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Friday, November 7, 2014

Mamak Lunch Date @ Subaidah

Hello readers!  How's your week going?   As for me to say #tgif was pretty fast for me this week as I've skipped three days in between for recovery after my Monday blue.  I'll usually be happy to be able to not go to classes but not at all for this time.  Being ill is just so not fun especially when you can't really consume solid food and speak with a proper voice.  I'm glad I can finally return to college today and being able to speak though not too much or else I'll end up coughing till my lungs are about to drop. :(

Since I'm not suppose to do too much talking yet, here I go typing!    

Though I find it quite funny to blog about our super casual lunch meet up but then why not?  Fyi, this is our first time dating at such place instead of our usual girly cafe outing.  I was actually giggling when I saw +Kharn Yee blogging about it so I decided to join the hype. :P Basically, this post is inspired by this girl beside me.  As aforementioned, since I can't really talk for these few days (in fact I've been living like an almost mute fellow for three effing days already), so I might as well do something I enjoy aka blog to occupy my leisure time meaningfully.  
Teh Tarik has always been an all time favourite at a mamak restaurant.  Agree?  However, despite dining at such places for countless times, I have yet to try nor even know that there's Kopi Tarik till the waiter at Subaidah recommended me because I was quite indecisive of what to drink.
What I have to say is mm, I turned out liking their Kopi Tarik. A simple glass of aromatic milk coffee with reasonable pricing totally satisfy my longing for coffee.  
Actually I wasn't wanting to capture the waiter but he just happened to photobomb when I was testing out my camera settings.  Happened to spot a box of Gold Medal Tea box that's their secret to produce such nice tea and coffee!
So here's what we have ordered.  The waiter highly recommended us their Murtabak Maggi.  I was like Maggi?  Then, I went asking as in Maggi Mee?  The yellow instant noodles?
 Okay apparently, I didn't heard it wrongly, it's murtabak with Maggi filling same concept like how Nasi Pattaya is wrapped with omelette.  Now this is something new!
See I'm not joking!  We were doubting about our order until we dug into the core to unveil the maggi.  Though it was a special dish, but then I personally thinks it tasted too salty and I have nothing much to be raved about since it tasted so-so.  

Ordered their Roti Itali which is also one of their in house speciality.

This tasted pretty much like a fusion dish.  Having this is like having roti canai with red sauce spaghetti if that makes any sense.  Overall, I prefer their Roti Itali over Murtabak Maggi.
#selfie to end this posting because it is a sin to not have one for a girls date :P

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