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Saturday, February 7, 2015

JAPIN Bandar Sunway

Invited Review

Mikkusu - Yakiniku - Jyu
RM 17.30
A healthy source of nutrients being packed into a box, bento (Japanese lunch box) is such a convenient and homey meal to have especially if you are on the go.  Japin included beef, chicken, fish, egg and cabbage here which made this box a perfect tummy filling meal.  However, most of us felt that they should reduce the amount of salt or seasoning added to be a perfect hearty meal. 

Katsu Kimuchi Ramen
RM 18.80
The ramen tasted like kimchi and is something that is not usually get to taste in a Japanese restaurant in my opinion as the level of spiciness is hardly found in Japanese cuisine that tends to offer more of the sweeter side of spiciness than straightforward spiciness if you get what I mean.   The side dish aka chicken katsu was fried to a perfect crisp and I highly suggest you to dip it in the ramen soup to make it extra flavorful.  

Salmon Yaki Set
RM 18.80
Fish has always been my favorite order to go with rice set like this whenever I am at a Japanese restaurant.  Their salmon yaki set is fairly price for such portion but taste wise I will still prefer a mellow taste rather than having sauce overpowering this healthy fish.  

Chasyu Japin Ramen

The broth of the ramen was decently tasteful but what I would like to highlight for this dish is the flavorful Chasyu and the soft boiled egg that is nicely done.  

Dorai Udon
Saving the best for the last, this is my ultimate favourite dish out of the five dishes that I got to try.  Take note those who dislike raw vegetables might not like it as much as I do.  Their Dorai Udon may seem like it is just a simple bowl of udon but for a person who loves her vegetables, having minced meat, soft boiled egg and shredded fresh cucumber and carrots all mixed together with the springy udon, it's a simply delectable nutrients all-in-one bowl meal to fill the tummy if you are in the mood for noodles.  

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