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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Travelogue : Best Mates Tripping Langkawi | Pulau Payar

Hello readers!
Here I am back here again ;)

If you guys are following my other social networks or micro blogging site, my Langkawi pictures might have spammed your news feed at least once?    This was a much anticipated day ever since we have got our low air fare tickets booked with Air Asia.   Fyi, this is my second visit to Langkawi after a decade. :P

Triumph in the Skies :P


Touched down Langkawi in just 40 minutes time (got sleep deprivation due to hehe...burning a little midnight oil to memorize for law paper but then when I wanted to nap on the plane, the minute I shut my eyes & then I have to incline my seat to get up on the next minute =_=).

Rented a car from the a car agency at Langkawi's airport, was a little stunned when the sea of competitors gave all their efforts to invite everyone that have just walked out from the arrival department.  The atmosphere at that time was just like a fish market rather than an airport (people doing their jobs to get us rent a car from them and their marketing were seriously more aggressive than a fishmonger).  Therefore we just randomly walked over to the nearest agency with the thought of wanting to survey a few before we sign a deal.  Apparently once we go up to a particular agent, the others will not accept us as their client anymore, we have attempted to walk over to other counters to see whether we can get a better deal or not but then they even rejected us before we could hop to their counter.  Perhaps this is their way of being ethical while aggressively competing.  Not bad!  I'm impressed.  

However, good impression did not really lasted long.  We got all excited to have rented a Toyota Vios (you know it's always more excited to have a continental car than hehe...) at a decent price but not till we inspect our rented car.
Scratches are pretty much all over, the car looks like it just been left as an antique with all dusty (no water at the wiper pump), punctured tyre =_=  Felt so cheated but still I am glad that though we have to kept on stopping by the petrol station to pump air.

Checked in at our motel aka AB Motel
The room is definitely not of the luxurious, just a tolerable and moderately equipped with our basic needs place for two nights shelter.  Nothing much to complaint about since we were not there for a honeymoon nor gonna sleep in whole day.  

Went to stroll by the beach which were just outside of our room.  What satisfy me the most was the distance for us to get to the beach carpeted with fined and non abrasive sand overlooking the breathtaking sea, *breathes out" such a great relieve to all the stress that i have been getting hold.  
Spot the photobomber
Clear blue sky with the vibrant coloured parachute.  Too bad we did not really have time for that or for me is perhaps I need a little more boost in guts to fly like so.  
It has been quite some time since I last sat down and patiently work on a nail art.  Few days before flying, my holiday mood triggered me to do this again to have that beachy feel. :D   

Already had my skill showed off in closed up shot on my Instagram.  This is why you should follow me there, my live or at least more up to date pictures will go up there which I usually do not share them here till it became super backdated or either never even let them appear over here.  :P

Just lend me a hand in turning my blue button green.  Ok?  Not implying any coercive power here but would appreciate if you do so willingly.  @rachael_imm is my one and only account. 

Travel Buddies rocking in our sunnies
From left Yong, Yours truly :P, Wen Shie, Shuen & Fish

Day by day we got better at mimicking each others' expressions

My fave shot of the day!!!!
 (#macamyes right?!!)
Glad that I wore my fave piece of airy and light weight maxi.

Strolled along the street and went for dinner at a Chinese Seafood Restaurant along Cenang Beach aka Qiang Shi Fu Cenang Branch
Felt so blessed to be able to comfortably sit at a round table to have a meal like this and what is more when you have great people that makes this dinner super homey.

Yellow Beach Cafe

The place we have picked for our Saturday night life.
It would be meaningless if we were to just get back to sleep after dinner without having some alcohol at an island which offers tax free alcohol right?  Though I do not go all drunk but still I may sound like an alcoholic for saying so but then haha...why not?   Drinking occasionally is a leisure that I deserve after the tormenting finals. ;)

Blue Lagoon
Like coffees and red wines whether they are refreshing, harsh, dry, straightforward or zesty each and every cocktails are distinctive in their own way. 
        Blue Lagoon = vodka + blue curacao + lemonade + sliced lemon & cherry 
Frankly speaking this is not my glass of thing despite looking posh and all to me it just tasted like some kind medicine.  Been trying a few different types of cocktails whenever I have the chance to do so but nothing beats my classic favourite cocktail yet :(  What's your favourite cocktails?  

Testing camera function for dark scene and hehe....simply captured a Korean tourist in it :P
Writing this post really get me into having that post-holiday blues again especially when it is time to make another life changing decision >_<.  Imagine sitting on a gunnysack that was made into a bean bag, fined sand feathering your feet, overlooking the sea of splashing waves,gazing at a sky full of dimly twinkling stars.  


Bought a package through the recommendation of a middle person or our motel's housekeeper.  RM 120 per person includes to and fro transportation to Pulau Payar, bus picked us from our place and send us to the jetty to catch a ferry to the island for snorkeling.  Lunch and snorkeling gear were included as well in our package.  

I'm thankful that I have food to eat but then still have to tell you guys that the food are seriously terrible, even school canteen food or National Service/PLKN canteen serves better meals. 

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"
Having a DSLR or a super pro camera never means one is a professional photographer but for a person who does not really use manual mode to control whatever aperture, shuttle bla bla...this shot of mine really satisfy me lots.  Loving the sun ray effect! :D

My girls
Wondering where were I?  Dei I'm the photographer behind this picture kay. :P  Actually got up from the water after 30 minutes, thank God I survived in the water.  Fyi, I almost got bitten or I should say I actually got bitten by a fish when I attempted to lol touch it, *tangan gatal* lucky thing my finger is still attach and not biten off like a worm.  "Jangan duk tangan gatal nak cari pasal dengan ikan-ikan yang duk berenang, malang berbau jika diserang." (Just felt like tying in Malay for no reason)  Btw, lesson learned!

The Hungarian's super loveable blue eyed daughter.   Everyone's eyes were on her while waiting for our ferry to dock.  Of course we also did not take the opportunity to interact with her by making all sorts of faces LOL.

Coconut Milkshake
Bought coconut milk shake with ice cream at the stall opposite our motel to counter fight the blistering heat.  Not as nice as what I have had in Penang but tasted okay. :P
The girl beside me really knew what *the everything also must take to jot down* people aka the narrator of this lengthy post would do and without hesitating she volunteered to do this. :D xoxo Shuen. 

Big Prawns Yee Mee 
RM 10.00
Without noticing we actually went to the same restaurant/coffee shop as the first day but at a different outlet.  Do take note prices in Pantai Cenang were slightly more expensive whereas the one in Bandar Kuah are cheaper.  

My haul :P

Just kidding those above belongs to all of us not solely own by me. 


Bottoms up!
All lay down flat super early due to energy drainage after half a day snorkeling under the scorching weather.

                                                                DAY 3 - HOME BOUND
Hi Fish aka our driver throughout our trip xoxo and me as the co. or navigator who only answers "har? ask me ar?  GPS showed like that means like that lo, GPS did not say anything means just go straight,  we won't get lost in Langkawi mia and worry what?  WE STILL HAVE LOTS OF PETROL (Toyota Vios very fuel saving, RM40 for 3 days also cannot used up half of the amount we pumped =_=).." :P  To conclude, I admit I'm the worst navigator in the whole wide world.

Went to Skycab Langkawi as our final destination before bidding our goodbyes.  Let the pictures do the talking.

Skybridge which was still under renovation

Cable car selfie
From left Shuen, ALIEN, Fish <3 <3 <3

With the steady WenShie <3

Lil Yong <3

Model like Fish <3

"A moment could only be called victorious when one could be free from dependency, jealousy, hatred, greed, ego, fears, guilt, doubts & worries.  Victory is not about taking down others but defeating your own conscience". - Rachael ;)

Approaching the end of our trip, sent the Alor Setarians to the Kuah Jetty and here I am taking over the driver seat back to the airport with Yong <3  I have to say driving in Langkawi is so much more carefree than in Penang, no traffic jams, do not really need to halted by a row of traffic lights, broad roads, hardly see any annoying motorcyclist that hogs the road as if they own the whole road.  

Enjoyed tax free Starbucks while we were waiting to board 

Ending this post with a picture that describes my mood upon the last day.
Actually I did have some clips to share but then files were attacked by virus, will update them later on if the video footage could be retrieved.

Signing off for now but I will see you guys real soon!

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