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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Coffee to Fix the Mood @ Just Caffe

Finally I have the time and the right mood to continue working on with this draft post which have been neglected, this explains how backdated this post is. :P  I have marked 18th September 2014 as my worst day in year 2014 and I hope that is more that enough for the worst.  Perhaps some of you knew what have happened but if you don't then just care not about it since its not something good to talk about. After all I never like talking about those bad things that happened to myself nor expressing it to people around me because I dislike people spreading negativity and bad vibes so I always try my best to uphold myself and all I do is keep everything in my heart and then fix the problem bit by bit. If you guys knew about what I am talking about, then yes you guys are those whom I consider as close friends and I couldn't thank you people any more because you guys were somehow part of my moral support for me to bounce back to adversity asap despite I don't usually get to meet up with you guys in person always.  Knowing that I could always reach to you guys to seek for support when I am in need, I'm just so thankful to have you guys.  ooppsy sorry for making you guys read a lengthy opening again. :P

Forgive me but then it is never too late for a good place to chill alongside with good food and a good cup of coffee, right?  
Excuse my perfectly ugly smile cuz it was so fake :( as I was really not in mood to take any selfies at that time but was kind of forced to.

So this is how I ended up in this place.  Broke the news in our group chat and few minutes after that my girl quickly pm me to ask me out, I was so reluctant to leave my house because at that time I was like fine TODAY I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING ANYMORE...zzz  She was like get out of the house now and in order to make sure she could successfully drag me out for lunch, she even asked her dad to pick me and is already on her way.  How could I deny?  Like a walking dead, not even giving a damn where she is bringing me I just followed whenever she takes me which is so not me.  

Flat White
Here goes my third time tasting flat white and I have to say it has become my ultimate choice for coffee.  Not to mention that this is by far the one that suites my preference the most.  Sweetness has always been my major concern when it comes to drinks and the ratio of sugar for this is just optimum to my liking.  

 Panini (Beef Bacon + Egg)
Mouthful as its seen!  I don't usually order anything that looks like sandwich or burger when I am at the restaurant/cafe because to me those are just fast food which could be made or simply take away during rush hour.  Their panini are just so tummy satisfying!

No matter what, when you are relaxing at a cafe a room for dessert is always a must!  I am not sure about you guys but I tend to do so whenever I go for a food hunt.  

Choc Lava Cake
 This thing definitely came it at the right timing to cheer up an emo girl, not entirely but at least for a moment I have felt like omg!! " I feel good...tadaa daa daa da" in my mouth grooving as I have a spoonful of crackly and slightly chewy cake with hot melted choc in its core with my all time favourite vanilla ice cream. MM......

Overall review
Simple yet cozy cafe
Reasonable pricing
Good coffees
Parking difficulties

Also went to Penang Road for what they are famous for Chendoi and also Ice Kacang when @regina lim joined us and then ended of day randomly after bowling.

Wondering why I didn't list out the price for the food?  Because I'm not the one paying the bill, was lucky to have my gf to treat for me so I have no idea how much they costed.  Reflecting back I think I didn't even spend a single cent on that day because they paid everything for me.   The funny thing is I was down till I only knew I have forgotten my purse at the end of the day.  Imagine if I was alone?  I think I would have ended up washing plates at the cafe LOL

Signing off!
I hope the cake I've just swallowed is done being digested lol

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