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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caffe Bene @ Gurney Paragon Mall | Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Does this place looks familiar to you guys?  I'm pretty sure it will if you guys are Penangites who are foodies.  Indeed this is the current trending place for korean desserts specifically Bingsu namely Cafe Bene.
Cookies and cream bingsu
RM 22.80

Decided to join the hype since the other friend of mine suggested to go for a try despite I was told by my bestie that it's nothing much to rave about.  So I asked her why since many was queuing up to this much anticipated dessert outlet and she just described it as an overpriced Ice Kacang (our famous street food Penang dessert).

Just in case you are not familiar with how Ice Kacang looks like.  Basically its shaved ice topped with assorted ingredients such as grass jellies, corns, red beans etc. drizzled with syrup and evaporated milk to make up this toothsome Penang dessert.  What's more important is, this vibrant bowl of dessert is inexpensive and only costs a fraction of what the bingsu above. :P

From the top to the bottom of the bingsu filled with mainly ice which I really hope it would be finer so that my teeth does not have to grind to so hard which made me don't really enjoy the process of having it, layered with red beans, ice cream and topped with whipped cream and cookies.  Unlike our local Ice Kacang which are flavoured with syrup and evaporated milk, the shaved ice of the bingsu doesn't registered any sweetness.  Thus, all ingredients should be mix well before savouring so that it won't be tasteless at certain layers and have overloading sweetness at the following.  The whole thing was decent but I don't really have anything to highlight about this but I'm feeling the pain in my pocket for having something like this at such a pricey tag.

Tiramisu Waffle
RM 15.00
 Waffles that are crispy on the edges and soft towards the core is always what I like my waffles to be.  Absolutely love how the caffeine infused Tiramisu ice cream being topped on the hot aromatic waffle which made the core of it squishy soft.   Frankly speaking, this is something that I would rather sing the praise for despite of bingsu being their signature. 

Forget about the food but now focus on the people :P  Despite being kinda meh with the desserts we've been anticipating for we did have a great time bonding and chit chatting throughout the evening.

Bounced into Micole who also went there to date ;)  Group picture/selfie is a must! #girlsbeinggirls  Camera shy doesn't really exist in our dictionary these days.

That's my girl, Janice! <3
We always have endless topics to talk about whether it's about entertainment, crap, lifes etc. etc.
Let me tell you guys this girl is a big fan of FERGIE!!! (I know that's random but trust me practically every time we meet up, she always includes Fergie.)  If you don't know who Fergie is, she'll probably tell you about her till you know who she is.  LOL  

When we were about to leave another member of our "Awesome Group" (we've shamelessly named ourselves as that) asked what's up next.  Since I'm so reluctant to go home, persuaded my jie (sis) who was my driver of the day to stay up a little later to catch up with Dennis as well.

We were a bit clueless of where to go next and ended up simply walking into a cafe that have a more quiet atmosphere.  
The only thing we've ordered since we were too full to eat anymore after having our dinner at Swensens and desserts at Caffe Bene but a little to shameful to not placing any orders.  So yeah...a little sinful thing for supper.  Something that I want to include is how polite the waitress was to us despite it's almost their closing hour.  Not sure about the taste of their mains but then I would say their service is worth praising and hospitable. :D

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