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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Be a Wise Buyer with iPrice Coupons


How many of you guys prefer sitting at home browsing through countless e-commerce websites whenever you are looking for a particular something?  Guess majority of the people nowadays should have at least shop online once especially millennials whom I suppose are very familiar with this whole virtual shopping mall thing which are automated 24/7.  

The question is why do we shop online?  For me it is definitely convenience.  Imagine you do not have to drive under the hot sun, being hogged in the massive jams, no hassle of looking for a parking when you are at the mall, walk from one shop to another to make comparison and the list goes on which saves you lots of time and money.  Secondly, pricing that online shops offered are usually cheaper than shops, what is more when here I am to introduce you guys on how to get a further markdown for your online purchases.  

Hope you guys are as excited as I am, listening to the word discount itself never fail to make me at cloud nine, I know I may sound like a super cheapskate person but then this is what I call WISE BUYER to be exact!   With the high standard of living, fluctuation of petrol prices and inflation going on these days it is best to be economical by practising frugality.  

When iPrice reached me to share about their services, I was impressed with the services they provide.   So here is the page that you can browse through brands that iPrice Coupons featured and before checking out from a particular e-commerce website, remember to click on the Get The Code button to copy the special code and key in to the promo code column on the website you are shopping at before making payment.  

That is all you need to do to apply in order to be entitled for the discount.  Yes! This system is just as simple as that unlike physical stalls which are more meddlesome as most of the times they do not allow immediate rebate.  So chances of misplacing the paper coupons are high especially if you guys are scatterbrains like me.  Heh!

Some of the brands that this start-up e-commerce company are collaborating with.  Personally spotted quite a number of remarkable brands that could be spotted in malls.

Here is a sneak peek to their shop page.
Do check them out here !

Remember to sign up to their newsletter for latest updates!

No harm trying since it does not even require to join membership nor charge any sort of registration fees.  

Take note that they also have a blog sharing some interesting topics that you might also want to check out since they often share issues that are related to consumers.


Improve your online shopping experience with iPrice Coupons – Asia’s best source for discount, coupon and voucher codes.

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