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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Afternoon Tea @ Macalister Mansion

Without me needing to say if you are a Penangite you should have already know where this place is by looking at their interior.  Right?  Yes, this is the Living Room of Macalister Mansion.
Randomly jio-ed (invited) my girlfriends out for tea since it has been quite some  time since I last went for a chatter session nor get to catch up with my friends.  Usually I am not that kind of girl who fancy  afternoon  tea since once  I am  free during  afternoons I tend to  seize the time for napping.  Honestly speaking, due to the weather I do not really like getting out  from my house during afternoons especially when I need to drive out by myself zZzz,  rather  stay home and turn on my snooze mode. 

However,  for some reasons,  lately  I  am  unable  to  hangout  with  my friends for too long hours at the moment like  I used to  before.     Those who knows the reasons knows it.    So yeah afternoon tea is the ultimate choice to catch up.

Simply love this corner.  Thus, it's worth a shot.
Macam yes tapi bukan photography class, it was supposed to be a bonding session where humans chatter along but then the shutter of the cameras were encompassed into the session.  
GST inclusive pricing for afternoon set for two
I made the call for tea this time instead of +Eileen Pang  , ordered Sakura! Sakura! Tea from TWG was like sipping the spring in the heaven (if you get what I mean).  Actually made the choice by choosing the best named tea, Sakura also aka  Cherry Blossom since it is one of my favourite flower on Earth. The scent were full of blossoming fragrance which will make you felt as if you are in fairyland or maybe it is just me who have such fantasies. 
Janice's which I did not even get a chance to steal since we were too busy taking shots and non-stop talking.
These are the few of my favourite girls who always made me forget about what networking is whenever I am with them.  Too much to talk, ain't wasting the time to do things that could be done at home or else what is the point of meeting up at posh places like this?   Might as well stay at home and save up the penny. :P
My silly camwhore partner +Eileen Pang who is just as psychotic as the one beside her.
I know this shot of mine is pretty artistic.  Ps for the self-praise but then I do not intend to do so but then I would say the food on the platter were not all as nice as seen.
Just felt like this miniatures burgers is picture worthy since they look like macaroons but then tasted meh, totally meh with some oily baby crabs eek.   Road stall burgers even tasted better than those, seriously and I am not sorry to say so.
Duck egg on sourdough was pretty decent.
As for their scones, I would say there were okay but then definitely not the best buttery and fluffy pastry that could be expected and certainly not the best I have had in town which is quite disappointing.  This place seem to be the most trending place in town for afternoon tea but then food wise was merely satisfying in my opinion.  Perhaps I am just expecting too much?
Items on the below pictures are my most liking pieces on the tray.  My favourite piece is definitely the quiche, absolutely loving the crispy and buttery outer layer and of course the filling in the core as well!  Their chocolate mousse cake is also another indulgence with rich chocolate flavour and hint of bitterness like how dark chocolate tastes.  
Didn't realised that the waitress actually managed to capture such an amazing #candidshot for us!!! (THANKS A LOT!) Though I've forgotten what were we laughing at??? Thanks for making time out for our spontaneous date women!


Goodnight & sweet dreams beautiful dreamers! <3

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