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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caffe Bene @ Gurney Paragon Mall | Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Does this place looks familiar to you guys?  I'm pretty sure it will if you guys are Penangites who are foodies.  Indeed this is the current trending place for korean desserts specifically Bingsu namely Cafe Bene.
Cookies and cream bingsu
RM 22.80

Decided to join the hype since the other friend of mine suggested to go for a try despite I was told by my bestie that it's nothing much to rave about.  So I asked her why since many was queuing up to this much anticipated dessert outlet and she just described it as an overpriced Ice Kacang (our famous street food Penang dessert).

Just in case you are not familiar with how Ice Kacang looks like.  Basically its shaved ice topped with assorted ingredients such as grass jellies, corns, red beans etc. drizzled with syrup and evaporated milk to make up this toothsome Penang dessert.  What's more important is, this vibrant bowl of dessert is inexpensive and only costs a fraction of what the bingsu above. :P

From the top to the bottom of the bingsu filled with mainly ice which I really hope it would be finer so that my teeth does not have to grind to so hard which made me don't really enjoy the process of having it, layered with red beans, ice cream and topped with whipped cream and cookies.  Unlike our local Ice Kacang which are flavoured with syrup and evaporated milk, the shaved ice of the bingsu doesn't registered any sweetness.  Thus, all ingredients should be mix well before savouring so that it won't be tasteless at certain layers and have overloading sweetness at the following.  The whole thing was decent but I don't really have anything to highlight about this but I'm feeling the pain in my pocket for having something like this at such a pricey tag.

Tiramisu Waffle
RM 15.00
 Waffles that are crispy on the edges and soft towards the core is always what I like my waffles to be.  Absolutely love how the caffeine infused Tiramisu ice cream being topped on the hot aromatic waffle which made the core of it squishy soft.   Frankly speaking, this is something that I would rather sing the praise for despite of bingsu being their signature. 

Forget about the food but now focus on the people :P  Despite being kinda meh with the desserts we've been anticipating for we did have a great time bonding and chit chatting throughout the evening.

Bounced into Micole who also went there to date ;)  Group picture/selfie is a must! #girlsbeinggirls  Camera shy doesn't really exist in our dictionary these days.

That's my girl, Janice! <3
We always have endless topics to talk about whether it's about entertainment, crap, lifes etc. etc.
Let me tell you guys this girl is a big fan of FERGIE!!! (I know that's random but trust me practically every time we meet up, she always includes Fergie.)  If you don't know who Fergie is, she'll probably tell you about her till you know who she is.  LOL  

When we were about to leave another member of our "Awesome Group" (we've shamelessly named ourselves as that) asked what's up next.  Since I'm so reluctant to go home, persuaded my jie (sis) who was my driver of the day to stay up a little later to catch up with Dennis as well.

We were a bit clueless of where to go next and ended up simply walking into a cafe that have a more quiet atmosphere.  
The only thing we've ordered since we were too full to eat anymore after having our dinner at Swensens and desserts at Caffe Bene but a little to shameful to not placing any orders.  So yeah...a little sinful thing for supper.  Something that I want to include is how polite the waitress was to us despite it's almost their closing hour.  Not sure about the taste of their mains but then I would say their service is worth praising and hospitable. :D

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lunch Date | Monkey Cup Cafe | The Safe Room

Like finally I have chance to date my first blogger friend (thanks to her I've found blogging to be leveled up and became something more interesting other than just narrating behind the laptop) again, to my notice it has been quite some time since we last met or attended events together.  Decided to catch up with each other since my finals were over and she's like in the middle of planning to get busy with her study life pretty soon.  So yeah instead of me fetching her as planned, our plan changed and I'm lucky to be driven by her again after she has done running her errands of the day.  Thanks babe! <3

1st Stop
As usual our topics before the day we hung out were what to eat and where to chill.  Typical right?  Lucky thing we have managed to come to a final decision to have our lunch at Monkey Cup Cafe at Chow Thye Road situated just right opposite Janx Den Greenlife Cafe which is also somewhere around the famous Harvest Inn Cafe.  

Bounced into my ex-schoolmate who was working there and how could I let go to opportunity to ask for recommendations for what to eat?  Thankfully she suggested me to go with Thai since many cafes in Penang already offer Western cuisines, I couldn't agree more with her kind suggestion since I am that type of picky eater (only applicable at cafes, restaurants & my own cooking only) who doesn't like food without its own distinctiveness or being too mainstream.  Perhaps this is why I hardy or most of the times never go back to the same place for food (especially cafes since there are so many booming in the F&B market) or order the same type of food when I am at an eatery.  Some may think I did that just for the sake of having the opportunity to take tempting foodporn pictures just to post on my social networks like Instagram which I am fond of :P but the fact is even without those social networks back in those days I've been this way ever since my younger days (ps. I sounded old here) blessed with adventurous taste buds.  Whether the food is cheap of expensive, posh or street food, as long as it is yummy I will definitely enjoy them.

Back to the main focus, here are what I have ordered. 

 Phat Thai 
RM 10.80
Simply appetizing!  Spicy-ness is tolerable and just nice to my liking.

Green Tea Latte
RM 9.90

Have been super in love with matcha flavour.  Give me anything with green tea flavour and you won't go wrong in guessing my favourite flavour anymore.  Green tea latte just help me to fix my craving.

We may not be selfie queen but then we are at least selfie princesses :P
very good my smart camera de-focused me =_= wasting my time to smile graciously

Meet pretty +Kharn Yee  ;)

After we've done eating our fainting spells especially mine overpowered.  So we have decided to move to another place to chill.

2nd stop at one of the well known spot for Nitrogen Ice Cream and yes it's The Safe Room @ Campbell Street

My Strawberry Ice Cream
In love with the mild sweetness and sourish-ness of this blend topped with peppermint leaves to make it more photo worthy.   With the itsy-bitsy strawberry chunks the texture of this ice cream seems to be more interesting to indulge.  However this reminds me of frozen yogurt.  

Kharnyee's Coconut Ice Cream (It's their signature ice cream)
Coconut is one of my favourite flavour.  Needless I say anything more?  Of course I will like it.  For some reason if I were to pick my favourite nitrogen ice cream between my strawberry ice cream or Kharnyee's coconut ice cream, this time I will opt for strawberry ice cream.  Don't get me wrong their coconut ice cream is well blend, with the velvety smooth and light texture and for some reasons I personally felt homecoming upon savouring this perhaps its due to its localized flavour.  However this is more of a sorbet kind of thing rather than what I was expecting.  Whenever it comes to anything related with coconut I would prefer something with a creamier consistency which explains.

Yours truly

Ending this post with another SELFIE :P
Having mix feelings because semester break has come to an end, which means its time to rock my college life again.  Thanks for blessing me with great mates or else I won't be keen to get back at all :P
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Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse

Sponsored Post

Thanks to Hishop for allowing me to test out and review their products again.  Without further ado, here I am bringing to you guys the Beauty Talk Oxy Solution Mousse.

Hesitating about what category does this beauty products fall under?  Cleanser? Toner? Make up remover?  Or are you guys like me assuming this is a hair product since there's the word mousse?

In order to refrain you guys from having question marks, allow me to disclose what this product actually is by revealing its usage.

1.  Removed Non-Waterproof makeup [Makeup Remover]
Apply desired amount of Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and removed the makeup, repeat this application until impurities is entirely removed (cotton pad is totally clean without any impurities shown). Rinsing with water is required. 

For your information, I only use waterproof makeup for my eyes because my lids tend to be greasy most of the time due to our humid weather.   Continue scrolling to find out if this product is able to work its way out to clean my waterproof makeup.

Swatches of my usual makeup (not everyday makeup) if I were to go on a day out
From top Blush, Peripera Eyebrow Pencil, Naked 2 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (Perversion & Pistol), Maybelline Pure Concealer, CLIO Kill Black Eyeliner & Etude House Cherry Lip Tint 

Pump an adequate amount of foam onto your cotton pad.  
The foamy texture will soon transform into liquid form.  Gently put it on your eye makeup area for a few seconds and then rub it off in one direction without being too harsh.  Repeat the motions till your makeup could be removed entirely.
Perhaps its because of the cotton swab I've used, ran out of fluffy ones so I just used my ultra thin ones to replace at the moment.  2-3 cotton is needed to clean out the waterproof makeup effectively.  Below is the result of one cotton piece after 5 swipes.  What do you think?
Naked 2 Urban Decay 24/7  Glide-on  Eye  Pencil  (Perversion & Pistol)   &   Etude House Cherry Lip Tint still have not fully vanish.  However it eventually did after I move  on  to the second cotton.

Alternatively it could also be used to:

2.  Remove Dead or Unhealthy Skin [Ultra Mild Scrub/Exfoliant]
Apply appropriate amount Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and gently wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin. Rinsing with water is optional. 

3.  Double Cleansing Effect [Cleansing Lotion]
For heavy makeup user may use Oxysolution Mousse as a second cleanser to clean up the impurities, it may used to prevent breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and keep the skin hydrated.

Suitable for all skin type, especially for sensitive and dry skin. 
Recommended for combination skin with oil unbalancing, acnes, whitehead and blackhead.  
- See more at:

What I like
Colourless & odourless

What I dislike
The price tag
(but worry not as Hishop will be giving a 15% rebate to my readers)
How to obtain the discount?
Key in RACHAELIMM upon your checkout

Here's also a discount code available at Hishop as well as their sister company Milkadeal

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lip Treatments | fresh Sugar Lip Service

Have been busy cleaning up the massive mess I've created, thus also sorting out my stuffs to get things arranged in a more organized manner.

Sharing this meme because it listed out facts!  That was just exactly what happened whenever I started spring cleaning especially when it involves my beauty products and wardrobe.  Cannot help with that, doing makeup products swatch upon rediscovering the whole collection is just something that must be done. :P  Having fashion show, color blocking and coordinates pairing are another fun part of organizing my wardrobe, which explains why sometimes I could not even finish cleaning up the mess despite dedicating the entire day to spring clean. You may *slow clap* for my awesomeness please.

So here's my discovery of what I have to treat the lips. 
From SEPHORA HAUL: fresh SUGAR TULIP, fresh SUGAR ROSE, fresh SUGAR LIP POLISH, fresh SUGAR ADVANCED THERAPY, BURTS' BEES' Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter | Drugstore Haul: Lip Ice Water Cool, Daiso Care Your Lips with treatment lipstick [used up fav.], Vaseline Lip Essence Cherry | Online Store: Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion which I have reviewed previously here

 On usual days my lips are already on the unflattering side due to the chapping which I really hated which is which explains need to have these!  Things got worst when I was at Genting and it went double the trouble, could not stop peeling, appearance of fine lines and 50% of my lips shows signs of dehydration out of sudden.  Perhaps it was due to the weather?  Not sure though as this is my first time encountering such an unpleasant experience.  

Therefore, few days after coming back, decided to head over to my trustee well known store aka SEPHORA and test out some products.  Finally decided to get this miniature set from fresh SUGAR LIP SERVICE which is a brand that I have been eyeing on ever since SEPHORA became one of my favourite go to store whenever I hit the mall.  

My lips before any form of treatment.  

 fresh SUGAR LIP POLISH is a mild yet effective exfoliant that's specially formulated to remove dead cells from the lips.

#1 Take a pea size of product and rub it on to your dampen lips with your ring finger to avoid scrubbing it too harshly that may backfire the effectiveness. 
#2 Rinse it off and then dab dry with a piece of towel.

#3 Apply generous amount of balm to provide adequate moisture so that it could treat the lips
Colourless lip treatment with a lemony scent

I cannot really tell the scent lol *block nose* jk but it does not seem to smell like floral as it name implies (or is it because I've never really pay attention to sniff roses as I think they are one of my most hated flowers?) but I would say the scent is just something that's rather soothing and is not bothersome at all.

The colour is slightly more vibrant and pigmented for Tulip as compared to Rose but still it appears sheer and nature on the lips.  As for the scent it's fragrance is almost similar to Rose but slightly more extravagant.

Current favourite tint!

 Nice fruity and floral scent which are natural and not overpowering
Tint appears to be very subtle and natural
Tint doesn't dry out lips
Balmy and not waxy
Stylish packaging
Contains SPF


Signing off!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love at the First Sight | Pro Beauty Tint Tok by Holika Holika

Few months ago I was really into summery colours.  Therefore, was desperately looking for a coral lip colour that I have been wanting it for ages.  So while browsing through stores in Queensbay Mall I randomly went into Holika Holika as I was attracted with their store interior decorations as well as their cute and girly packaged products.

Excuse my bare face (no makeup at all lol) but here's something I got at my love at the first sight
After having a few swatches of several lip products on my hand and comparing the formulas I have decided to get their Pro Beauty Tint Tok in OR201 which is a slightly more orangy than pink type of coral shade as I was immediately impressed with its pigmentation and matte finish.  Not to mention that I also like the innovative design of its dual ended 2in1 product which consist of lip pigment on one end and sheer lip balm/lip gloss type of product on the other which is something mend to do the current super in trend gradient lips inspired by the Koreans.  

Just in case you are not sure how does gradient lips looks like, here's one of my girl god aka Goo Hara from KARA rocking in her gradient lips
 Basically, gradient lips is inspired by baby lips which could give one a more subtle and natural overall look with a little lip bitten colour to add a pop of colour or at least provide hint of colour to brighten up the entire look.  With the usage of lip tint to stain the center of the lips, lip colour can actually last longer than conventional lip sticks which also explains why I tend to prefer using them when I am heading out for the entire day rather than other lip products than wears off very fast as I tend to lick them off sooner than I expect all the time. :P

1. The lip stain 
2. The hybrid of lip balm and sheer lip gloss
3. Combination of both

Close up look of the hybrid of lip balm & sheer lip gloss

Close up look of the lip stain

Here's a picture taken when I wore it out to attend an event

Just in case you are curious about what event I wore this look to, kindly CLICK fyi that was one of the posting that consumed most time out of my 106 postings lol

Don't even feel like enlarging the close up shot after all its not that flattering as I thought it would be :P

Before I end this post, here are my overall verdict towards the Pro Beauty Tint Tok from Holika Holika:
Innovative design 
Get 2 products in 1
Reasonable pricing but not cheap 

Colours doesn't seem to show up well unless you dab more products on
Not as pigmented as its seen
Doesn't last
Causes peeling
Inconvenient for touch ups as its cap is rather difficult to open

This is not a sponsored post but its just a lesson I want to share with you guys to not get obsess with products on its first sight.  

To get it or not?  It's your choice.

By the way do leave me with a comment down below if you have any good recommendations for  lip products with summery shades as I would like to try them out.
♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 
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