my attention.  
Believe or not I actually wish to dwell in one of such house after retiring or at least stay in those for a vacation?  I bet you didn't but nevermind.  After all that's not important.
My bff, food hunt partner, personal photographer etc.
Ours kickstarted with a pot of Sweet Berries tea alongside with a piece of dainty cookie.
FCG serves their tea pot alongside with a hourglass sand timer which we find it handy for us to estimate the optimum timing for the concentration of our tea.
I remember having the same type of tea but from a different brand at a different cafe but then I personally prefer this brand's more than the other since I find it to be more fragranted, fruitier and smoother.  However, Eileen preferred the one we had last time, perhaps one man's meat is the other's man poison. :P
So happy that she could finally have something to dig in.

As usual we just have to steal each other's food so that we can get to taste as much things as possible.  Both of us agreed that this serving was yummy.  I specially like the fluffy and buttery scrambled eggs.
Yours truly with my order. ;)

To me this is a dish of surprises which could not be often scouted at any breakfast or brunch places.  In fact I have never seen such serving in other places yet.  The poached pear filled with toasted hazelnuts and walnuts in the core went pretty well with the bread especially if you spread on a little of the Passionfruit Creme Fraiche (idk how to reach this word :P, teach me if you know) which I think it could be called as an exquisite version of sourcream lol.

This candid shot reminded me of a good friend who used to tease me about my gestures and reaction of overexcitement.   Since its Flyday, this picture is just up for laugh.
Though I am not that kind of girly girls who love bouquet flowers, orchids are one of my favourite flower on earth.  Purple ones are my absolute obsession.
My darling!  Thanks for always being with me whenever I need you.
Yay!  Finally got myself a new bag (intended to buy a black structured bag which can fit my camera but ended up buying a color that is totally unintended >_<) which I have been in search since before CNY but then cannot find something I like till a month ago.  
There's no need to enlarge the picture to see the brand of it, it is just an unbranded one but still I'm liking it a lot as I got it with my own hard earned money. :P

A ss (syiok sendiri) #ootd  & chao!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

"Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" featuring KAINDA

Sponsored Review
 The patterns, colours and design of Kainda embody that of nature, femininity, empowerment & culture.. 
Vanessa Janssen - Creative Director
                                                                                        picture sourced from Kainda

Approximately a month ago I was proposed to partner with this brand named Kainda and after looking through their website I have decided to collaborate with them as requested in their approach.  At first, I was just unfamiliar with what does this brand does or manufactured and the main reason I have decided to partner with them is because of their quote above. Of course the reason is not solely on that but then I was really impressed with their products by just browsing through their websites.  Knowing that they claimed to made a conscience choice to use natural organic ingredients whenever they possibly can and only uses ingredients which don’t deplete or harm our earth's natural resources. 

How many brands nowadays does this?

Below are products from their fabric care range

Brought to you by Kainda, I will be reviewing this two laundry solutions for today.

MYR 44
 A gentle water-based formula that is specially formulated to clean your delicate fabrics.  The interesting fact is that while other detergents may caused skin irritation due to its harshness, Kainda's delicate garment soak actually nourishes your skin while you wash.  Which means there is no need for you to worry about rashes and wrinkly palms after hand washing your clothes.  

To use it just add 2-3 pumps to soaking container and gently swirl garments around. Soak for no longer than 30-45 minutes, rinse and hang to dry.  Remember to only soak it maximum for the suggested time only especially when it comes to inner garments, specifically your bras. :P  I was once told by an inner garment promoter that, soaking your bras for too long will actually shorten its lifespan no matter how expensive and exclusive the quality is because the particles in detergents will loosen the rubber stripes.  

The picture below describes how will you feel like after hang drying your laundry.  The sweet florally scent is just light and graceful like a body mist.  
picture sourced from Kainda
Upcoming next is the thing that I shall label as a must have travel item!

MYR 37
 Familiar with dry shampoo?  This works exactly like how dry shampoo does, dry cleaning!  Need to refresh your sweaty outfit immediately but the sky is pouring, so how?  Easy pitsy, just hold the mist sprayer farther away and spray on the garment evenly and leave it to dry for a few minutes.  That's all and you are ready to walk in your instantly refreshed outfit.  Suitable for all types of materials and definitely a perfect solution that must be brought along for your travel trips.

With KAINDA in your household, you do not have to worry about the need to go in your birthday suit no matter if it rains or shine.  Kindly check out their website here.
Thanks for dropping by, goodnight and sweet dreams earthlings!

                                                                                picture sourced from Kainda

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Valedictory Meetup @ 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House

Just because I felt like writing something here I am working on a long drafted post that has been neglected for few weeks.  Definitely not writing for the sake of writing to keep this virtual space of mine happening but then yeah I find what I am about to write synchronizes with how my feelings are.  

As the title suggested, this is actually somewhat a farewell casual meet up with my best college mates which of course I will be forever reluctant to admit that it has come to the time we part.  It was just like yesterday's story we met each other, felt awkward with each other worrying that we might not fit in and then surprisingly our bond became so close till we are always being seen together whether it is for assignments discussions, food hunting, travelling and also family visiting.  I mean like what is the probability of being able to be like so especially in college life whereas some students could be clearly seen as a lone ranger.  Imagine that if you are constantly being ignored and isolated or having no one to really ever care about your existence nor disappearance.  

Only three out of five of us managed to hangout which was somewhat a sense of missing something but then I am glad that we were  able to enjoy ourselves throughout the evening.  Perhaps within a circle of friends, we should really learn how to be more tolerant and understanding when others could not make it due their own reasons and priorities.  No doubt everybody have their own things to be kept busy with and the elder we grow or upon stepping into the job market or working world, meetups like this might just become a merely possible thing to gather everyone again.   So who should we put to blame?  The person or life?  I will choose to blame life instead since it is because of the need to makes ends meet in life which somehow forces us to manage our time according to priorities.  

Excuse me for my wordy introduction, actually I did not intend to review the food at first but then since I have already torture you guys to read such a lengthy welcome back message I might as well share my thoughts of this cafe.  
Fyi, I am really into this sort of rustic interior which already clearly clarify why I am so in love with this corner aka their bar which you could watch baristas carefully preparing your artsy cup of drink.
Some random one point colour shot (red)

Some inspirational quote that you should absorb it as your #qotd.
Seriously, never underestimate what a simple quote like this can affect you motivationally and keeps you going throughout tough times.

We were sitting in front of the wall of various quotes and phrases.

Their coffees are fairly priced with impressive selections.
Yours trully's Coffee Devil
Ordered this since I think coffee infused with alcohol are unlikely served at most cafes but then to be frank I was quite disappointed with this glass of coffee.  Neither the taste suits my preference nor the coffee art is appealing (not lasting).

This spoon seems interesting and very functional as well.  Kudos to the person who came out with this idea!
I was surprised to see them including mocktails in their menu and the prices are not something that you could find at pubs, bars or clubs which are very reasonable.

                        Yong's The Sunset which is a caramaised mocktail beverage

    If you like cool and refreshing drinks, remember to give this a try!

                                                              Rainbow Waffle
It might look instagram worthy and eye catching but then taste wise is not much to rave about.  The waffle was just lackluster.  Personally think it would be better if there were made crispier.
Three of us agreed that their tiramisu with alcohol is something worth the calories.  Absolutely loving the chocolate syrup. :P

Our family portrait ;)
Do not be jealous, I know we look かわいい

Spot the sunflower
"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave & impossible to leave"

At the moment till we reconcile, I shall dedicate this to those whom I cared even if you guys are at different states and those whom are abroad creating distance of thousand miles apart:
"Its been a long day, without you my friend,
when I tell you all about it when I see you again,
We've come a long way, from where we begin,
And I'll tell you all about it when I SEE YOU AGAIN"

Still in the middle of adapting to a new environment with new faces and different culture, missing the good ol' days when we address each other with all sorts of weird nicknames.  Those familiar voices are no longer being able to be heard as a routine anymore but then we shall keep in touch and share our updates of life when we meet.  Yes it seems like a yesterday's story we have met, the day we broke the ice and became from strangers to friends, remember that day?  We might have language barriers, different characteristics and personalities, different backgrounds and upbringing, habits and many more aspects but then trying to understand each other and tolerate with each other is probably where our friendship begun.  Till the time comes have a happy life and I am looking forward to see you again.

Apparently this lil sis is like my best ever camwhore partner who managed to keep up mimicking with all sorts of emotions whenever we take selfies.
WenShie <3
Actually we were both kinda tired that day since we just ended our five days working as kuli lol but still we managed to hang on and remain energetic.

That's all for today!

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