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Thursday, April 16, 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Sponsored Review

Hello beautiful people!
It's good to be back here and for this time I have got two products to review for you guys.

Disclaimer: Yes products in this post are sponsored by NARS Malaysia (thanks for the generosity again) but then I am going to review this product based on my personal preference and experience after using it for few months.   Please take note that products may vary on different skin types.  

Was invited by NARS to attend their new products launching or I should say a revolutionary launch since they have reformulated their foundation into a serum liked solution yet being able to provide a promising coverage for more than 16 hours.  As usual the event was held at their booth in Parkson, Gurney Plaza.
PR Tsi Ying was doing good in what she is supposed to as always.  As usual she warm welcomed everyone by greeting and then explaining to us in details of the star products of the day.
 Little thoughtful chocolates and bottled mineral water for us guests that I find them being picture worthy. :D
One of the make up station that has been setted up on that day.

There are quiet a wide array of colours available to suit different skin tones and here are a few of the shades available.
NARS makeup artist, Alan carefully blending in the makeup bases on yours truly.  If you think he looks familiar or might have seen him appearing on my blog before, click here to reassure. ;)
Loose powder is definitely that something that should not be neglected especially if you are a person with oily skin yet going with a full fledge makeup for more than 4 hours unless you do not mind ending up like a grease ball.
Met this babes again!

Was given a personalized set by NARS alongside with some macaroons!  Excuse my 'sampatness' but then I have to admit that I am a sucker for those colourful and super cute French pastry. Fyi, I constantly have the thoughts of having macaroons to replace the conventional birthday cake or if anybody wants to give me 99 roses in future, please do not give me white elephants and do opt for 99 macaroons for me instead lol at least I can eat them and remember you for at least 99 days rather than roses which will collect dust (that will only make me *ah chiuuuu* ~ as in sneezing) and soon wither (what's the point?).   Guess I am giving a little tmi heh, we should get back to the point.
Breath in before you scroll  downwards  because  my  before  pictures  are  bare face and to show you guys the actual effects, I did not touch up those pictures showing my non flawless complexion.  Cannot believe I actually have the guts to show you guys but then that is how I am in real, so why not? *palmoneyes*

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NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation - Deauville
RM 171

Living up to #narcissism, though my eyes are not those that are innocently big and bright, I absolutely adore my double eyelids (Never wear any eyelid stickers or whatsoever lens nor enlarge my pupils at all one kay!)  in this picture because they are hardly this perfect all the time.
Okay so the above two pictures are how I basically how I look like when my skin is naked.  I hope I did not scared off any lovely readers.

Here are the baby steps:

In order to get the best out of this formulation, #1 SHAKE IT UP!  (Imagine you are making a coconut milk shake)  this is to ensure that the foundation are even in consistency.

#2 Carefully pump out a small amount on the back of your hand just like the size of a water droplet will do and trust me the amount is adequate to cover your entire face with no doubt. 

#3 Press the foundation against the back of your hands with the finger you are about to use to dab on the entire face as shown in the picture below (hope you can get what I mean by looking at the awkward stain on my face).

#4 Blending could be done with either a foundation brush, beauty blender or makeup sponge.  For a person who is often lazy to do extra work like washing makeup brushes, I have been using the disposable Daiso makeup sponges and they always did a great job despite super economical.

EXTRA TIP: DO NOT RUB OR DRAG YOUR MAKEUP TOOLS TO BLEND but use dabbing or light hand swirling motion (imagine you are feathering dust with a feather duster) will do.  This method not only helps to blend better but then it prevents the formation of premature wrinkles (since less friction is caused to your delicate skin).
OR   #2  Pump out a small drop on your fingertips   then   gently   warm  up   the product and spread them evenly on your fingertips.  Then, use dabbing motion to spread the product evenly all over your face.    Pro:  In my opinion,  this  is undeniably the best method for even application  yet  product  saving  especially  for  those  who  does   not own  proper make up tools. Setback: It will be messier since all your fingers will be tinted. 

#3  For airbrush finish (optional),   use    a    beauty  blender  or   makeup   sponge   and lighting dab all over your face again.   

Being a woman is not that easy if you want to look perfect like a goddess but since you have came  this  far  all  you  need  to  do  is  setting  your  makeup to prolong the lifespan of your efforts.  

Soft Velvet Loose Powder - Flesh
RM 138
Love how the foundation enhanced my dull skin tone with its yellow undertone and gave my skin that minimal glow as if I am glowing from the inner which my discoloured skin does not have. 
#1 Lightly swirl your powder brush to get some products and make sure you are not standing in front of a fan or else (you know why did I said so right?) I have obviously learned my lesson.
#2  Tap the excess powder off        before    #3 Tap the powder onto your face, we were advised  by  the  makeup artist to lightly tap in the products  to  set  instead of  feathering  to avoid sliding the foundation.

Here is how the makeup look on me after an entire day of exposing to heat and even direct sunlight.  Went out for open air marketing to shopping, tea and after dinner.  As usual I did not do any touch ups but I did blot off the excess oil once during midday.
Even it melted down a little, for our humidly hot weather than could even melt cheese at room temperature I would say this foundation melts down gracefully after 12 hours and I am impressed that it does not leave any awkward patches.

Long wear approved!
Overall review
Pros: Buildable (medium to full coverage), Oil Free, odourless, have a pump (convenient), weightless yet pigmented but not cakey at all & lastly 
 thanks to my clumsiness I can provide you guys with a bonus review the packaging is not only sophisticated but it is solid as well,  accidentally dropped the entire bottle from eye level to the floor yet nothing is broken, nice going butter fingers.  I did not purposely perform a drop test!
Cons: No SPF, pricey 
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