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Saturday, November 29, 2014

YOKO Milk Body Series by Natta Cosme

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As suggested by the title above, today I'm gonna provide you guys with my personal review of this YOKO Milk Body Series.  Courtesy of Natta Cosme, I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to try out some of the products from the milk series.  I bet you guys could tell that is the main ingredient of their products since the packaging resembles a milk cow.

Here are the four products that I am about to go into details about its properties and review them according to my own experience since I have been using them for two weeks or more.

Even the little cow is having a hard time carrying the tower of products

 Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath
RM 20
When I was un-boxing, this was the first thing that I am looking forward to find out about the most.  Lured by the pleasant fragrance I dug some of the products with my fingers and found it to be too rough at first but then surprisingly after mixing it with some water it became very easy on the skin yet super effective in scraping off those dead skin cells.  If you are wondering, this product is totally like our usual kitchen salt except for having a nicer scent and denser with skin nourishing properties.

Here are the before and after effect.
Picture was taken after once only.  I am surprise that this product actually helps to smooth out my dead skin pretty well.  Since then I have been using it at least once a week to exfoliate my limbs specifically my elbows, thighs, ankles and knees.  

2. Milk Body Lotion
RM 35

Applying lotion after exfoliation is a must!  However I tend to neglect that at times due to the disliking of applying lotion that will leave me with that super sticky feeling as if I didn't bath.  I'm glad that at the same time for rejuvenating the skin with nutrients, this lotion is by far one of the best as its convenient with just the need to pump the adequate out and the formula is non greasy at all which means I am able to carry out writing after applying lotion since it absorbs into the skin rapidly.

3. Hair Spa Milky Rich
RM 42
Though this is not really my favourite hair mask, I have to admit that even tough they are still frizzy like the lion king especially after blowing dry without applying any other treatments, my hair have been getting less tangles upon my regular usage of their hair spa after shampooing.  Often used it as a substitute for hair conditioner since I have had mine totally used up and have yet to replace my empties.  
Picture speaks louder than words.  So here you go!
Above illustrations are after being blow dry and free from any hair treatments

After incorporating with some hair treatments and styling products

4. Body Butter Cream
RM 30
Works almost the same as body lotion, it's just that the formula is more enriching and thicker i consistency and its said to be able to retain skin moisture and combat wrinkles.  Not really a fan of body butter (my last bottle of body butter which I've got for more than a year to aid my dry patches is still half bottle full, abandoned it after it gave me smooth skin :P) despite its valuable components so I gave it to mummy and I can see her enjoying slabbing on practically every single day. Just fyi I am also applying it tonight.  Really loving the mind calming Chamomile scent.

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