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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elmural Cafe @ Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown, Penang

Invited Review/Advertorial

Ever since I have resume back to college hardly go for cafe hunts anymore. So, when I was told about Elmural Cafe I did not know which part of the island this cafe is situated at all despite it is just situated at a place I am frequent to.  However for those who hardly go to that area it might be a little tacky to locate the cafe since its sign is not so noticeable.  Elmural Cafe could be easily located if you manage to locate the famous De Tai Tong Dim Sum as it is just humbly housed within that area, it could be spotted on your right if you follow the flow of the one way street.  

Many thanks to Elmural Cafe for hosting us that evening

These murals might be familiar to those of you who have already went to explore the hidden gem in the heritage area of Penang.  Anthony, the owner of Elmural Cafe features several self-photographed well-known murals in his cafe in order to preserve this great artworks which he believed might be neglected over time.  

For those who have yet to explore the nostalgic artworks and are afraid to fight the scorching heat walking from streets to streets to hunt for these treasures, why not dine in Elmural Cafe?

                                       Address: 83 Cintra Street, George Town, Malaysia

Soup of the day (Mushroom soup) with toasted crutons
RM 7.90

Their soup is decently flavored and its a always great to start your meal with such comfort food.  Aside from the consistency which was slightly dilute during my visit, I really love how they topped this bowl with crutons instead of giving slices of conventional garlic breads which might filled up the tummies of small eaters leaving less room for mains.   

Leftover Park Salad
RM 10.00

Yes this is a salad but for those who are super concern of your waistline, this is not something that I will recommend to you guys since it is a little bit too oily to be considered as a healthy option to go with.  Other than that, I would say this is a great option especially when you are not at your big appetite mood but still wanting something that is porky and toothsome.  For those who hold on to the practice of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.  This is a great choice for you to go with without tucking too much into your tummy.

Lamb Chop with Yogurt Mint Sauce
RM 22.70
Even tough the taste of this dish was rather mild, it was still delectable as its fork-tender and were not overly chewy and the most important thing is it does not have the bothersome lamb odour.  Served with yogurt mint sauce instead of the traditional mint sauce made this dish unique in its own way.   I personally like drizzling the yogurt mint sauce over the salad and dipping my fries into it.  

Pork Ribs Baked with Hot Chipotle Sauce
RM 33.90
Here comes the star dish of the evening that most of us have chosen to highlight as the best dish.  The pork ribs were well-marinated and the hint of spiciness made this dish enticing. Having my favorite greens aka the asparagus as side made this dish extra satisfying and it makes it a well balanced portion of nutrients.  

Pork Ribs with Roasted Cheesy Tops
RM 35.00
Out of all the pork dishes this were my least favorite. Do not get me wrong this was not distasteful its just I find it too heavy and cloying to have melted cheese on top of such a huge portion of meat since I am an absolute small eater according to majority of my friends.

Pork Shoulder Chops with Brownie Sauce
RM 23.90
Elmural Cafe really upholds its signature dishes well.  They specialized in pork dishes which is why if you take a closer look at their logo it is of the shape of a piggy.  

This dish received as many comments as my most liked dish.  The meat were succulent and flavorful and beautifully glazed with brownie sauce.   

Besides pork, Elmural Cafe also specializes in Gelato and they have many funky flavors available.

Gelato - RM 7.80 per scoop, RM 13.90 for double scoops 

Italian Coffee flavoured with Espresso Base
The texture of this was very smooth and the aroma of coffee made is a dedication to coffee lovers.

Kalamansi flavoured with Tea Base
The sourness of the Kalamansi made this dessert mouth-watering and the icy sorbet made it refreshing.

White Chocolate 


Chocolate Chili 
Saving the best for the last, no you guys did not read this flavor wrongly, it is a combination of Chocolate and a spice - chilli.   Ordered this as I have heard of such blend through travel programs and was curious how this will turn out like.  I'm glad that I did not make the wrong choice as most of us find this an interesting flavour.  Chocolaty at first but then ended with a hint of spiciness.  Definitely a dessert for people to expect the unexpected. ;)

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