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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love at the First Sight | Pro Beauty Tint Tok by Holika Holika

Few months ago I was really into summery colours.  Therefore, was desperately looking for a coral lip colour that I have been wanting it for ages.  So while browsing through stores in Queensbay Mall I randomly went into Holika Holika as I was attracted with their store interior decorations as well as their cute and girly packaged products.

Excuse my bare face (no makeup at all lol) but here's something I got at my love at the first sight
After having a few swatches of several lip products on my hand and comparing the formulas I have decided to get their Pro Beauty Tint Tok in OR201 which is a slightly more orangy than pink type of coral shade as I was immediately impressed with its pigmentation and matte finish.  Not to mention that I also like the innovative design of its dual ended 2in1 product which consist of lip pigment on one end and sheer lip balm/lip gloss type of product on the other which is something mend to do the current super in trend gradient lips inspired by the Koreans.  

Just in case you are not sure how does gradient lips looks like, here's one of my girl god aka Goo Hara from KARA rocking in her gradient lips
 Basically, gradient lips is inspired by baby lips which could give one a more subtle and natural overall look with a little lip bitten colour to add a pop of colour or at least provide hint of colour to brighten up the entire look.  With the usage of lip tint to stain the center of the lips, lip colour can actually last longer than conventional lip sticks which also explains why I tend to prefer using them when I am heading out for the entire day rather than other lip products than wears off very fast as I tend to lick them off sooner than I expect all the time. :P

1. The lip stain 
2. The hybrid of lip balm and sheer lip gloss
3. Combination of both

Close up look of the hybrid of lip balm & sheer lip gloss

Close up look of the lip stain

Here's a picture taken when I wore it out to attend an event

Just in case you are curious about what event I wore this look to, kindly CLICK fyi that was one of the posting that consumed most time out of my 106 postings lol

Don't even feel like enlarging the close up shot after all its not that flattering as I thought it would be :P

Before I end this post, here are my overall verdict towards the Pro Beauty Tint Tok from Holika Holika:
Innovative design 
Get 2 products in 1
Reasonable pricing but not cheap 

Colours doesn't seem to show up well unless you dab more products on
Not as pigmented as its seen
Doesn't last
Causes peeling
Inconvenient for touch ups as its cap is rather difficult to open

This is not a sponsored post but its just a lesson I want to share with you guys to not get obsess with products on its first sight.  

To get it or not?  It's your choice.

By the way do leave me with a comment down below if you have any good recommendations for  lip products with summery shades as I would like to try them out.
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