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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Early Christmas Date | El Faro Bar Tapas | Big Hero 6

Welcome back readers and so here we are BACK TO DECEMBER! :D

With no doubt, it's my all time most anticipated month of the year as it is always the most festive and happening month.  Instead of taking the advantage of this season to go on a shopping spree like what I used to do for the pass years, perhaps it is in order to refrain myself from spending lavishly I kind of lost my shopping mood which is actually not a bad thing right?  

Anyhow, I know its a little early to celebrate Christmas but then if I don't do it now with my girl +Eileen Pang  I guess we won't have time later on.  Ever since, I have decided to pursue in my current university college,  the year end party month to celebrate Christmas or welcome a New Year has became a period to prepare for finals, lifeless and I presumed that it is gonna be like that for another two more years after this year which explains why while the school goers are enjoying their long holidays I am gonna be un-glamourously flipping through my notes and try to suck them all into my brain.

It felt so good for the day I have been eagerly waiting for to arrive and is already over now.  As the title above suggest, we dined at one of my most wanted to visit restaurant of the year aka El Faro Bar Tapas which is a famous Spanish restaurant in Penang.   

Here's their simple setting and of course I am one of the sofa occupant :P   It felt so good to finally be able to sit back take a deep breath and take my own sweet time to dine, fyi yes the fact is I am really a slow eater and the need to be gobbling my food and force in down my oesophagus will only caused nothing but indigestion due the lacking of time to properly savour or even chew my food during weekdays meals.  That somehow tensed me up when I could barely follow the pace of my other mates which I really don't know how the y did that and still in the learning process trying to keep up to their pace.  You guys know who you are and I am really paiseh to always make you people wait for me LOL.

The servings may be looking as if its a big portion here but trust me there are totally not!  Don't get fooled by my close up #foodporn shots, we only ordered tapa instead of dish so that we could have a variety of servings for dinner.

Cold Capellini
 Have been reading through reviews and it seems that their Angel Hair with Lumpfish Caviar is one of their most recommended cold dish.  Love how the sensational burst of the packed with seafood flavors caviar being balanced up with bits of seaweeds and some chopped Scallions.  Those who does not like fishy smell might not be liking this unless otherwise as it's such a refreshing dish to savour.

The Bikini with Truffle Honey
 Frankly speaking, aside from the name Bikini there is nothing much interesting to talk about this particular dish, no matter is the ingredients used or its outlook it just seem to look like our usual sandwiched toast except for the extraordinary pricing and mini in size. Don't get me wrong, this dish did not tasted awful, the layers of melted cheese, ham and honey due to the blend of saltiness and sweetness this is somewhat a fusion of main and dessert for me but then its a little too greasy to my liking nor impressive enough for me to reward it with a must try tag.

Ham Rogout Salmon
 Whenever it comes to Salmon I have always preferred them being served as sashimi or either smoked and I hardly ordered them in other methods of cooking because I dislike them to end up being like the chunky tuna which explains why even if I really crave to have fish as my main course I will  still forbid myself from ordering Salmon Steak.  However I like how this tapa salmon was not totally cook which allows the original texture of the salmon to be preserved.  

Hokkaido Scallops
My girl didn't really enjoy this so I had the privilege to have an extra one :P  The best thing about seafood is freshness and this enticing plate of dainty scallops is of the standard.

La Pina
Favourite dessert of the night!  Vanilla ice cream with walnuts, almonds and some orangy kind of thing with a thin crispy pastry as its based.

Overall review our dinner was not bad since the ambiance is great for catch up but then since it is somewhat serving like the semi-dining style the dishes were hehe...on the pricier side.  However, if there is a restaurant that I would revisit, this is the one! Both of us small eaters could barely have anymore food after four tapa and a dessert and have yet to try out some of their speciality.  

After dinner, it's time for us who have been through quite a hectic life and rough time to sit back and watch comedy!  Decided to go with Big Hero 6 since many of my friends have gave terrific reviews for the story line of it.  During our view time, we found out that besides us I guess 90% of the cinema occupants was filled with kiddos lol.  

Okay at this part I really laughed till I almost flipped!  Wanna know why?  Go to the cinema and watch it you won't regret and if you are a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon like I am, this is another must watch animation!!

 The six Big Heros

smooch with my de-stressing partner

I wonder if any of you guys have made such silly wish as I did but then when I was still in pre-school I have actually wished for a WATERMELON >_< and I was super upset to find out that my parents actually gave me a pencil case filled with Cadbury as stocking stuffers in a paper bag form.

What is your wishlist for this Christmas?  For me, as approaching year end I would want my resolutions to be achieved.  Thus, the picture below sums up what I want for this year.

That's all about all for having fun time.  Guess I will not be having chillax time like this till I'm done with my finals already.  Tell me it's time to buck up with my studies because I am just left with less than a month time to prepare, *let's laugh* but what I am excited for is the time after that.  Can't wait! :D

Thanks for your time peeps!

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