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Sunday, November 16, 2014

ARFF Asean Tourism and Fashion Fair 2014 @ MARITIME AUTOMALL

Event Invitation: 8th November 2014

Many thanks for the invitation to attend the ARFF Asean Tourism and Fashion Fair 2014
Firstly, sorry for the hiatus and thanks to my crazy laptop I have to rewrite this post entirely from scratch.  I wish I could just toss it into the trash now but not yet :(  Can't blame me for having such feelings right?  Imagine that! You felt accomplished and are only lacking of one step to click and publish your effort and within seconds of lagging, the thing went haywire and you have no choice but to start all over again. !!!

You guys may proceed to watch this compilation if reading is not your thing :P

Local delights by Bamboo Catering service 
Above is only part of the buffet servings.  At first I doubt that they will taste good as normally catering service that offers local delights just provide food with taste that deserves thumbs down but for this time the food was surprisingly delicious.  Except for their ice kacang which are too sweet to my liking due to the use of condense milk instead of evaporated milk to drizzle though I should really thank this concoction for curing my sore throat and cough.  Was coughing like a grandma for a few days in the past week but after savouring their ice kacang, I no longer have a hint of the slightest cough.  Miracle do happens.  Perhaps this is what that makes people say 以毒攻毒 which is a saying that literally means curing the virus with poison.   

Opening dance but street dancers
Actually I have prepared a compilation video of the event but then I will be posting it up here and on my YouTube channel later on by this weekend because my dying laptop just ain't compromising with me at all again.  

Performer of the night 
Apparently, this guy have a great voice and made the show more enjoyable.  This show is like a Victoria Secret fashion show inspired except for the need of us who are trying to take pictures having raindrops dripped on our heads at the outdoor show.  Lucky thing the show was pretty awesome with models in vibrant outfits do their catwalks while this performer who sang several hits by Bruno Mars kept the runaway entertaining with his guitarist.

Collage of some of my personal favourites outfit shots
It is a must to salute those models who are able to do their catwalk and put up a great show in their super heels despite the slippery stage.

Had an eventful Saturday evening and of course it was nice to meet you girls again and spending time catching up throughout the event.
From left +Gillian Ong, Hui Thing, Yours truly and the bff +Eileen Pang 
The middle hyper lady is +Cloey Teng 

Boom clap to the artistic designer for coming out with so many stylish outfits
Signing off!
Thanks for reading and do be back as soon as I update this post <3

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