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Friday, April 10, 2015

TAO道 Buffet @ Penang Times Square

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Thanks to TAO for hosting us for the evening

Being a huge fan of Japanese Cuisines, it was rather delightful to be informed that TAO道 has already changed their menu.  Recalling back to time, it has been years since I last dine at  TAO道 which is popularly known for their upscale ALL-YOU-CAN EAT concept that claims to serve authentic Asian cuisines. 
Looking around the interior before feasting is a must since it could be seen that TAO道 has put in efforts to furnish their dining area with ample space for your truckload of food.  
Totally in love with their zen ambience.

Hot Green Tea, Iced Peach Tea and Orange Juice
Ready to handle temptations?  
Since they have 100 plus choices available to select from I will only emphasize on a few favourite dishes according to my preference, okay?  It is definitely impossible for me to eat everything tough I really wanted to but too bad my stomach does not have enough room for all.  So here I am starting off with their:
Awabi Ebiko 
あわび えびこ
Get started with a gum exercise appetizer, they are chewy but not overly chewy.  However, though it has some squid or seafood flavours to it, there is nothing much to rate about since the taste is rather straightforward.

Motoyaki Scallop
Here's one of the must have dish.   For those who loves creamy and cheesy dishes would love this.  The hint of herbs and spiciness gave the plain scallop more kick to enjoy, wish it could be spicier. 

Crabmeat Cream Cheese
Those who are frequent diners recommended this side dish.  At first we thought it was plain boring to order such simple "Wanton" liked at a buffet that offers much more other exclusive dishes.  After taking a bite, we were proven wrong for underestimating this simple yet not so ordinary dish.  In the core of the crispy Wanton skin are packed with flavourful cream cheese with bursting crab flavours.  

Spicy Hamaguri
Thai-inspired stir-fried clams were tingling our senses with its fragrance and it is normal to eat till you lost count of how many little shells you have eaten.

Ika Teriyaki
For squid lovers, do not forget to order their whole squid with teriyaki sauce.

Sashimi Moriawase
Needless I say more about this platter?  The two most important keys of sashimi are freshness and perfectly sliced which TAO totally meet the requirements during our visit. 

Crunchy Roll
Of course we could not resist ordering some maki since their displays on the menu were so tempting. Crisps on the outer layer and freshness of stuffed tuna fish in the middle made this a heavenly bite.

Smoked Duck
Japanese cuisine diners will mostly go for either fish or beef dishes.  How about smoked duck breast for a change?  The thinly sliced duck breasts not only does not have that duck odour but it goes really well with the stir fry garlicky sauce.


All prices are inclusive of 6% GST
Lunch (Monday to Friday 12pm – 4pm): RM59.50
Lunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 12pm – 4pm): RM72.30
Dinner (Everyday and Public Holiday) 5.30pm-11pm: RM72.30

Do check out their official website for more information.

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