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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Simple Birthday Lunch with the Best Mates @ Kwong San House 廣生洋服

It's about time for another rediscovery.....four papers down, leaving two more in row!

Forget about exams at the moment.  So instead of following our initial plan to Coffee Smith, we decided to opt for Kwong San House which was suggested by the birthday girl!  Glad that she made a wise decision, we get to sort of treat the cafe as our own home as no customers were there during our visit.  I think if we were to head to Coffee Smith we can hardly do so due to its trending status in Penang.  In fact, though the food over there have its own uniqueness and tasted not bad that place seem to be meh for me.  Been there once with my bestie, I don't think I have blog about it yet, do let me know below if you guys are keen for review of that highly rated cafe.
Snapped it due to the vibrant coloured flowers kept on catching my eye balls. 

#candid :P
 Hey!  That's my phone!

Not really sure if the name of this cafe relates with its interior decoration but then I'm rest assured that this cafe is going for the retro "tailor" themed because practically every corner was decorated with sewing machines that were used back in our grandparents times I supposed.

Ordered set lunch which comes with a drink + soup + main meal + ice cream = RM 16.90
Except for the drink which never interest me to take any pictures of it due to its tastelessness, I would say to be able to enjoy such a decent set lunch for such price without any surcharges, wallet friendly yet tasty, this place is definitely worth a try!  However, the price varied depends on what main dish you order but if I'm not mistaken for set lunch nothing is over RM 20.00. :D

Mushroom Soup
This mushroom soup may not look as crafty as the one from Calefe Houz that I have been savouring (just in case you are wondering, hover over here to have a took about what I have reviewed.  Outlook wise this is just looks like any simple starter that could be found anywhere andanywhere that serves Western Cuisines.  Let me tell you, this is not your typical mushroom soup but then I really like how the herby flavours being well executed from the creamy mushroom soup with a little bit of mushroom chunks.  MM  Oh!  Do take note, if you are a person that could not handle spiciness even a little bit then I do not think this will favor you due to the hint of black peppery taste otherwise you will most likely enjoy this as much as I like it.   

Spotted something?
teehee*  That's my new toy, meet IRIS! :D
Taken with Note 3, requires more touch ups for better picture quality.

I'm so glad that I have finally made up my mind to get myself a mirrorless camera.  Will be doing a full review and talk about my verdict on this gadget like a pro :P     JK   After all, I'm not really that tech savvy.  Ever since this baby were brought to my gadget essentials, lol I kind of ditch  my Note 3 which I just randomly gave it a name aka Vanilla for tribute.  When I first  bought it I  thought  it was the best smartphone with the coolest  camera  functions  till  I encounter  problems  for  taking quality pictures in the nick of time.  :P  Back to the food topic now.

Spicy Aglio Olio with Chicken Ham
 Spaghetti was cooked till al-dente, I could not remember when was the last time I have ever had such fantastic Aglio Olio with the appropriate blending of fresh herbs, spices and the most important thing is not being too oily which most of the restaurants tend to neglect.  Really love how generous this place are with their olives.  Overall there is no reason for me to dislike this pasta but I actually find the portion to be too big for me, sharing among two small eaters would be perfect.   

Hugs with the birthday girl who is becoming more and more beautiful over time!

With my dear Fish here is LOL our attempt to do the current instagram hyped post inspired by Murad Osmann

Trio <3 <3 <3 

Whee!!!  So happy being able to get back and join them in search for good food.  Have been missing out lots due to overwhelming things to clear but I'm glad I'm pretty much done with that at the moment.  Had a simple yet satisfying lunch with the best mates just to celebrate with the birthday girl for being so pathetic due to the need to face finals on her birthday.  

Today's sick looking #ootd =_= just to not gross people out.
Beginning of the day (during exam) : froze till almost turn into popsicle 
End of the day : sweaty & sticky (super unglam I know but WHATEVER)

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Casual Dinner Date @ Calefe Houz

Hey there!

It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog with a non-advertorial or sponsored post.  Hopefully you guys would miss me tempting you guys with food again. :P  Actually I shouldn't be here but then I just happen to have the mood to blog so that's it, I'm here!  Supposed to be preparing for my finals which is just around the corner (less than a week, GOD BLESS ME) and it was a relieved to know that I managed to pass my Japanese coursework!!!  Back to the point.

Randomly invited le bestie for dinner today as I was like super duper bored of caging myself at home and my brain really needed a break to reboot my enthusiasm to revise.  No point imprisoning myself when I couldn't get into full concentration right?  At the same time I really miss chilling at cafes which is one of those place where I could calm down my mind.

Decided to try out one of the newly opened cafe in town namely Calefe (literally means small fry in cantonese) Houz after I have shortlisted a few other alternatives as I was craving for pancakes and I happen to see that they do serve it in an extraordinary way.   Continue reading on to find out how their pancakes differs.

We were the first customer for today's evening and instead of sitting downstairs, I actually requested to sit upstairs so that we can enjoy the serenity of the cafe without overlooking the busy road.

Here's how part of the corner of the cafe looks like upstairs, being decorated in a retro style.  Happened to find out that the coffee table here is actually an antique TV console.

Breakfast for dinner, servings for two ; )

Wild Mushroom Soup
RM 10.00
Need I say more?  Taste and look of this serving is simply delicious and its definitely something that you should opt for to warm up your tummy.  Something that's worth trying in my opinion since this is one of the chunky mushroom soup that I'm categorizing it as one of the most well blend concoction.  Consistency is just nice to my liking and herbs added are just nice as well.  I have to confess that I always have a thing for chunky mushroom soup over those which are plain creamy.  

RM 10.00
combination of ginger, mint, erm....lime?  Couldn't really remember in details. :P
A drink that I would suggest if you guys don't want to be cloyed at the end of your meals especially when you order something creamy of cheesy.   The hint of mint and sourish flavour accompanied by a slight gingery flavour satisfied my taste buds. 

Happy girl is finally happier when food was served.
Love myself in this angle #narcissist :P but my dear volunter photographer actually de-focused the limelight in this portrait aka ME >_< & focused the background =_=

RM 10.00
Something that didn't managed to impress me despite its unusual way of serving pancakes.  Topping bacon on pancakes didn't really amaze my palette as I thought it would be.  Felt that the maple syrup should be given separately instead of doing it this way so that the pancakes would not have gone soggy after a certain time and being overpowered by sweetness.  It would be better if diners could drizzled the amount of maple syrup according to their own desire.  However, love how they add sultanas and sliced almonds as toppings for this dish but personally felt that this innovative dish still have room for improvements.

Moving on to the next main dish which was ordered by Regina.

Ps. as this wasn't what I ordered I didn't really take the initiative to take note of the name, fail blogger but can't blame me cuz I WAS WAY TOO HUNGRY!  Had dinner around seven something to eight which is like two hours later than my usual dinner time.  If I'm not wrong this dish has something scramble in its name.

RM 12.00
She gave me some to taste and I actually preferred hers over my choice.

My date of the night.
+Regina Lim  "如果没有你日子怎么过?" lol I know this sounds so mushy but then I kept on singing it to her after hearing the performer singing it lol.  Couldn't help with that.

Performers of the night 
Nick & Seow Hwa

Flat White
RM 9.00
Decided to order another beverage after that since we enjoyed the cozy ambiance of this place. Tried something new again.  Mocha, latte & cappuccino are those I usually ordered when I'm longing for something hot.  I have to say flat white is actually my new love though I am not a frequent coffee drinker!  In my opinion, it is less bitter than cappuccino and not as milky as latte plus love how the velvety foams feels like upon sipping,

Since we were the first customers and last customers of the evening, took a selfie with the song birds before leaving.  Enjoyed their hospitable accompany as well as those great musics being played.  

It has been pretty long since I wear something not so usual since I have not been in the dress o kill mood.  So before ending this post here's my:
Casual/comfy OOTN
Decided to pair it up which my newly bough cardigan which I got it when it was on sale as I'm afraid that I might catch cold again since I just recovered from flu and hay fever few days ago.  Cannot afford to fall sick again as I need a healthy body to combat with finals.  
 Cardigan from Cotton On
Black Blouse from H&M
Shorts from ISOS
Watch from Danopolo
Ring from Maggie T

It's just a super quick post I'm doing to revive my blog a lil before I come back after my finals.  Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed compiling the best shots for this jotting.  

Wish me luck for finals! <3
♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 
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