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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Making a List & Checking It Twice ~ 2015 Wishlist | Resolutions

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.........

Here comes the most anticipated season of the year because Christmas always means 'joy to the world....'   With all those Christmas ornaments, gifts, sales and etc. don't you guys agree that being back to December is always the most blissful occasion to sum up the yearly blessings again?  
Bling bling

Christmas is about to be over again in another few more hours and the picture below describes how I am ending this year's Christmas, currently staring at my desktop screen like this reindeer. :P LOL  I miss those days where I used to go on holidays with my family and the shopping spree I have had in KL few years ago.  It has been kind of mundane for last year and this year's, things have eventually changed over time but then I am still thankful for the blessings that enable those whom I treasured are still being around with me.  Just hope that things will turn out even better for the upcoming year.  For me this year's ups and downs have been almost equivalent, not everything turned out to be as great as I wished for but then throughout my downs I am glad that I aren't totally blinded and in the midst of all those happenings I felt so bless to have people who truly cares being beside me.  I hope you know who you are. :) 

Good memories and laurels of this year shall be engraved in my heart while anything other than things that could aid me with my progress shall be let to fade once more.  It's time to alter my wishlist and resolutions so that I can send a report for Santa Claus to grant them hehe...Unlike years before, I am just gonna make this one short and general:

1. Earn as much as I spend or better still if I could earn more :P
2. Establish new hobbies
3. Meet more people
4. Spend time with people who shares the same interests
5. Be better at multitasking
6. Ace in time management
7. Skype with close friends (hahaha...)
8. Read more
9. Do whatever I enjoy doing or whatever I like without bothering about how others' thoughts like singing, blogging, cooking, shopping, analyzing, travelling etc.
10. Throw a potluck party (or anything else that could be as fun & include all my bff) on my 21st birthday (Thanks to my best mates 2014 birthday is one of my most surprising birthday)
11. Travel! (Taiwan/Korea)  Wish to go there before I step into the real working world
12. Improve the way I blog (layout, writing styles and pictures quality)  Do give me some suggestions!   Would like to listen to them ;)
13. Stop living in the past and create a better future
14. Gather more happy thoughts 
15. Overcome fears and weaknesses 


I'll stop here and leave the rest kept to myself as it is time for me to recap and prepare myself for finals COUNTING DOWN 13 days left, okay time flies :P  

Now there's actually nothing that will excite me more than counting down to regaifreedom‬ but still MERRY CHRISTMAS & IT'S GONNA BE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ❄

All the best for year 2015!!!!
For those who suffered with more downs than ups this year, I wish your luck will be turning around;
For those who have yet to achieve your desires, may your dreams come true asap;
For those who have not do the things you wanted to, may your have more courage to get it done;
For those single bells who is hoping to pair up with your soul mate / life partner / crush, may the Cupid pierce both of your hearts with his arrow;
For those who are at lost; may you get back on track and continue looking for directions to continue your life journey;
For those who are more inclined to be negative, charge yourself with more positivity. ~ Rachael

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