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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Late Lunch Catch Up @ The Haven Harbour

Hey there!  
It has been a couple of weeks since I last blogged.  So, once again welcome back my dear readers.
Instead of taking a nap, I decided to make my Saturday afternoon a lil more productive by keeping you guys updated.  Touched or not? :P  I was actually in a dilemma to get my hands on which post to complete first since I have already done editing those pictures during the wee hours of today/yesterday.  In the end, I made up my mind to do a food post first, yes it's another FOOD POST since the pictures tend to look more appealing like it usually do.  Promise it won't be about food on the next posting ;)  

Here's the hint to an upcoming posting.  
It may not be right after this since there's another beauty related post in line. :P  So we'll see.  Stay tuned peeps!

Moody mood has been fixed like totally, throughout the  busyness  it  all  bygone  :D   Here  am  I, looking perfectly fine!  JK  That's a gigantic teddy who we  invaded  his  table  to  have  our  lunch together.

Had super late lunch with my partner @cloey teng of the day after the aforementioned field trip.  We have said that we wanted to hangout someday and finally we did it yesterday after a year.  hahaha.... 
Initially we wanted to dine at another trending cafe which is housed few doors away from The Haven Habour but I'm glad that the service there literally shooed us away to be here.  Guess we were just invisible to be served and merely being welcomed despite not having a proper place to sit.   What kind of customer service is this?  I bet even a conventional "kopitiam" people will be more hospitable than this right?  In short, I will never ever lay my footstep into a cafe with ignorant workers or boss or whatever anymore, just no more and no means NO.   

In the end we ended up sitting here.  Here's the view from the cozy dining place we were in.

Lunch for two

Soupy Marinara
RM 19.90
Loving it!  Succulent prawns and fresh muscles that were optimally cooked were such an appetizing main to go with its herby and sourish chunky tomato soup.  Or it was because of me being too hungry?
Orange World
RM 11.90
A bit regretful to order this.  Don't misunderstand me, the taste was fine and in fact very refreshing but then....sighs continue reading and you will now why.

Creamy Carbonara
RM 18.90
Tried a little of hers and hey!  It tasted not bad.

Baby Dark Chocolate
RM 4.90
The minute I saw this cup of chocolate I was like I should have ordered this!!!  So cute and according to Cloey it was not bad.  Oh no...this is making me to crave for a cup of warm choc as opposed to the not wanting to have anything chocolaty mode when I was placing my order.

Another #welfie to sum up our date. ;)
Distorted angle but still a nice angle ;)

I don't usually say this but then, I have a feeling that I would be returning to this cafe again in future.  For the Belgium dark chocolate drink as well as for the nice ambiance, signature desserts and good customer service despite not having service charge.  

Till then and I shall see you guys soon!

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