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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Genting Travelogue | The Giver

Hello my dear readers!!! 

Finals is over again for this semester, okay that was like the story from a week ago and now I'm only left with a week before semester break ends, sadness is when you only have two weeks of break and then back to face the 14-15 weeks of academic period :(   I'm done ranting, so one day right after my final paper which was one of most horrendous paper aka Commercial Law (made me memorized till my brain was about to explode and it ended up coming out with the oddest questions in the weirdest format in history), traveled uphill with my mum and her friends to Genting Highlands.  A break from the torment is much needed and it felt so good to be at a place with serene atmosphere to calm down my mind before I get into depression. :P

This trip is specially planned because mum and her friends wanted to watch their idol aka Francis Yip's concert.  As for me I'm not really keen to make my mum pay for my ticket since I'm the only 90's kid there and not really a fan or hers.  Decided to take this opportunity to spend some quality alone time wandering around with ME, I & MYSELF.  Was a little indecisive of what to do for the evening till night.  

Little insight view of our resting place

Morning view upon waking up, overlooking the greenery such a good treatment for the eyes. :D

Was lucky enough to be just in time to catch the gymnast's performance from a Portugis performer.  Picture taken with Iris by using its expressive mode.  The lighting there were slightly dimer than average lighting but then the picture turns out to be pretty impressive right?

Supposed to just window shop but then there were not many shops for me to do so and my leg starts to ache after walking around First World Plaza in heels wedges :P (I know I am super *ai swee* but then...that's like the only cover shoes and also the only pair of shoes I have that matches my outfit, so for once I wanted to be pretty more than I wanted my life LOL you know like what people say in hokkien "ai swee mai mia" )  While shopping I was thinking whether I should buy a pair of new shoes and continue strolling around or head over to the cinema to catch a movie alone.  When I am about to say "take my money, I am just getting those shoes which looks like a pair Topshop inspired" the loudspeaker lady killed my shopping mood, yelling from one corner to the other like a barbarian.  My eardrums couldn't stand her voice and so I left the outlet and my pocket is saved! :D  

Since my legs were already quite feeble and I can feel the pre-blisters formation sensation, straight away headed to the cinema without a second thought just because I want to be sited in a cushy comfort place without having people's notice.  I did planned to watch 等一个人的咖啡 but then instantly changed my mind to watch The Giver instead because I saw my idol aka Taylor Swift on the poster.  Yeah basically that's how I decide which movie to watch when I don't bother about watching trailers nor reading novels. :P  Before entering into the cinema to my whole row of seats (so worth it, I paid RM 13 for the whole row of 16 seats while I get to sit like a princess in the exact middle seat) got myself a bottle of chilled green tea because the price is actually more worth it in my opinion over a bottle of normal mineral water which costed RM 3.  One thing I like about First World Cineplex is there are so generous to give a packet of peanuts to everyone upon entering the cinema hall.  

Being reformed into a colourless community after a big war, the black and white society whose memories of the past have been erased entirely and have no feelings developed because emotions are being scraped off with a daily jab just to avoid discrimination.   I wasn't laying high hopes for this movie because I haven't really heard of it from any of my friends.  A little disappointed that the  lacking of appearance of Taylor Swift as Rosemary who only appeared in flashbacks but then overall after watching it I find it to be a great social science fiction movie for self-rediscovery (which was what I was looking for at that moment) but still it depends on how you perceive the story line.   

Taylor Swift is a qualified Angel! 

Reminiscing the past its The Giver teaching music alongside Rosemary (his daughter) who has sadly committed suicide earlier :(

Brought up in a multi-racial community which is a melting pot of myriad cultures, religions, races, personalities etc. ever wonder how would it be like to be in a mundane, non feelings, affectionless community?  I suggest you guys to watch this movie which is still ongoing in nationwide cinemas. :)

Something mainstream #starbucks yet good to have when you are at chilly Genting. 
 Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of starbucks but its still good to have a premium cup to warm the tummy occasionally.

Went down to KL by Genting's Express Bus and headed to One Utama.  Met up with 'le god sis who generously treated us vegetarian lunch at Beyond Vege by Secret Recipe.  Apparently all the dishes we have ordered were delicious.  

As creamy as non vege carbonara and really loved their deep fried mushrooms :D

Calzone Pizza, Ramen, Pizza, Set Rice

Just for sharing, I guess this is my weirdest shopping haul ever.
Because we only have few hours in KL, therefore wasn't able to really browse through the mall plus not really in mood to do so, after all One Utama doesn't really have those shops that I wanted to visit.  

Last picture taken before I hopped into the car and head back to our lovely island.

How could and would I miss posting an ootd while I'm on trip? :P

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