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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Better Weekday Breakfast @ Baa Baa Black Sheep

So there I went before heading to college for classes since I still have like two to almost three hours before my hectic day, had a total four classes on that day.  Thanks a lot to replacement classes for adding on to our burden which the ultimate reason of me hating public holidays.  I don't usually eat out during weekdays because I would rather make my own breakfast so that I can prolong my sleeping time as well as spending less of my allowance and saving it up for other things :P  My kinda last minute plan was somewhat a super random one, simply invited my best mates to join and some could not make it due to the need to comply to the Lunar Ninth Month Nine Emperor Gods and festival go on vegetarian and the rest are still in the dreamland I suppose.  Cannot blame them, I mean like who on earth with the right mind would be awake at seven something in the morning when class starts at 10.30am?  At least it won't be me :P but sometimes I do have exceptions and good food is the major thing (now I sound like a gluten =_=).  So since there is nobody to join I just went on myself as expected and as planned actually to relax and unwind. ;)  

Actually you can avoid wasting your eye power to read this whole paragraph by scrolling through since there's not much substance relating to my topic :P  Basically it's just me drifting away from my review to blabbering.  hehe...what to do this is MY BLOG!  
Dining alone would be a major problem for me previously but not now anymore! Finally discovered dining alone to be as enjoyable as dining in a group as long as you're able to keep yourself occupied.  I know I'm gonna be an official adult in less than a year so it's time to level up my independence level.  Things that I couldn't do when I was an infant (below 18 years old, Commercial Law thought me that), I could do it all today!  Whee!  Shopping alone? No problem! T&C: as long as I have enough money to spend :P, idling and wondering around alone? no big deal! Having meals alone seems okay and relaxing (T&C preferably at a quieter place or at best at a place where no one knows me) & one more thing is going solo for a movie at the cinema (greatest thing ever when you could make the entire row of seating yours) ^_^  Now I sound like an antisocial loner, in fact I think I could be that way but then when I am with people, sorry if I annoyed you but then I think I am that type of super noisy and nosy person at the same time. That's probably how I am when I am a part, see my involvement? :P  Excuse me I am aware I am making this post super lengthy like an aunty talking but let me finish this with a last sentence next. Meeting few friends that I could rely to address them as MY FRIENDS no matter where I am in the way which I don't have to think twice to speak, feel awkward to confront and confess when need to, I could not ask for more and felt so bless to have them tolerating with me and sometimes some of my shenanigans.  

Welcome back to my review!

Caffe Latte
RM 9.90
 Not the best I've had but acceptable and consider to be not bad since the coffee art managed to remain till my last gulp.  Sweetness is just nice to be accepted by my taste buds but then it's not that aromatic.  Overall it's still a decent cup of caffeinated drink to have in the morning.

 Smoked Salmon & Eggs Waffle
RM 11.90

According to their menu it'll be served with scramble eggs but then I've asked the waitress to alter my order a little by changing the scramble eggs to poached eggs since I don't make those when I am home.  
 Don't you think this is like an innovative serving of the Egg Benedicts?  Instead of using traditional muffins, pairing it up with waffles seems satisfying to me.  Actually this portion is a little too much for me to finish.  That' s when I prefer dining with at least a person who could help me with my share.

This is the main reason why I love poached eggs, just by looking at the yolk oozing out makes me felt so much delighted!  However, their perfection is lack of consistency and only one egg is at its perfect state and the other is not so. :( 

That's how I've meaningfully spent my time while waiting.  A good book aka Divergent Trilogy - Insurgent, a 3D Eiffel Tower postcard from my bff which I am making it my bookmark, cup of Caffe Latte, smoked salmon with waffles topped with poached eggs :D
It has been quite some time since I last need to manually edit so much for my pictures ever since I got Iris.  Pictures are taken with my smartphone since I was too lazy to bring my camera out.  I just hope the picture quality aren't too bad.  

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