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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Butterfly Project X NARS Malaysia @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Event Date : 23rd January 2015

Welcome back lovelies, for those who are celebrating, how is your CNY celebration going on?

Any frequent shoppers of Gurney Plaza?  You guys might have already spotted NARS in Parkson.  I believe beauty lovers will be jumping in excitement that NARS has finally opened its second outlet in Malaysia and it is in none other states than Penang!!!  Proud to be Penangite since most of the brands are gradually expanding their empire to our island which made shopping much more convenient for us. :D

I was in absolutely delighted and excited to be chosen as one of the Butterfly to participate for this session organized by The Butterfly Project which is a Beauty Community in their first ever Penang project.  Initially I thought I was not able to join since it is around my finals and might clash with my tripping plans but lucky thing things turned out well.  

Long story short, since this project is a collaboration between NARS Malaysia & The Butterfly Project as the title of this posting suggest, we were given a makeover by the skillful makeup artist and of course using non other products but NARS.    

Note that, as I have already known that I will be given a makeover of course I did not bother doing much makeup myself (yes I'm lazy just like that).  Simply wore a little base makeup just for the sake of protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays, SPF is a must!   Eyebrows to frame my face, mascara just to show that I have lashes and a bright lip to make myself look more awake that is all and I would say I have shown some courtesy for not going bare face LOL.

Pre- Makeover

Post makeover 

See the difference?  As compared to the cheating makeup I have done, meet the professional NARS makeup artist Alan Choong who does wonders to enhance my look even more.  What he did was apart from concealing my zits, contouring, adding blush and highlighting my high points was he focused on accentuating my eyes by tight lining them (my fave way of wearing eye makeup yet I hardly like doing it myself because I have the tendency to prick into my own eyes) and adding more coats of mascara yet not making it look super heavy which explains why I love my eye makeup lots till I was reluctant to remove my makeup as soon as I reach home like I usually do.  Not to mention that I was surprised that I actually love how my least favourite colour aka the orangy tone lipstick  from their Audacious range compliments and brighten up my entire look.  

Lip colour defines you, do not be afraid to try on colors that you are curious of how they will look on you.  Head over to their counter swatch them and try wearing them on.  Sometimes how you perceived the color to turn out on you may not be the way it is.  You will not get a full picture of it till you give it a chance and there is no harm trying! ;)

Had a pleasurable time experimenting their wide array of makeup collections that will get you full face covered from eyebrows, eyes, face, lips and the list goes on.  

Many thanks to NARS Malaysia & The Butterfly Project for having me

In action, testing 123

*Drum rolls*
Spring 2015 Color Collection
Girls being girls and of course being one myself I was at cloud nine to try out their products.Many thanks to NARS Malaysia for handpicking this collection for us which consists of 3 eye products, 2 lip products and a blush and having an awesome sharing session.

Incorporated NARS products for my look during my bff's birthday celebration.  Did this look in a hurry and was using the smokey hunter green and sheer white shimmer for my eyes.  Also used their eye paint as based before blending in the shadows and my eye look just lasted so well for the entire evening.   

RM 190
From left to right - Top Row: Dalliance Eyeshadow - dusty lilac stone, 
                                                 Pyla Eyeshadow -smokey hunter green, 
                                                 Sidi Bou Said - blackened grape  
                          Bottom Row: Pandora Duo Eyeshadow (left side) - sheer white shimmer, 
                                                 Luberon - iridescent sand with rose gold sheen, 
                                                 Pandora Duo Eyeshadow - matte black 

Although I do not exactly like all the colours in this palette as I personally prefer warmer and brighter tones I have to say that their color payoffs and pigmentation is amazing and is super buidable.  Not only that but then as compared to my personal collection of eye shadows NARS shadows are finely mill and velvety smooth which allows it to blend easily upon application.

Just an extra information, I know this is an eye shadow palette but then for a person who do not really follow the rules as usual I do not limit the usage of eye shadows to eyes only.  Personally find the Dalliance Eyeshadow which is a dusty lilac stone or somewhat taupe shade really suitable for contouring and creating shadows for a more 3D look.  Yes despite its dull tone, it is still one of my most used shade in the palette followed by the Pandora Duo Eyeshadow (left side) - sheer white shimmer which is often used for highlighting.  


RM 91
Needless to say NARS lipstick is already remarkable for its superb quality.  For this nude shade it is lightweight, not too attention seeking but just an ultimate natural and minimalist shade which could be used as an everyday staple in my opinion.

RM 96
If you guys were to ask me what is a must have from NARS, I will definitely give a shout out to this magic pot!  I suppose this is a cream based eye shadow that could also be used as a base or eye primer.   Of course for a person who either do not wear any eye make up or only wears waterproof eye makeup to spare the risk of ending up like a panda, this really helps to hold on to my eye shadows longer and also boost the lasting power of my liquid eyeliner which tend to smudge once my eyelids starts to grease (sad fact of living in a humid weather country).   

Never fail to impress every time I layer it underneath my shadows or eyeliners and it definitely works way much better than the eye primer I have in my own makeup stash.  Not telling you guys which brand it is but here is a hint, like NARS it is also a brand which is packaged in black and white with a mid to high price tag as well.   

RM 93

RM 121
Due to its shimmer, sheerness and rather a pale color, I find myself using this more as highlighter and eye shadow to make my eyes pop more often than as a blush for my vampire like pale skin.

RM 89
Have yet to have a picture with this gloss on since I tend to eat up my lip products before snapping pictures very often LOL.  Aside from that, I have to confess that I am not a lip gloss person anymore even tough lip gloss was the very first cosmetic I have ventured into.  I am rather a lip balm or lip tint kind of person who prefers a sheer natural tint and products that ain't shiny, greasy or sticky and I have always wish for my lip product to be moisturising, non sticky yet can last forever even if I eat.  Any recommendations of such lip products?  

Come back to the point, I will update you guys once I put this glass to good use.  Stay tuned via my Instagram ok?  @rachael_imm

 It was also nice to meet and mingle around with all the beautiful ladies and skillful makeup artists.  :D

Meet Tammy Lim, the Founder of The Butterfly Project!  Nice meeting her in person!

Signing off!
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