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Monday, January 5, 2015

Shining Bright Like a Diamond ~ Venessa Diamonds

Event Date 20th December 2014

To us diamond is 
Timeless, breathtaking, beauty in its rarest form... ~ Venessa Diamonds

Thanks to Venessa Diamonds for having this sharing session with us

Haru Series

Venessa Diamonds

 はる (romaji Haru) means spring is part of Venessa Diamonds' product series inlaying of seven exquisitely cut diamonds arranged in a floral design.

Venessa Diamonds

We often use initials, horoscopes and zodiac signs to accessorize or personalize our belongings to show timeless elegance of the objects that we treasure while using superstitions symbols such as the infinity, four leaves clover aka shamrock, key etcetera which have their respective meanings to feel in control, to feel safe, to get what we want in life.  Like how the aforementioned  symbols functions, wearing a Horseshoe symbol upside down like the 'U' shape do have its own primitive belief.  Generally it is a symbol representing good luck and protection which explains why despite modernization there are still many out there who could be spotted with such symbols.  

Dedicated to all those engaged couples who are planning to tie your knot.  Venessa Diamonds do offer a variety of wedding rings for love birds to select from their Marry Me series to pledge eternity love, commitment and devotion towards each another.
Not to neglect the equally important piece to secure your love towards your significant other is the engagement ring.  Though it may not be an absolute necessity in order to be married,  the offering of an engagement ring to a woman are extremely important as it symbolizes the promise of marriage and is already taken and no longer available for other guys to pick on.   Get inspirations from those movies that tug your heartstrings before you ask 'will you marry me' to your beloved and get all those butterflies in your stomach while keeping your fingers cross for her to seal her willingness to spend the rest of her life with you with 'I do'.

                                                               Venessa Diamonds

 It was a pleasure to meet the Founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Venessa Diamonds, Dr. Khoo Seok Wah and having her to personally share with us how she established her brand in the jewellery industry from a humble beginning till today.  We have been told that it was not easy for a lady to start-up and be the backbone of her business.  Even so, that did not stop her from expanding her empire till the fruitful results of today.  This is definitely a spirit that is worth to be looked up by fellow endeavors and should be inculcated in our society.

Another thing I have learnt from the respectful Dr. Venessa is to always have positive vibes and be happy with what you are doing.  During our empowering Q&A session,  we have brought up one of our nation's major concern specifically the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) which will come into effect on the second quarter of this year which many reckoned it will be a great impact to our economy
.  In spite of foreseeing the slowdown in sales which will cause the revenue to shrink, her bubbly personality did not stop her or to back down yet intentions remain affirmative for her future business growth.

Not only that but we were also asking if she  would like her daughters to follow her footsteps to be in this field or have plans to groom them to takeover her established brand?  All she is expecting from them for time being is just to carry on with what they like doing happily.   Being nicknamed as  "Diamond Girl", besides being a businesswoman she is also involved in a charitable organisation which is known as Dreamz Foundation to give back to the society. 
online sources

Just like the picture above, Rome was not built in a day and it would have been such a waste of efforts if you quit when you are already in the middle of hopping over hurdles and bashing through obstacles in the battlefield.  Here are some words of encouragement, if you have the courage to dream big why not believing that the victory will be yours?   Good luck dream catchers(myself included)!  


Aside  from  carrying  diamonds,  Venessa  Diamonds  also  brought  in  all  kinds  of  pearls available in the forms of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. 

Just a close-up of the charming bracelet that caught my attention while I was looking around the display shelves.

Thanks for the precious door gift <3

Pearls may not be as glittery or sparkly like the diamonds but then their clarity and soft glow gives them the that minimalist elegance to be special and different in their own way without needing any cut or polish treatment to reveal its beauty.  In other words, we may say it is a miraculous birth of natural beauty.

                                                           Venessa Diamonds

Excuse me for my inadequate knowledge about the lovely pearls but then aside from those Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Pearls and Akoya Pearls  which   I   supposed  they  are  more widely known in their very distinctive pearly white colour.  

Honestly speaking, I have always thought that Black Pearls only existed in the Food and Beverage industry.  Needless to say, my knowledge towards Boba Milk Tea / Bubble Milk Tea / Black Pearl Milk Tea is better than towards pearls till I witness the actual Black Pearls or also as known as Tahitian Pearls which were an eye opener for me.  *smiles*

Tahitian Pearls

As compared to diamonds and golds, pearls are underrated in value.  Many tend to have the misconceptions of pearls are old fashion and are only worn on formal occasions.


from various internet sources

Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge, korean barbie doll Han Chae Young, famous country singer Taylor Swift and movie star Fan Bing Bing shining in their pearls.  

Keshi Pearls

South Sea Pearls

Group picture

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